(Minghui.org) I heard a saying that if a person takes drugs once, he will be an addict for the rest of his life. This is an example of how dangerous taking drugs can be.

While I was detained, an inmate who was incarcerated on fraud charges advised us, “Never take anything from a drug addict, otherwise he or she will rob you of everything you have.” Everyone who was listening was puzzled. She went on to say,“I know a guy who couldn’t find a place to live when he was released from a drug rehabilitation center; even his parents would not take him.” A listener wondered aloud, “How could there be such parents?” The storyteller continued, “This may be an awful truth, but he had secretly sold his parents’ house to buy drugs. Now his parents don’t have a place to live.” Nobody likes a drug addict, because they have lost their humanity.

Drugs destroy people, but there is one thing that is worse than drugs—hatred. A person filled with hatred is just as crazy and has the same look in his or her eyes as a drug addict. Such a person does not care about family or friendships. A chill still goes up the spine recalling scenes from the Cultural Revolution. It is well known that Bo Xilai stomped on his father, Bo Yibo, and broke three of his ribs.

Hatred is a form of drug used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Without hatred, the CCP would not have been able to crush the old traditions and establish Marx’s brand of communism in China, a society without humanity.

People in Mainland China have been instilled with hatred from childhood. A hatred toward everyone. They were taught to hate Americans, Russians, and Japanese, landlords, capitalists, Liu Shaoqi, Lin Biao, Deng Xiaoping, the Gang of Four, etc. When the seeds of hatred took root and grew in their hearts, the people were easily stirred up by the CCP and, as if they had no conscience, did whatever the CCP wanted them to do.

Millions of Chinese people died during the many CCP campaigns. No matter how these people died, the root cause of their deaths can be attributed to the hatred that the CCP instilled in the people.

Through lies told by the media, the CCP brainwashes its people with hatred. The public's attitude toward Falun Gong is a good example.

Falun Gong is a great cultivation way of the Buddha school. Cultivators become good people and elevate their moral standards. Because Falun Gong principles happen to be the opposite of the CCP, the CCP does not tolerate it. Good people would not stamp out traditional values.

As a matter of fact, most of the officials who persecuted Falun Gong knew that Falun Gong was good. Otherwise they would not have sent their wives, children, and belongings to democratic countries with traditional values that welcome Falun Gong. The reason that the persecution persists is because the CCP officials are members of a culture based on hatred. They are immersed in it and they cannot pull themselves away. I was so moved that I cried when I saw what happened after a campus shooting. The father of one victim was consoling the murderer’s family members. Indeed, a world without hatred is a true human society.

The hatred that the CCP has forced upon us is a true drug culture. It not only swallows people’s spirits, it also consumes their bodies. When the fire of hatred burns inside one’s heart, it is a form of self-immolation. The people who have committed the crime of killing Falun Gong practitioners have lost their minds. Hatred burns within them, and heavenly principles dictate that they will be punished.

Falun Gong brings people promise for a bright future and goodness. People who struggle in the CCP’s drug-like culture yearn for goodness. “Once you take drugs, you are an addict for life” is no longer a valid saying because of Falun Gong. To have a wonderful future, one needs to learn the facts of Falun Gong as soon as possible. It is the hope for the future and the solution to the drug-like poisoning of the CCP.