(Minghui.org) The 2013 Falun Dafa calendar was released earlier this year. Practitioners in China have worked very hard to print and distribute the calendars to the public. This year, when we were distributing calendars, people were scrambling to get them. When we discussed this among ourselves, we realized that many people have already realized the truth about Dafa. Here, I am only sharing two instances among many that occurred in my area.

There's a very big market where I live. Many people come from other towns and villages to shop there, which makes it very effective for distributing calendars and other truth clarification materials.

An elderly practitioner saw her brother coming off the bus to the marketplace. She hurried toward him and gave him a calendar. Unexpectedly, all people on the bus also wanted a copy. A dozen calendars were given away in just a few minutes. When she came back, she said to me, “It seems like we don't have enough calendars to pass out this year.”

Two practitioners drove their car to the market. Because of the snow, there were only a few people there. Practitioners asked someone, “Would you like a Falun Dafa calendar?” Suddenly, a swarm of people came around and asked for a copy. Just like this, 160 calendars were quickly given out. A seller nearby exclaimed, “My stall is nearly collapsing; can you hurry up and give me one?” However, there were no more calendars left to give out. When practitioners were about to leave, he said, “I'll be here next time. Please remember to give me a copy!”

There was a policeman at the marketplace. Remarkably, however, he didn't approach us when we distributed the calendars. It was like he never saw it happening.