(Minghui.org) I have been cultivating Falun Dafa for 17 years. Every bit of my elevation to a new realm is the result of cultivating in Dafa. Master Li has protected and encouraged me in every tribulation I have experienced. Master has taken care of me so that I have become a diligent Dafa practitioner, enabling me, who used to seek fame and benefit and was immersed in sentimentality, to become a selfless person. Master and Dafa have given me so much. I'd like to share my experiences of witnessing the miracles and wonder of Dafa.

Recovery from “Rheumatoid Legs”

I developed arthritis when I was 16. My legs rattled when I walked. In the countryside at that time, medicine was rare. I used local prescriptions, which had little effect, so I had to put up with the pain.

The arthritis later became severe. I went to the city hospital and was told that I had rheumatism. I didn't have enough money to stay in the hospital so I went home with some herbal medicine and ointments. Before I started practicing Falun Gong, my shoulders, elbows, and hips were painful and swollen. My knees and finger joints were large and deformed. My feet were always cold. I had to use extra blankets on my legs and feet at night. I just couldn't bear the cold.

I was so lucky to come across Falun Dafa, and began practicing in January 1996. I knew Dafa was what I had been searching for, so I was very diligent in cultivating myself. I could easily bear hardships from when I was little. I did the sitting meditation with my legs crossed for 18 minutes the first time and half an hour the second time. I managed to sit for 40 minutes the third time. After that I set a rule for myself that every time I sat in the full lotus position, I would sit longer than the previous time. The pain was constant in the sitting meditation however, so I was not able to become tranquil. I thought of a way. When I read the book, I sat with my legs crossed. Sometimes my knee joints were very painful and cool air came out of them. They hurt so much that sweat dripped down my face and soaked my hair and clothes. But I refused to take my legs down. In my heart I was thinking that bearing hardship was a good thing, and this helped me to do the meditation and become tranquil. I didn't have any thought of curing my rheumatism.

One day when I was able to sit for nearly an hour and a half, I felt warmth in my knees. They got warmer and warmer until they were hot like a heater. They no longer hurt, and I felt very comfortable. I had this same experience for several days and recovered from the rheumatism that had tortured me for 26 years! It was truly amazing.

I continued sitting with my legs crossed whenever I studied the Fa. In 1998 I watched the video of Master's lectures along with others. Each night we watched for five hours, and I sat with my legs crossed the whole time. When the lectures were finished, I stood up right away. Since then my legs have felt like they are floating in the air. When distributing truth-clarifying materials, I often climb the stairs two at a time and walked very fast. In northeast China, it is often minus ten or twenty degrees in the winter, but I wear thin woolen pants instead of thick cotton ones. After practicing Dafa, both my legs and body feel hot.

The principles of Dafa helped me to understand that Dafa is “Genuinely Guiding People Toward High Levels” (Zhuan Falun), and that eliminating illness is only a process of purifying the body, and that the Dafa mechanism is really “the Fa cultivates practitioners.” I was able to bear the hardships at the beginning of my practice. I was only thinking of cultivation, not of curing illness. I complied with the requirements of Dafa on this point, so miracles happened.

Eliminating Fear

In the summer of 1997, my job required me to go to a city to give lectures. I stayed alone in a big room on the top level of a teaching building. I finished the five exercises at about 10:30 p.m. and felt very relaxed. I opened the balcony window and leaned out. I looked at the surrounding area. It was a humid forested area. I felt good. Suddenly a gust of wind blew through and I felt coolness in my back. Instantly I felt my head was bloated and my sweat pores opened up. I closed the window immediately and re-assured myself. I didn't know why, but I felt scared to death.

I grew up in a village and I was courageous among my peers and had never come across such fear. I was sleepless that night. The next day I had lectures all day. I couldn't sleep the second night either. I was exhausted but I didn't dare sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, that scene appeared and I was frightened again. On the third day I struggled to finish a lecture in the morning and boarded a bus home in the afternoon. It was dark when I arrived.

My wife (a fellow practitioner) asked me why I had come home early, and noticed that I was very weak. I lay down in the bed and held her hand tightly. I begged her not to release her hand or turn off the light. My wife was anxious to know what was wrong, and asked me again and again. I told her the story. All of a sudden she screamed, took back her hand, and ran out of the room. I shouted at her, “Why did you run away from me?” She didn't answer. I was helpless and still felt very frightened. My head suddenly became bloated and my hair stood on end. I was sweating.

Suddenly a thought came into my mind: “Is this death?” My mind was clear and I asked myself, “Will I die? No! Why? Genuine practitioners have Master's law body protecting them. Are you a genuine practitioner? Yes, I am! If I am a true practitioner, what is there to fear? So I shouldn't fear anything.” Instantly my righteous thoughts appeared and I felt solid in my heart with no fear.

My wife came back cautiously and told me that when she was listening to me, she saw a huge black, ugly entity standing beside me. She had never seen anything like it. It frightened her, so she ran away. I told her that whatever it was, I no longer had fear. What should I fear with Master and the Fa with us? I lay down and so did my wife. I turned off the light and went to sleep. Since that realization that there is nothing to fear, I have not been tested on fear again.

Walking Through Other Dimensions

In the spring of 2002, I went with two other practitioners to Xi'an and stayed in a hotel. At 7:30 p.m., one practitioner and I went out to do truth-clarification, and the other practitioner stayed at the hotel sending forth righteous thoughts. We said that we would come back before 11:00 p.m. We decided to walk in the same direction and then come back the same way. We were very focused and cooperated well. Neither of us looked at the time. We were hungry after we finished the job and went into a small restaurant for noodles. I looked at my watch. Three hours had passed, so there was no more public transportation. Neither of us thought to call a taxi, so we decided to walk back to our hotel. We were told it would take 90 minutes to get there.

After finishing dinner, even though it was nearly 11:00 p.m., we didn't complain, nor did we have any regrets. We had to rush because the hotel closed at 11:30. We had only one ID. In order to avoid any trouble and to be safe, we had to walk fast.

As we were hurrying along, the other practitioner said, “If only we had the supernormal ability of divine feet, nobody could catch us! We would arrive instantly!” “Yes, I wish we had that,” I said. Then I said loudly, “Now I have the divine power of flying feet!” We kept our upper bodies straight as we moved very quickly. While we were talking and laughing, the other practitioner said, “Here we are! We've arrived!” I replied laughing, “I wish we had arrived.” I thought he was joking, but we had, indeed, arrived at our hotel gate. It had taken us only ten minutes. It would have taken ordinary people an hour and a half! I knew then that Master had helped us.

The practitioner waiting in the hotel said, “It was nearly 11:00 p.m. but I didn't see you anywhere. I asked the manager if they could close the door a bit later so you could get in. He said no, because his orders from above were very strict recently. So I begged Master to help you come home quickly without any trouble. I saw a golden light and Master carried you two back with Falun.” All of us gave a “Heshi” to Master and thanked Master for his protection.

The “Little Iron Gate”

Non-cultivators would find this incident of the “Little Iron Gate,” hard to accept, while practitioners who have been in similar situations will believe it easily. In the autumn of 2002, the persecution was still rampant. I went out to distribute informational materials with other practitioners. I was walking in a park along the river. Fellow practitioners went straight through it as they were very experienced and knew who the plainclothes police officer were. I‘d been just released from jail and didn't have much experience. I saw some very suitable locations for Dafa posters and started to put them up. It was not very dark and you could still see people within ten meters, but you couldn’t see their faces clearly.

I was busy putting up posters when suddenly I heard a voice shout, “Don't move!” I looked around and saw a plainclothes police officer on a tricycle bearing down on me from the south. He was seven or eight meters away when he stopped. From the east another plainclothes officer was cycling towards me, about 16 meters away. About 40 meters away to the west, I saw someone standing. Obviously he was a policeman, too. To the north was the river. I was surrounded and had to make a quick decision.

I kept calm and made my choice, which was to escape going south. This was my best chance. I would try to get away from the officer nearest to me. I ran for about 300 meters and said seriously and solemnly, “Listen, all you evil beings of the old forces, this is not your land for you to commit evil. I will not acknowledge any of your deviated arrangements. I will not go to jail again. Master, please strengthen me. I will definitely break through this evil!”

I ran away reciting the Fa-rectification verses. A police officer grabbed my arm, desperately trying to hold onto my wrist. Another officer was only three or four meters away from me. I pulled myself together and pushed back the officer who held my arm. He stumbled and almost hit the other officer who was running towards me. I took this opportunity and ran very quickly. They ran after me madly shouting, “Stop, stop, or we will open fire!” “You dare not to open fire. Even if you do, you will miss me,” I said to myself. From their voices, I could tell that they were at least 20 meters behind me.

I didn't have time to look back, so I ran through a jungle to a residential area. Suddenly an iron fence almost two and a half meters high seemingly blocked my way. I didn't think much and ran towards the fence. Luckily, there was a small open gate right ahead of me. I passed through it and ran through the jungle towards an open residential area. I tried to run toward the residential area, but I was so tired that my legs gave way. I fell down and was not able to stand up. I had to lie down motionless in the jungle. I saw the two police officers walking back and forth countless times on the other side of the iron fence, trying to find a way to get through. They cursed for quite a while and had to leave.

I sent forth righteous thoughts for a while and then stood up and walked through the residential area and arrived home. Three days later fellow practitioners and I went back to the iron fence but could not find any small gate. We asked several households and the people there said there was no gate. I realized that Master had protected me and made it safe for me once again. The police officers walked back and forth trying to find a gate because they didn't see me climbing over the fence. They couldn't see me anywhere, and they couldn't figure it out. The money they were going to get was gone. (At that time they would have been paid 3000 yuan for arresting a Dafa practitioner.) So they cursed and left. Because of Master's strengthening, I was able to run fast and leave them behind. Falling down in the jungle was the best way to hide myself at the time. It gave me time to recover and also to know what happened to the police. If I had continued walking to the residential area, they would have seen me.

We Were Not Frightened So There Was No Trouble

In 2007 I went with another practitioner to Siping City, Jilin Province, to complete a project. We stayed in a small hotel at a school. It was the winter break, and students and teachers were all on holiday. There was only one attendant in the hotel. The hotel was nearly empty, so it was cheap and the room was pretty warm.

We had originally planned to stay for two days. We stayed an additional day because we hadn't yet finished our work. At about 3:30 p.m. on the third day, as we were going downstairs, a man rushed upstairs. He stopped when he saw us and asked, “Are there accommodations upstairs?” I instantly knew that he wasn’t friendly. I ignored him and kept moving. The other practitioner replied, “Yes, it is cheap. We're staying on the fourth floor.” I looked at him and whispered, “He doesn't have anything in his hands and he is a local, judging by his accent. He ran upstairs. It looks like he is not looking for any accommodation. We have to be careful.” The other practitioner realized I was correct.

Sure enough, the man quickly came back down and followed us wherever we went. We went into a small restaurant, and he came and looked in the restaurant window at us with his face touching the glass. The restaurant boss said to us, “You have been followed.” Only two of us were in the restaurant. I asked him calmly, “Why do you say that?” He said, “I know that fellow. He is an agent hired by the police and earns money by reporting people. He loses a lot of virtue. He should do something honest.” As the boss was going on and on, I cut in and said to him smiling, “Thank you very much. We are good people so we will not come across any trouble. Take it easy.”

I quickly reviewed the whole process and didn't find any omission. I knew that the evil in other dimensions knew what we had done and were scared to death. The person in this dimension didn't know. Only by eliminating the controlling factors in other dimensions would the person here not cause trouble. So I concentrated my whole self in eliminating the evil in other dimensions. “We are Dafa disciples in the Fa rectification period. We are carrying out the sacred mission of saving sentient beings. We do not allow the evil to persecute us even if we have omissions, and in this matter we have no omissions.” I knew it was a major fight in another dimension.

Half an hour later we left the hotel, but the guy was still following us, and there were two more people with him. The time was too limited and the evil still existed in other dimensions. We didn't have time to eliminate the evil at that time, so we asked Master to help us. We had to rely on our righteous thoughts to break through. We told each other, “Do not have the fearful heart of a human being. Master and the Fa are with us. Do not be afraid. We must negate it and not acknowledge it.”

It got dark and there were fewer and fewer people on the road. The agents following us got closer and the situation was becoming urgent. I said to the other practitioner, “You go first by taxi. They dare not do anything to me.” I was rational and he understood me. I was wanted by the authorities, and I was using my relative's old ID. If they found out, I would not able to get away. The fellow practitioner had his own ID. The evil could not get anything and they wouldn’t dare to search his bag.

My mind was calm, yet alert. I looked around and saw three options. First, we could take a taxi and leave without our belongings. We would be safe, but we would loose our computer and Dafa materials. The second option was my fellow practitioner's suggestion. The one who stayed behind would take a risk. Third, we would get our belongings and the evil wouldn't catch us. This was the most difficult option and required our strong righteous thoughts. I chose the third option. I felt that we were doing the most righteous things and could not allow any persecution. This would be the manifestation of Dafa's power. This principle was rooted in the microscopic levels in my body. I was very calm. I asked Master to strengthen us and to give us wisdom and power. Sure enough, we felt very solid inside.

We rushed to the bus station and stopped inside to look at the timetable. The two guys who were following us came in, too. I told the other practitioner my thoughts, then went to the ticket window. I then went right up next to those guys. I spoke loudly on purpose to my fellow practitioner, “When we get back, we can take a nap for half an hour and then go to the public bath to clean up and go back to the hotel for a good sleep. We will take the bus at 7:30 tomorrow morning so that we will not delay anything.” “OK, I agree. Let's go.” My fellow practitioner cooperated very well.

When we arrived at the hotel, the situation was far worse than we expected. One police car was parked downstairs. One policeman in uniform stood not far away smoking. Another one was waiting in the reception area. I knew that was the critical moment and didn't allow any human heart to appear.

Master said,

“When you let go of self even more, your wisdom for validating the Fa will naturally come forth.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students”)

I told the other practitioner, “Wait for me at the entrance of the third floor stairs for two minutes. You send righteous thoughts, and I will too. You concentrate on eliminating the evil in other dimensions. Listen to me on how to break through. Have strong faith that we will do it.” We looked at each other and gained confidence and strength from each other. I rushed to the fifth floor and opened the door, then returned to the reception on the fourth floor quietly. I said to the receptionist, “I am sorry, but we have to check out. My friend's car is downstairs and they’ve asked us to leave.” The police officer looked me up and down and smiled contemptuously at me. He thought my friend was his colleague downstairs.

I sent righteous thoughts in my heart to keep him from questioning me. The receptionist returned our 40-yuan deposit and gave me a receipt. I said to her, “I need ten minutes to pack up and then you can go to clean the room.” Actually I said this for the policeman to hear. I went down to the third floor quietly, and my fellow practitioner was waiting for me. “Please follow me.” We ran to the far end with our belongings. The day we'd checked in, I'd noticed that our building was connected to the three-story teaching building. Generally speaking, there should be a door between the two buildings. But whether it was open or not, we didn't know. But there was no other way. We found a door and it was not locked. We went through it quickly. Thank you, Master! We charged ahead to the end and went downstairs. There was no door on the first floor, so we had to go back if we wanted to go through the gate. This teaching building was about 200 meters long. If we went back, that meant we had to run another 100 meters after we had finished the 200 meters. What should we do? We looked around and noticed a military blanket covering a doorway. We pushed it aside and went through along the corridor. We came to a boiler room and then followed a winding corridor. Eventually we passed through another hotel and came out. The policemen and agents were nowhere in sight.

If it were school holidays, the doors we just passed through would have been locked. It was the winter holidays, so wouldn’t the school have locked the doors? We only had the thought of negating the persecution. Master then protected us compassionately.

Clarifying the Truth and Benevolently Resolving Negative Karmic Bonds

In recent years several practitioners in different regions had passed away because of sickness karma. In our local area, practitioners passed away for many different reasons. Some practitioners had many attachments and could not pass their tests for a long time, some didn't negate or completely negate the special arrangements by the old forces, some had loopholes in their xinxing and didn't rectify them in a timely manner from the Fa perspective, and some didn't believe in the Fa or Master and had fundamental attachments. The old forces took advantage of their loopholes and persecuted them. In most cases the old forces took advantage of the fact that practitioners had killed many lives in their reincarnations and were requiring the debts to be paid now. Because the practitioners didn't recognize it, they were not able to deal with it properly. Some practitioners regarded those beings as meddling deities, dark minions, rotten demons, and evil specters, and tried to eliminate them, and the practitioners experienced the opposite results.

As a matter of fact, every Dafa practitioner faces the issue of “benevolent resolution of karmic bonds.” Dafa disciples may have harmed countless beings (including human beings, animals, plants, and other materials) during their reincarnations life after life in the maze of history, while creating a culture in which humankind today can understand the Fa. Some of the beings mentioned were arranged by the old forces to participate in the persecution of Dafa practitioners. For example, in the Fa-rectification period, they want Dafa practitioners who killed lives in previous incarnations to repay their debts, which leads to practitioners having sickness karma. The old forces have actually used this way to commit crimes against Dafa. But these beings are different from the rotten demons, evil specters, and meddling deities. From the Fa perspective, we have to use a benevolent solution. We have to save them when we have fruit status and bless them. We have formed a group to help those practitioners with sickness karma and have achieved amazing results.

One practitioner had the symptom of diabetes. He’d lost his eyesight three years ago. He couldn't see people's faces, just shadows in very bright light. After sharing with him for five hours, he could read the six characters we put on the mobile screen. When we left, he walked us down the steps himself. When his neighbors saw him, they said in surprise, “He can see now!?”

One practitioner had been bedridden for over 40 days, and was so weak that she couldn't turn over by herself. We shared with her for two hours on offering benevolent solutions. Afterwards she got out of bed and walked by herself. She has been well ever since then.

One practitioner had had five abortions before she became a practitioner. She felt like she was carrying a millstone on her back. We shared with her regarding the issue of offering benevolent resolutions and she no longer suffered from that burden.

One practitioner was experiencing numbness on one side of her body, her hands, and her feet, for several days. Her third eye was open, and she saw those beings coming to collect their debts, but she was not able to turn them away. We helped her and she recovered within 20 minutes.

Many practitioners came to us pale-faced but were glowing when they left us. Some had swollen faces, legs, or entire bodies. When they came to understand the “benevolent solution,” we saw the swelling go down little by little. Some practitioners were so excited that they shouted, “I have recovered! I am completely well now!”

We shared five points with practitioners:


    1. Look inward and find out why the old forces are able to persecute you. Where are your omissions? What are they? How do you understand them?
    2. Study the Fa regarding negating the old forces and “benevolent resolutions.”
    3. Dissolve the deviant, old forces' arrangements.
    4. Rectify your every thought from the Fa.
    5. Clarify the truth to the beings to benevolently resolve all the karmic bonds.

When we clarified the truth to the beings, we had to do it like we do for everyday people. We had to find their “knots” and let them know from the Fa principles and from real examples that the old forces are the most evil ones and are trying to destroy sentient beings, and that Master is saving every being that can be saved with boundless compassion.

We let them know that the old forces had arranged the karmic bonds in history to destructively test Dafa disciples at the expense of destroying them, and that Dafa disciples have passed the stage of self-cultivation and are now saving sentient beings wherever possible. If they still ask for their debts to be re-paid and comply with the principles of the old cosmos, the beings are damaging the righteous Fa and persecuting Dafa disciples.

We let them know that their historic debts will be paid back in the very best way possible. If they were killed, they would now be saved to a beautiful kingdom. As long as they assimilate to Dafa, they can be saved.

We let them know that Dafa is compassionate to sentient beings but that it also has dignity. The mighty power of Dafa has come to the surface of this dimension. This is a chance of a millennium. This opportunity cannot be missed, and taking advantage of it or not is decided in just a fraction of a second. We hope they will be rational, choose bright futures for themselves, cooperate with Dafa disciples, and assimilate to Dafa.

Why have we had very good results when clarifying the truth to the beings with whom we want to benevolently resolve karmic bonds? Because Master has strengthened us, and because clarifying the truth is a master key to open up sentient beings' kind thoughts and their dusty souls.

I have thus enlightened to the following: We have to truly understand the boundless compassion and immense saving grace Master extends to sentient beings. We have to clearly see through the evilness of the old forces in their deviated arrangements. We have to consider those beings' positions, since we may have committed crimes against them in previous lives. When we realize all this, then we sense the urgency of saving those beings, and have the wisdom to know how to save them and open up their hearts. The process of finding a benevolent resolution is a process of letting go of human attachments, walking righteously on the cultivation path, reinforcing righteous thoughts and negating the old forces' deviated arrangements, and cultivating our compassion and saving sentient beings. This process is part of cultivation during the Fa-rectification period.