(Minghui.org) More than 150 million people have their resignations from the Chinese Communist Party, Youth League, and Young Pioneers on the Epoch Times website as of November 13, 2013. Since the beginning of this year, the average daily number of withdrawals from the Party and its two youth organizations has remained stable at around 60,000.

Ranging from average citizens to government officials, from low-ranking soldiers to high-level military leaders, from grade school teachers to college professors, and from police officers to diplomats, people from all walks of life are declaring their intention to sever ties with the Party.

It is apparent that abandoning the Party has become a trend in China, and Chinese people are peacefully ushering in a future China, free of Party rule.

Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party Starts the Movement to Quit the Party and Attracts International Attention

Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, an Epoch Times editorial series published in late 2004, quickly spread to many parts of China and prompted multitudes of people to withdraw from the Party. Many Party members have courageously announced their withdrawals publicly, and banners reading “Heaven Will Destroy the CCP” and “Quitting the Party Will Ensure Safety and Bring Blessings” can be seen everywhere.

The quitting the Party movement is also receiving wide support from the international community. The Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party was set up in the U.S. to help facilitate this withdrawal movement. This organization has many branches at well-known tourist attractions in Europe and elsewhere, to help visitors from China to quit the Party right there.

Such centers also issue certificates to those who have quit. The U.S. and many other democratic countries recognize such certificates as valid and legal evidence which can be used in immigration applications. The Nine Commentaries has even become an important reference for U.S. immigration officers in deciding whether to grant certain immigration statuses to applicants.

New Trend: Quitting the Party with Real Names and In Groups

When the quitting the Party movement first began, people usually quit individually using aliases in place of their real names. Nine years later, more and more people are quitting the Party using their real names, and in groups. Oftentimes all the members of a single family or a certain social group or workplace issue joint statements to declare their intentions to break free from the Party.

Pan Renqiang, former judge of Wuhan City Intermediate Court in Hubei Province, expressed his desire to quit the Party in an interview with New Tang Dynasty Television. He gave his real name without hesitation. Additionally, six high-ranking military officials put out a joint statement quitting the Party and indicated they would never point their guns at innocent people.

The CCP Opposes Humanity

The Nine Commentaries details the totalitarian, violent, deceptive, and brutal nature of the CCP, and concludes that the Party opposes humanity.

Untold numbers of practitioners have been sent to forced labor camps, prisons, and brainwashing centers, and more than 3,700 have died as a result of torture after former Party dictator Jiang Zemin launched his persecution of Falun Gong in 1999.

It was revealed in March 2006 that at least 30 concentration camps, including Sujiatun in Liaoning Province, had committed the heinous crime of harvesting organs from living practitioners and selling them for profit.

Quitting the Party to Ensure Safety

The CCP is not China. The Party culture is totally against traditional Chinese culture. If history is any indication, all violent rulers face doom. The snowballing numbers of people quitting the Party show that the Party is headed for its demise.

Though many people were initially forced to join the Party and its youth organizations, they nonetheless identified with it. If they don't quit, they’ll go down with it when the heavens destroy it. They are therefore advised to sever ties with the Party and ensure a bright future for themselves.

Many of the people who quit the Party had close ties with and huge vested interests in the Party. The very fact that they eventually quit the Party indicates that even followers of the Party still have a conscience, and we are pleased to see that they have made a wise decision to abandon the Party.

The Only Way Out for Evildoers: Renounce the CCP

The CCP is a sinking boat and it’s only a matter of time before it’s totally submerged. Many Party officials are busy transferring their wealth to other countries out of fear that the Chinese government will collapse. However, as long as they are still part of the Party, they will be implicated when the heavens destroy it.

The only way for them to redeem themselves is to quit the Party and admit their crimes. They can also redeem themselves by disclosing the CCP crimes to the public. Their acts of quitting the Party also set an example for average citizens. Their withdrawals may help more people make the same wise decision.

Wickedness is able to run rampant when good-natured people turn a blind eye. During the battle between good and evil, more people need to stand up to the tyranny of the CCP. Each additional courageous person will add one more ounce of fear to the CCP, accelerating its disintegration.

I urge those who are still being deceived by the Party or even helping commit crimes, to wake up and sever ties with the Party right away.

The quitting the Party movement is a peaceful way to disintegrate the Party. All those who have abandoned the Party are making history and building a bright future for themselves.

Nothing can stop the trend of quitting the Party. What a great feat that more than 150 million people have withdrawn from the Party!