(Minghui.org) Chinese tourists visiting the Gold Coast in Australia can count on meeting Falun Gong practitioners. On the lawn outside a Chinese seafood restaurant in Southport, practitioners assist Chinese tourists on a daily basis in learning the true situation of the persecution of Falun Gong in China. Many Chinese tourists express their appreciation by saying to the practitioners, “You're working hard.” This saying is a typical friendly warm greeting among Chinese.

Persistence for the Sake of Their Countrymen

Falun Gong practitioners on the Gold Coast in Australia feel compelled to inform Chinese tourists about the rampant misinformation and propaganda in China, deceiving millions of Chinese people. As such, they have taken advantage of the location of this popular Chinese restaurant and have been there since the persecution started in 1999.

One practitioner said, “It's great that Chinese tourists always dine at this restaurant, as they inevitably see our information boards.” Regardless of the weather, even if it's raining, we're here from 4:30pm until the tourists finish their meals. Sometimes we end up staying until 9pm, because the tourists go sightseeing. When they return, that's when we talk to them.”

“You're Working Hard!”

Due to the widespread censorship of information in China, most people in China are deprived of knowing what really goes on in their own country. Upon seeing such facts about “restricted” subjects laid out before them overseas, they not only are extremely curious but also quite shocked.

Another practitioner mentioned, “Tourists are so surprised upon seeing these display boards. They're totally unaware that a large-scale genocide of Falun Gong practitioners is taking place right in the midst of Chinese society. They are even more shocked when they learn that the communist regime is behind the harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners' organs, and that such harvesting takes place when the practitioner is still alive.”

She went on, “Some tourists understand what we're telling them and tell us 'the Chinese dictatorship is so cruel.' There are others who learn what we're all about and say, 'You're working hard.'”

This practitioner told of her brother who initially misunderstood her, thinking that she was against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Only after he read through the book the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party among other materials, did he thoroughly understand how diabolic the CCP was. He brought with him the information he obtained in Australia back to China.

The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party is an Epoch Times editorial published in 2004, and it triggered the grand tide of “Tuidang” the Quit-the-CCP movement. As of today, more than 150 million Chinese people have withdrawn from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

The CCP Doesn't Equate to China

Some Chinese tourists were at a loss and mistakenly thought that Falun Gong practitioners were anti-China. To clear up the confusion, a practitioner explained to them, “China is a great country with 5,000 years of civilization. The CCP doesn't equate to China. The CCP has only been around for 60 odd years, and is something not inherently Chinese, but rather, something brought upon the Chinese from the West.”

Quitting the CCP Together

Having become clear, the tourists agreed to withdraw from the CCP organizations.

For those that wanted to quit the CCP, although sometimes there would only be three to five tourists who were willing, sometimes almost an entire busload would ask the practitioners to help them quit the CCP.

For those tour guides that accompanied each group, some would encourage the tourists to help themselves to the materials, as they wouldn’t be able to come across them in China.

It Only Counts After You Register Your Declaration on the Epoch Times Website

Seeing so many Chinese visiting Australia every day, a practitioner who used to live in China said she felt as if she was seeing her loved ones. She felt sorry for them whenever she thought that they had been deceived by the CCP's lies. She is determined to help each and every one of them learn the facts. Her sincerity is openly expressed, and tourists are very receptive to what she has to say.

A practitioner said, “Once I met a lady who joined the Young Pioneers (an affiliate of the CCP) long ago. She said she had withdrawn from it. I told her that it didn't count, and that she must declare her withdrawal on the Epoch Times website. I told her the CCP has committed innumerable bad deeds, and it has killed over 80 million Chinese people since it seized power. I advised her to sever her ties with the CCP. She happily nodded in agreement and said, 'Fair enough, please help me quit!'”