(Minghui.org) Greetings great and benevolent Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!

I haven't submitted any written cultivation experiences during the past nine Fahuis, even though I would have loved to. For the tenth Fahui, I asked myself, "What can I share?" I realized that I had been involved in printing materials almost every day, including Master's new lectures, Minghui Weekly, and other truth-clarification materials. Although the number I have distributed is limited, and I covered a relatively small area, I have been doing this for the past twelve years in order to clarify the truth about Falun Gong, and coordinate with other practitioners.

Picking Up and Delivering Truth-Clarification Materials

Practitioners have wanted to get printouts from Minghui.org in a timely fashion since the persecution of Falun Gong began. Considering their age, I volunteered to deliver the truth-clarification materials every week to several elderly practitioners I knew. It took me approximately one hour on my bike to get the materials in the evening from other practitioners at predetermined locations and time. After sorting them out at home, I delivered them to the elderly practitioners at the appointed time.

I continued to pick up the printouts until 2010, when I started producing them myself, and I still deliver them. The practitioners and their home addresses changed, while my role remained the same. Although the work didn't seem to be significant, there were almost no disruptions, regardless of the weather, family commitments, or personal reasons over the past 12 years.

I arrived late for pickup only once, due to flooding in the tunnel after a heavy rain. Fortunately I was able to get though another tunnel by taking off my shoes and carrying my bike on my shoulders. When I arrived, however, the set time had passed. Thinking I would not able to make it in time, the fellow practitioner left. As I didn't have the person's address, I had to go back the next day.

I picked up the truth-clarification materials from four practitioners who were in their sixties. Their backgrounds were different, but they were all very diligent and responsible. One blustery winter night when I picked up printouts about Falun Gong, a practitioner in his seventies was waiting when I got there. He handed over the materials, encouraged me, and then walked in the direction opposite from his home. I knew that he was going to hand out some materials himself. Watching him go off in the dark, the words, “Dafa disciples are great” appeared in my mind.

I always delivered Master's new lectures to other practitioners as soon as they became available. I had enlightened that one day in the human world represented quite a long time in other dimensions. The loss could not be recovered if I delayed the delivery for even one day. The practitioner who gave me the printouts didn't mention Master's new lecture on one occasion. When I got home and saw it, I realized that I must take it to another practitioner right away. It took me two hours to get it ready and I spent a lot of time on the same route to get the printouts.

It sometimes took until the next day to finish the delivery, and I was so tired that I couldn't fall asleep. I had two accidents on my way back home from deliveries. I was once hit by a vehicle at night. Thanks to Master' protection and Fa study, I didn't suffer any injuries from the accidents.

I was sometimes amazed at what happened. One day I fell while riding my bike twice as I was getting ready to pick up the materials. I was in a hurry to eat and didn't pay much attention to it. I looked as I was about to leave, and saw that there was no air at all in the back tire. I pumped the tire and left, but it was flat again before I had gone far. I didn't want to be late, so I rode as fast as I could. There was still some air left when I got the materials as scheduled. I was on the road for over two hours more, delivering materials to another practitioner's home. Amazingly, my back tire was not completely flat until the next day. The worker who repaired the bike for me found a big hole in the tire.

Even though I felt busy and tired sometimes, it was a joy to pick up and deliver the truth-clarification materials, because it was important and meaningful. However, not everything went smoothly as planned. As a result, I sometimes felt unhappy, helpless, worried, or frustrated, like the time I delivered the printouts to a home 12 kilometers away, but no one was there at the appointed time.

I once tried to help some practitioners who were not very diligent, but no improvement was observed for a lengthy period of time. Some practitioners didn't care about safety and made no effort to change their behavior, despite my recommendations and some articles on the Mingui website regarding security for printout pickup points. Each time I had some negative feelings, I realized that Master didn't want me to give up, so I carried on. I was thus happy to continue what I was doing, keeping the channels for transmission of truth-clarification materials uninterrupted. This assisted the coordination of practitioners to improve as one body.

Handing Out Truth-Clarification Materials

I have continually distributed truth-clarification materials, even though I was scared at the beginning. The first time, I prepared approximately a dozen hand-written copies and planned to give them out on the street. I tried to put them in bike baskets, but there were always people nearby looking at me. Although I wandered around for more than an hour, I failed to give any out in the end.

I felt silly one night when I mistakenly gave out my wages as truth-clarification materials. As I passed by an Internet cafe on my bike, I quickly took out one copy of printouts from my bag and threw it into the basket of a bike parked there. I felt this particular copy was different from other copies. I checked and realized that I had taken my wages (a thousand yuan wrapped in paper) instead of the printouts. I had to rush to get it back.

I was embarrassed after I gave a guard a false name. I was hesitant at the entrance to a new community but decided to go directly in to give out information about Falun Gong. The guard was watching TV, but he noticed me and followed me with a flashlight. There was only one building in this community, so I had to go back out the same way. Shining his flashlight on me, the guard asked who I wanted to visit. I made up a name and he quickly said that there was no one by that name living there. Then he criticized me for being there.

I felt ashamed of myself when I didn't act like a Dafa disciple. I was posting some information regarding Falun Gong on a utility pole at the entrance of a community one day. The security guard saw me and quickly came over to see what I was posting. I panicked, crossed the street in a hurry, and ran away. I hid behind a bush and didn't even dare to look back. I felt bad because I hadn't behaved like an upright Dafa disciple, and tarnished the reputation of practitioners.

I have also encountered some near misses. During the Olympic Games in 2008, there were police cars and plainclothes officers everywhere. I handed out truth-clarification materials on the street. When I passed by a hospital, the patrols noticed me, either because of my full pockets or my actions. As there were so many people around, the police car drove more than a dozen meters and waited for me on the side of street. I saw their intention, and hid behind the bus shelters. They finally gave up after waiting a long time.

I felt sad when I saw discarded truth-clarification materials. My feeling was very strong if I saw those I just handed out had been thrown under the trees without being looked at. However, as soon as I looked inward, I felt sorry for those people.

I have been dedicated to handing out truth-clarification materials whether it was cold, hot, snowing, or raining. Reciting the Fa kept me warm during the winter. A heavy rain provided me with an opportunity to give out the printouts in the communities where it was normally difficult to get in. Neither falling in the snow, or being soaked in sweat has stopped me. I also deliver materials to rural areas, facing the challenges of dog bites, or suspicion from the residents. I have covered more than one hundred communities over the years. Although the number of copies I gave out may be limited, they have made a difference to those they reached.

Producing Truth-Clarification Materials

I was anxious to tell people the facts about Falun Gong at the beginning of the persecution because so many people were deceived by the propaganda. Lacking a supply of printouts, I decided to write poems that contained some facts about Falun Gong. I made some copies of the poems I wrote and handed them out after work. I later started to give out the photocopies from other practitioners once they became available. However, twenty copies per week did not meet my needs.

I bought a copier in 2004 based on the model introduced in Minghui Weekly , and started to make photocopies of the pamphlets I got from other practitioners. Unfortunately, the machine couldn't make colored copies and the quality was not satisfactory. I had to add color with pencils to enhance the overall outcome. I could produce a maximum of ten copies in half a day. On top of that, the consumables were expensive. The lowest price for ink was ten yuan per bottle. The cartridge cost over two hundred yuan and was easily broken.

I didn't share my status with fellow practitioners due to my fear and my way of connecting with others. The low efficiency and high cost didn't change until 2010 when I read some sharing on Minghui Weekly that discussed how high quality truth-clarification materials were required. I decided to access the Internet and produce printouts of high quality.

I eventually met a practitioner who helped me purchase a computer and printer, and installed the system for me. My “little flower” started to blossom and soon I was providing printouts for a dozen practitioners. I really appreciate the coordinator and other practitioners' great help in fixing the numerous problems with my computer and printer. I am the kind of person who is reluctant to ask for help, and I even burst into tears several times when problems occurred. Nonetheless, the problems were fixed whenever help was needed.

I felt regretful about the time I wasted during the process of producing the printouts of high cost and low efficiency. This was due to self-protection and may have had a negative impact on saving sentient beings. I learned this lesson the hard way.

The most painful experience during the printing process was the generation of waste. It is difficult to describe my emotions when this happened. Every time I burned waste, I was very sorry and hoped they [the burned items] would remember “Falun Dafa is great.”

The most thrilling experience was the noise from the printer. My printer once produced smoke and looked like it was burning. It was probably just exhausted and thus went on strike. Considering the printouts needed, I had to encourage it to keep going. I have gone through three printers in the past three years. They worked very hard and were often overloaded. I appreciate my computer and printers for their efforts in saving sentient beings.

Starting this year, the Minghui website changed the size of pamphlets from small to large with a higher quality. Although the workload has increased substantially, I am happy to accommodate it because people will love the pamphlets with a beautiful cover and more information inside. I look forward to the new “big pamphlet” every week.

I feel that one's mental state is important when producing printouts. The outcome is best if no human heart is involved, such as fear, worries, nervousness, anxiousness, or even happiness. A cultivator's compassion is the best help.

The above was what I'd like to report to Master and fellow practitioners even though it is nothing outstanding. I am probably just an average practitioner. Due to my enlightenment quality, I may not have done as well as other Dafa disciples, but I will continue to improve.