(Minghui.org) Ms. Feng Xiumei from Tianzhuangtai Town, Dawa County, Panjin City, Liaoning Province, was arrested on August 21, 2013. She has been held in the Panjin City Detention Center for almost three months. When her family members and lawyer recently demanded her release, they were followed by agents sent from the Dawa County Domestic Security Division.

Family and Lawyer Followed after Demanding Ms. Feng's Release

Ms. Feng's family and her lawyer, Mr. Zhang Keke, went to the Dawa Domestic Security Division to demand her release on November 1, 2013. They delivered a legal letter to the division requesting the dismissal of the case and the immediate release of Ms. Feng. Chen Gengxin, the division chief, refused to meet them before recording all information on Mr. Zhang Keke's ID. Chen and Fu Zhenguo, who was in charge of the case, did not dismiss the case, and said that it had been handed over to the Procuratorate.

Mr. Zhang and Ms. Feng's family members then went to the Procuratorate. The staff told them that the case was being handled by the local police station.

After leaving the Procuratorate, they discovered that at least five to seven agents were following them. Agents followed them from Dawa Train Station to Panshan Train Station, and then when they went to a passenger coach station near the train station, or when they went to a hotel near the train station to use the restroom.

Ms. Feng's family members went to the local police station many times and asked for the release of Ms. Feng. Deputy director Jiang Tao and Li Bingzhu were obstructive and unhelpful. They passed the responsibility to the Domestic Security Division and told the family to go there.


Ms. Feng Xiumei's mental and physical health improved after practicing Falun Gong. She calmed down and treated others with generosity and tolerance. Neighbors often sought her help and she was always cheerful.

Liu Zhanjun from Ms. Feng's neighborhood reported her on August 21, 2013. (Liu was once sentenced to prison for attempting to indecently assault his neighbor, an elderly woman.) Over ten officers, including deputy director Li Bingzhu from the local police station and Fu Zhenguo from the Dawa County Domestic Security Division, barged into Ms. Feng's home and arrested her. They also confiscated her computer, telephone, cash in the value of almost 10,000 yuan, bank deposit card, salary deposit card, ID and more.

Ms. Feng has been held in the Panjin City Detention Center for about three months. She was terrified during the interrogations.

Parties involved in the persecution: Fu Zhenguo (付振国), Dawa County Domestic Security Division: +86-13942777190(Cell), +86-427-2684039(Office) Liu Zhongjun (刘忠军), director, Tianzhuangtai Police Station: +86-427-8860555(Office), +86-13898702038(Cell) Lu Wenlai (吕文来), director, Panjin City Detention Center: +86-427-2684130(Office), +86-13998771288(Cell) Ma Zhongting (麻忠庭), director and Party secretary, Dawa County Police Department: +86-427-2684001(Office), +86-18842793456(Cell)