(Minghui.org) Life is unpredictable. Both my father and younger brother became seriously ill soon after I got married, when I was in my twenties. They went to many different hospitals to try to find a cure, but to no avail. They both died less than a year apart.

An Unhappy Life

My father's and brother's deaths were very hard on me. I became depressed, temperamental, despondent, and unhappy in my marriage. I blamed my husband for not taking responsibility for the family. I began resenting him, and constantly argued with him until our marriage almost fell apart.

My health also began to deteriorate. I was diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer, gastritis, gastric hemorrhage, neurasthenia, and a gynecological disorder. I took a lot of drugs every day, and practiced a questionable qigong. Nothing helped. I still felt sick, had no appetite, and suffered from insomnia.

I couldn't go to work or do any chores around the house, and I had to bend over when I walked. I took anti-anxiety medicine to help me fall asleep, but after some time the medicine no longer helped, even after increasing the dosage.

I was in despair and very sad, and complained about life's unfairness. If it wasn't for my daughter and my thoughtful mother, I might have committed suicide.

Fate Steps In

I went to visit my sister-in-law in 1998. She had just started practicing Falun Dafa. She introduced the practice to me, told me about the miraculousness of Dafa, and advised me to read the book Zhuan Falun. I had also heard about it from former colleagues. I picked up the book, but only read a few pages because I thought it would be ineffective, just like the other qigong practices I had learned.

My fate changed six months later in March 1999. The water heater in my home broke, so I had to boil water to give my daughter a bath. While carrying a pot of hot water to the bathroom, the handle came loose, and the water spilled all over the kitchen floor. I lost my balance and fell down. I felt painfully hot. I got up and quickly ran to my bedroom, and saw that my arms, legs, and feet had been badly burned.

My husband quickly brought home an ointment for me to use, but there wasn't enough to cover all of the burned areas. He then rushed me to the hospital. The doctor at the hospital was a friend, so I didn't have to stay overnight since my friend checked on me at home every day.

When my sister-in-law heard of the incident the next day, she and my mother-in-law (who also practices Falun Dafa) came to see me. They brought me a copy of Zhuan Falun and advised me to read it since I was bedridden. I told them that I was unable to fall asleep the night before, and felt like I had caught a cold. I was sweating profusely, to the point of wetting the blanket. Furthermore, the pain in my joints was intolerable. My sister-in-law said, “This is a good thing. Master has removed most of your karma.” I later realized that Master had been taking care of me even before I began cultivating.

I began reading the book diligently after my in-laws left. It taught principles that I hadn't seen discussed before, and the words were easy to understand. The more I read the book, the more I liked it. It talked about following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, becoming a good person, not competing with others, and always looking inward when problems occur.

I read the book every day. I started to have diarrhea three days later. I took an antidiarrheal drug, but it didn't help. The diarrhea lasted for a week, but I didn't feel weak. Instead, I felt very comfortable.

At that time, I didn't know that Master was actually cleansing my body, because I had just started reading the book and my enlightenment was poor.

Strangely, the burned areas on my legs and feet where I hadn't applied any medicine had healed completely. Whereas, the areas on my arms that were covered with dressing became infected.

I was worried since I couldn't go to work. I called a colleague's wife who is a practitioner and told her about my situation. She was very happy that I had started practicing Falun Dafa. She told me that Dafa was extraordinary, and advised me to remove the medicinal dressing from my arms. I decided to take off the dressing and cover the infected area with clean gauze.

After dinner that day, I attended an experience-sharing conference at the exercise site near my home. There were hundreds of practitioners inside the hall when I got there. The field in the room was peaceful, and I felt very much at ease. A fellow practitioner played the video of practitioners' cultivation experiences on the TV.

In the video, some practitioners talked about how their diseases, such as cancer, thrombosis, heart disease, and osteonecrosis miraculously disappeared after they began practicing Falun Dafa. Many people were moved in tears.

After I returned home from the experience-sharing conference, I removed the gauze and saw that the infected area had dried up, and pus was no longer oozing out.

The next day, I told my family that I would return to work. I had regained my health after lying in bed for more than 20 days. I threw away all my medicines, since I no longer needed them. At that moment, I realized that people who are illness free are very fortunate. I could finally smile.

I have not taken any medicine for the past 14 years, and I am very healthy. My husband has been very supportive of Falun Dafa after he witnessed the miraculous changes I underwent. My family environment has become more harmonious.

Falun Dafa gave me a second chance in life. My relatives and friends who have also witnessed the miraculousness of Falun Dafa are very supportive of the practice.

The Best Decision Ever

The persecution of Falun Dafa began several months after I started practicing. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began spreading its hate propaganda on TV to attack and slander Falun Dafa every day. Although I was a new practitioner, the principles of Dafa were deeply rooted in my heart, and I could clearly see the vicious nature of the CCP and its deceptive tricks. Since I had benefited so much from the practice, I couldn't remain silent. I wanted to validate the Fa to let people know the truth.

I decided to write a letter to the officials of the central government. I appealed for the persecution of Falun Dafa to end, the release of all detained practitioners, and to restore Master's name and our cultivation environment. More than 20 practitioners, including myself, signed the letter using our real names, and I sent it to our local Political and Legal Affairs Committee.

I was then interrogated by my supervisor and personnel from the police department and the Political and Legal Affairs Committee. They wanted me to sign a guarantee statement promising to give up practicing Falun Dafa, and to reveal the names and addresses of fellow practitioners.

When I refused to cooperate, they threatened my husband by telling him that they would withhold his salary, fire him, and then detain him if I didn't sign the statement. Under tremendous pressure, my husband lost his temper and threatened to divorce me. I calmly told him, “I believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. It isn't wrong to be a good person. I can't give up the practice, nor can I lie and sign the guarantee statement against my will.”

The police arrested me at home a few days later. They repeatedly ordered me to give up cultivation, but I refused, and clarified the truth to them. They released me two weeks later, after fining me 2,000 yuan. I have since been constantly harassed by the police.

Giving up Personal Gains

I have conducted myself according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. At work, I don't compete for personal fame or gain. Through my work ethic and conduct, my colleagues began to witness the goodness of Dafa.

I work in a finance department, where people would occasionally bring me money or gifts. I always declined their offers and told them, “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Our Master says we can't be greedy or take advantage of other people. I can't accept your gift.” Under my influence, the office environment became harmonious.

I was later laid off when the company was closing down. I then found a job in the private sector. The company owner supported my belief because some of his relatives also practiced Dafa.

To save money for the company, I always tried to reduce expenses. When I went out on business, I tried to ride my bicycle whenever I could. The owner trusted me and felt comfortable with my handling cash and managing the company's income and expenses. I always remembered Master's teachings and never took a penny from the company.

I was once short by 60 yuan in the account book. To an everyday person, it would have been fine to just report it to the supervisor. As a practitioner, however, I used my own money to make up the difference. It is because of the mighty power of Dafa that my xinxing has elevated and my soul has been purified.

I later quit my job to open up my own business. The owner tried to persuade me to stay. By the time I left the company, more than 20 people in the office had quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Entire Family Is Blessed by Dafa

After practicing Falun Dafa, I have become healthier, more broad-minded, and considerate of others. My xinxing has also elevated, my family environment has become harmonious, and I can do anything without feeling tired. My family and relatives have witnessed all of this.

My husband is a kind person. He tells everyone that Falun Dafa is good. He has also secretly protected practitioners and Dafa books. He used to have dental pain and couldn't fall asleep as a result. He would also hit his head against the headboard when he was sleeping. These problems disappeared after I started cultivating.

My daughter believes in the practice and has done many good deeds for Dafa. She is honest, kind, and reliable. Her health was very good when she was young, after I became a practitioner. She has never had to take medicine, and her life has been smooth sailing. It is the blessings of Dafa,

“When one person obtains the Fa, the whole family will benefit.” (“Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Jinan” from Zhuan Falun Fajie)

My mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law are also practitioners. Everyone in the family is supportive of our cultivation. We get along well, and care for and help each other.

I am lucky and happy to have found the true meaning of life, but many of my relatives have been deceived by the Party's lies about Falun Dafa, and don't understand the truth. I decided to tell them in person about the goodness of Falun Dafa.

I first visited my uncle who had hypertension, heart disease, and lumbar spinal stenosis. I told him that all my illnesses had miraculously disappeared after I began practicing Falun Dafa. He didn't believe me, and even criticized Master and Dafa. I began arguing with him and left with ill-feelings.

After I got home, I calmed down and looked inward. I realized that I had an attachment to competitiveness, and wasn't exhibiting compassion. I became determined to correct my attitude the next time I saw him.

I have since been visiting my uncle on Chinese New Year's day and patiently clarifying the truth to him. I asked him to sincerely recite, “Falun Dafa is good.” He gradually began to recognize Dafa, but still didn't dare to touch it for fear of being persecuted by the CCP. The Cultural Revolution had greatly affected him.

My uncle finally understood the facts after I told him many stories about how Falun Dafa has given people good health and spirituality. He accepted the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, Shen Yun DVDs, and other truth clarifying materials that I gave him. He finally quit the CCP. All of his diseases have since disappeared.

My aunt suffered a stroke last year. I visited her and gave her a set of Shen Yun DVDs. I also asked her to sincerely recite, “Falun Dafa is good.” Her disease disappeared a few months later.

My mother's eldest sister was a Christian who had been severely persecuted by the CCP. When I talked to her about Dafa, she immediately stopped me. She had hypertension and headaches, and her child was also ill. I told her many stories about how Falun Dafa had cured diseases. She didn't believe me at first, because she didn't get better after years of believing in Christianity. She finally listened to the truth and accepted the Dafa books I gave her. Her diseases disappeared after she read the books for a month. Her child has also become active and cheerful again. She now always tells people that Falun Dafa is good.

I also told many of my relatives, friends, colleagues, and classmates, “You will be blessed if you remember Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and often recite 'Falun Dafa is good.'” More than 98 percent of the people I talked to understand the truth and have quit the CCP. More than ten people even became practitioners.

Profuse Appreciation

I will never forget Master's immense grace. I was fortunate to encounter Falun Dafa. I won't be affected by the persecution or give up my belief. I will closely follow Master to cultivate and let people know the goodness of the practice.

The mighty power of Dafa is beyond what I have described. I would like to sincerely thank Master and Dafa from the bottom of my heart. I will improve myself diligently and do the three thingwell.