(Minghui.org) The Minghui website began posting the 10 th Internet Fahui articles from Mainland Chinese practitioners on November 7, 2013. Practitioners around the world have found every sharing article to be a great source of encouragement. During this online Fahui (experience sharing conference), practitioners shared their experiences on the path of cultivation and their compassion to save people. Every word is a precious record of practitioners' cultivation.

Taiwan is very close to Mainland China. Many Taiwanese practitioners have said, “We look forward to reading every single article on Minghui,” “Reading Fahui articles is the first thing we do every day. I am so excited to read them,” “I am thoroughly touched. I found a huge distance when I compared myself to Mainland Chinese practitioners. I will cultivate steadily and diligently, and I will do well the three things.”

Ninety-Year-Old Practitioner Clarifies the Truth

Ms. Fu Chengyao, a practitioner from Yonghe, is originally from Shandong and was married in Taiwan in 1992. In 1998, she became a permanent resident of Taiwan. She started practicing Falun Gong in 1996 while she was still living in Shandong and she began reading Fahui articles in 2004. For ten years she never stopped reading them. Ms. Fu said that every article was so touching, especially this year's articles which focused on clarifying the truth. She believes that Mainland Chinese practitioners have followed Master's Fa to save people. After reading the articles she feels that there is a big distance between her and Mainland Chinese practitioners, and she needs to catch up.

The article "Rescue Regardless of Age," was an article about a 90-year-old practitoner. Regardless of age, she says we should follow Master to save people, "I'm not concerned about how old I am. I know Master requires us to save people and I am Master's disciple and I wish to follow Him. Master spreads Dafa and saves people, regardless of their age, and we should do the same.” Her daughter in-law prepared a bag filled with truth-clarifying materials. This practitioner's feet were bound when she was a small girl, yet she carried the heavy bag of materials to various cities and villages nearby. She did not give up on anyone, and asked them all to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

The author recalled, "Many years ago my feet were bound, so I had to walk with a cane and carry a heavy bag of materials to clarify the truth to village people, one after another. If I didn't practice Falun Dafa, I would not have had the strength or energy to do this.” She said, “Master asked me to save people. I need to do this since I am a practitioner and I follow Master.” Ms. Fu Chengyao said, “I was so touched by her pure heart.”

The article, "I Finally Fulfilled the Dream of Cultivation" begins, "In 1999, at the age of 80, I finally could cultivate in Falun Dafa. After waiting for so many years, I am truly blessed. Finally, this moment has become a reality, and I had the opportunity to become a practitioner in the Fa-rectification period. With Master and Dafa we have a glorious and happy life!" Because Ms. Fu grew up in the environment under communist atheism, she had an extra deep understanding of this article. She said, "After practicing Dafa I discovered that deities truly exist.” She was more fortunate than many because her parents believed in gods. Unfortunately she experienced the Cultural Revolution, so she witnessed the Chinese regime destroying traditional Chinese culture.

Becoming Diligent with Righteous Thoughts

Ms. Su Yue started to practice Falun Gong in February 2013. Her daughter's school principle introduced the practice to her. She began working as a teacher in her daughter's school. She has read every article posted on Minghui. She feels that practitioners in Mainland China are so great because they cultivate so firmly and clarify the truth to people in such a severe environment!

In “I Am So Grateful: How I Restarted My Cultivation,” the practitioner shared her cultivation experiences in following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance unconditionally no matter how difficult. If someone can cultivate in Dafa, that's their greatest fortune, and nothing can stop them. Cultivation is not difficult. Ms. Su said, “In Taiwan which is a free environment, it is easy to be lazy. Reading Minghui Fahui articles urged me to cultivate diligently.”

In “I Will Do Whatever Master Requires of Me,” the writer is over 70 years old. She writes, “In my cultivation, I don't have high understandings of the Fa. I only have one thought, which is to do my best with whatever Master asks.” Regarding computer technical issues, she learned how to make beautiful truth-clarifying materials. She compassionately contacted her fellow practitioners no matter whether they were in jail or persecuted into homelessness. She found them and encouraged them to be more righteous, and those practitioners gradually became active in clarifying the truth. The practitioner mentioned that the cultivation path was already prepared, so just doing what we should do is not that difficult. Ms. Su said, “All this encouraged me. As a Dafa disciple, there is no excuse not to meet the requirements.”

Mainland Chinese Practitioners Clarify the Truth Diligently

Mr. Jiang Lianquan works as a Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation technical staff employee. In 2002, his wife Yulun become a different person after practicing Falun Gong, and her xinxing improved. He decided to practice Falun Gong as well. He reads the Fahui articles every year. He feels that Mainland Chinese practitioners are very positive and steadily clarify the truth and save people. Once they realize that there is something they need to do, they go for it without any other complex ideas.

Mr. Jiang said, "Every article is impressive and profound. Every article is very touching. In 'Cultivate Diligently While Doing Technical Support,' the practitioner shared how she got rid of the attachment of not liking others, as well as showing off, jealousy and doing things. She shared how to improve her xinxing. The article was very impressive. I had a similar attachment in my technical work. Also, in 'Improving Myself by Helping Others' and 'Cultivating with the Heart You Once Had,' it was mentioned that a practitioner read the Fa with another practitioner who suffered illness karma. She understood that reading the Fa with a pure heart and with attention to detail is being respectful to Master. These two articles are related in technical content to the project that I am involved with. I've gained a deeper understanding and will improve my xinxing.”

“They Don't Have Fear”

Lixin, a young woman from Sichuan, started practicing Falun Gong in October 1997 after being introduced to it by her mother. She was originally vain, had longings, and liked to be entertained. She ran around all day outside, dressed to the nines and wearing too much makeup. But she became tranquil and elegant after practicing Falun Gong. She married in Taiwan in June 1999 and was an ideal wife. She began introducing Falun Gong to elderly people. She gained a different understanding after reading the annual Fahui articles. She said, "This year I noticed that Mainland Chinese practitioners do not have an attachment to fear. These articles are different from prior years, where practitioners used to get rid of fear when doing the three things. This time, they don't have fear at all. They have strong righteous thoughts to clarify the truth and help people understand the Fa."
Police Chief: “I Quit the CCP with My Real Name”

Lixin cited the article "Rescuing Fellow Practitioners and Saving Policemen" as an example of practitioners' lack of fear. Regardless of their social status, practitioners cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to save people. During the process of interacting with practitioners, policemen's attitudes have changed, from not listening to listening to the truth and asking questions. In one article, practitioners resolved the police chief's misunderstanding of Dafa and saved him. They saved the National Security Bureau leader and helped the deputy chief get rid of his indifference.

There is an article about an older practitioner's experience. She clarified the truth to the police chief. The policeman said some negative things, and she used the truth to resolve his questions. The director became clear and agreed to withdraw from the CCP. The practitioner told him, “I will help you and give you an alias to quit the CCP.” He said, “I would like to use my real name to quit the CCP!" Lixin remarked, "I can tell Dafa disciples have cultivated very solidly and cultivate compassion. They are in a state of a god's mercy to help this person fully understand, wake up, and be rescued."

Minghui Articles Are Good References

For years, the Minghui China Fahui has been a global event for practitioners. The articles' depiction of cultivation, practitioners' understandings and persistent efforts to save people are good references for overseas disciples. Taiwanese practitioners live in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Seeing the practitioners in Mainland China in such a tough environment maintaining their righteous thoughts and righteous behavior is very encouraging. They follow Master's advice to help and encourage each other to be more diligent.