(Minghui.org) Ms. Xuan Xiaomei was sexually harassed by a police officer at the Shangfangshan Brainwashing Center, where she had been taken on October 15, 2013.

“I've never encountered such a shameless person in my whole life,” said Ms. Xuan. “Are all the police officers like that? It is hard for me to repeat his words. It made me sick.”

Shameless Act of a Police Officer

Ms. Xuan went to bed early on November 1, 2013. Seven police officers, four male and three female, including Huqiu District 610 Office deputy head Zhou Fengqiu and Tong'an Police Station director Wei, entered her cell at 9:00 p.m.

Wei cursed and slandered Falun Gong and insulted Ms. Xuan. One middle-aged male officer, reeking of gin and other foul odors, went up to Ms. Xuan and stood by her bed. He tried to pull her out of the bed, claiming he wanted to give her an orange. Ms. Xuan refused.

The officer tried to pull her blanket away while Ms. Xuan held on tightly. The officer then climbed onto the bed and lay on top of her. He said a lot of obscene and dirty things to her while holding her tightly. This lasted quite a while. Ms. Xuan was scared and cried. She pushed him away with all her strength, sat up, and put on her jacket.

He then said, “If you don't sign the guarantee statement, I will strip you naked. Are you going to sign or not?” He then slapped Ms. Xuan's face with a book, yelling, “Are you going to sign or not? … Are you going to stamp your fingerprint? If not, I will smear this ink on your nose.”

Two other officers pressed down Ms. Xuan, grabbed her hand, and stamped her fingerprint on a document in which she promised not to distribute informational pamphlets about Falun Gong and not to contact other practitioners. The 610 Office deputy head Zhou Fengqiu said, “You will be sentenced to six years in prison if you don't sign or fingerprint.”

Arrested and Home Ransacked

Ms. Xuan was handing out informational material about Falun Gong in Tong'an Town, Suzhou City, at around 8:00 a.m. on September 19, 2013. Four police officers approached her and pushed her down to the ground. They searched her body and confiscated her keys, then took her to the Tong'an Police Station.

The officers pushed Ms. Xuan down to the floor and took photos of her. When Ms. Xuan resisted, they stepped on her head and took photos anyway. She was later interrogated.

Another group of officers broke into Ms. Xuan' home and ransacked the place. The police confiscated a laptop, a printer, two cellphones, 28 phone cards, Falun Gong books, photos of the founder of Falun Gong, DVDs, and other personal belongings. Ms. Xuan was released at 9:30 p.m.

Arrested Again and Taken to a Brainwashing Center

Ms. Xuan's son went to her home on October 15, 2013 and demanded that she go to the police station right away. He had been threatened by the police and planned to take his mother to the police station. Ms. Xuan refused.

The son called the police. Four officers came and arrested Ms. Xuan at home. Ms. Xuan was again taken to the Tong'an Police Station and interrogated. They asked, “Who paid for the meals you had with practitioner Lu Linmei? You are illiterate and don't know how to use a computer. Who gave you these pamphlets? We'll let you go home if you make a confession. Say something! We have our ways to make you talk.” Ms. Xuan remained quiet.

Ms. Xuan was taken to the Shangfangshan Brainwashing Center. She refused to say a word during the first 10 days. The officers then brought her daughter and son to the brainwashing center to pressure her out of fear for the family's safety. The son shouted, “You (officers) handcuff her and shackle her. Don't give her a meal, only pickles!” The daughter said, “You don't want us. I don't want you either.” Ms. Xuan said, “I did not commit any wrongdoings. Falun Gong teaches us to be good people. It is not me who committed crimes, it is them.”

Ms. Xuan was released on November 4, 2013, after being held at the brainwashing center for 21 days. She was arrested and detained without due process. The confiscated items have not been returned.

Parties involved in the persecution:

Zou Fengqiu, chief of the Huqiu Domestic Security Division and deputy head of Huqiu 610 Office: +86-13912648728 (Cell), +86-512-65319942 (Home)
Tong'an Police Station: +86-512 66063110