A Television Station Chief's Greeting: “Falun Dafa Is Good!”

In 2000, eight practitioners in my county were detained at the police station after appealing on behalf of Falun Dafa on Tiananmen Square. Our arrests made the news county-wide. Representatives from the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, the police department, and the county television station came to interview me. They attempted to make me say something bad about Falun Gong, which I refused to do.

After being released from the forced labor camp, I decided to explain the facts about Falun Gong to the television station employees in person and to advise them not to participate in the persecution. I brought several CDs with information about Falun Gong for the editors and reporters I knew. I told them not to report negative news that slandered Falun Gong, and I also showed the station chief how the self-immolation on Tiananmen Square had been staged.

Since my office is next to the television station, I often run into the station chief. We have become familiar acquaintances. Whenever we meet, I tell him about Falun Gong activities abroad. He has gradually understood the facts. Now whenever he runs into me, he greets me by saying, “Falun Dafa is good!”

The Director of the 610 Office Avoids Me

During the first two years of the persecution, Wang, assistant section chief of the Political and Security Section of the local political department, frequently arrested and harassed Falun Gong practitioners. On December 23, 1999, Wang and the police squad stormed into and ransacked my home. During that period, many fellow practitioners were arrested, detained, persecuted, and fined. Their homes were ransacked. Wang was promoted to assistant director of the 610 Office and later became director of the 610 Office.

After my release from the forced labor camp, I resumed my job. One day I came across Wang at a street corner. He stopped his motorcycle and said, “I guess you no longer practice Falun Gong.” I said, “Why shouldn't I? Falun Gong is legal; your persecuting Falun Gong violates the law. You and your family would be better off if you stopped persecuting Falun Gong.” He left dejected.

Later, when Falun Gong was persecuted in our county, we published their phone numbers and details on the Minghui website. On sensitive days when Wang came to interrupt me in my office, I reported him on the Internet and informed and clarified the facts to his wife. He was a bit embarrassed.

Once when Wang saw me, he threatened, “If you report me on the Internet again, I will have you arrested and sentenced to prison!” I said, “How can you still dare to persecute Falun Gong? Aren't you afraid of karmic retribution!? You know the Domestic Security Division captain and the Police Department deputy director had an auto accident.” I added, “Not only should you not take part in the persecution, but you should also make amends for your crimes and withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party to secure your safety.” Wang said, “How dare you ask me to withdraw from the Party!” He turned his car around and took off.

A former classmate of mine was the head of the county Political and Legal Affairs Committee. While on my way to the third floor to clarify the facts to him, I ran into Wang, who was on his way out. He was surprised and asked, “What are you doing here?” I told him I wanted to see the party secretary. He said, “He is out on business.” I wanted to get in to send forth righteous thoughts. Wang said, “We are having a meeting, we are not receiving anybody.” He would not let me in.

Because practitioners both inside and outside of China report the authorities' evil deeds and clarify the facts, the authorities dare not openly persecute Dafa practitioners as much as before. Now whenever Wang sees me out in public, he swiftly passes by without looking me in the eye.

Store Owner: “I'll Help You Pass Out Falun Gong Fliers”

Dafa practitioners should do the three things well. Although I do not do them well enough, I have integrated them into my daily life. Distributing fliers and clarifying the facts have become part of my daily routine. Each day on the way work and going home, I often fill my small backpack with fliers so that I can distribute or glue them on both sides of the street whenever possible. I've distributed informational materials to almost all the stores in the area. In the past two months, I have distributed fliers to all the stores in my county capital. Some store owners have gotten to know me.

One grocery store owner wanted fliers whenever he saw me. He'd say, “Do you have something new for me to read, a booklet, newspaper or CD? I want to read them, and after that, I will pass them on to somebody else. You can rest assured that I will not tell the police, but you must be careful for your own safety!”

I thanked him and asked him to quit the Party for his relatives and friends for their security and peace of mind!

A Villager Asks for Information about Quitting the CCP

After printing new informational booklets, we began distributing them in the surrounding villages every weekend. While delivering them, it seemed that the villagers were anxiously awaiting the facts and wanting to be saved.

In one village, a fellow practitioner and I were distributing brochures door to door. A big backpack full of brochures was quickly emptied. Just as we were leaving the village, one villager startled us. He caught up to us and asked, “Do you still have the booklet about quitting the Chinese Communist Party?!” We were quite moved by what he said. It warmed our hearts.

The sun was scorching that afternoon. We were tired and hungry after passing out all the fliers. Our feet were sore after walking for miles, so we sat by the street, waiting for a car to pick us up. We waited and waited, but nobody came by. I thought that, as long as we regarded clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings as our first priority, Teacher would certainly arrange for someone with a predestined relationship to pick us up. Just then a big truck stopped and picked us up. On the way, we explained the facts about Falun Gong to the driver and helped him quit the Party.

Walking on the path of assisting Teacher's Fa-rectification and saving people by telling them about Falun Gong and the persecution, the farther we go, the smoother it gets and more clear-minded we become!