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I was once a company's department manager. I have been practicing Dafa for over 15 years. From a life of misery, with physical disabilities and a lot of illness karma, I became a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, and I have steadfastly walked the path of Fa-rectification and saving people. I feel like the luckiest person in the entire universe. This was all possible through revered Master’s arrangement, through great endurance, and through arduous hardship and sacrifice. I wish to share my cultivation journey with Master and fellow practitioners.

Enduring Hardship in My Early Years

When I was two years old, I was struck with a high fever and became paralyzed and bed-bound. It was six months before I learned to stand and walk again. However, my legs had become shriveled and deformed, making walking very difficult.

For as long as I could remember, I was always cold from the waist down, with complete numbness in my feet. If I walked just a bit longer than usual, my legs would ache severely and swell. No medicine could relieve the discomfort, only soaking my legs in hot water helped.

I didn’t dare expose myself to cold, including eating cold or raw food, being under a fan, or washing in cold water, as it would cause my joints, bones, and even my muscles and head to ache.

The Western medicines that I took could not cure me nor ease my discomfort. Eventually, the long-term use of Western medication weakened me and caused another serious illness that led to hospitalization and surgery. I started taking traditional Chinese medicine along with the Western medication, which made me slightly stronger.

In 1969, doctors discovered that my basal metabolism was lower than that of a healthy person, and my organs were all smaller than normal.

That year, I developed severe generalized body swelling and had to be hospitalized. The hospital’s head doctor could not identify the cause. When he learned of my medical history, he told me that I was a very unique individual. In his thirty-plus years of medical practice across China, he had never encountered a patient with my condition who had achieved so much and had even graduated with a university degree.

Despite my poor health, I continued to work because I held a managerial position in an important department. Eventually, the stress from work and office politics took a toll on my health, and in 1993 I filed for early retirement.

Immense Changes to My Body and Soul after I Truly Cultivate Dafa

In the winter of 1997, a former classmate with whom I had lost contact visited me. She shared wonderful stories about Dafa’s spread throughout China and even brought Dafa books, Master’s video lectures, and tapes of the exercise music for me. From that day on, I started practicing Dafa.

When I first started doing the exercises, I would get tired from standing for a short while and had to take frequent breaks to sit down. I wondered if I would be able to endure for the entire exercise. That night I dreamed that my shriveled legs expanded to become full and healthy. When I woke up, I could still feel that expanding sensation in my legs. I realized that Master was encouraging me to endure in my cultivation.

Through constant Fa study, I elevated significantly in my xinxing. Seeing that I persisted in my cultivation, Master began eliminating my illness karma and readjusting my body.

During the process of cleansing my body, I suffered from a toothache for eight months. Two months after my teeth started hurting, I couldn’t take it anymore and, urged by my family, I took a few painkillers. But instead of alleviating the pain, half of my tooth broke off. This time I understood more clearly that I should follow Master’s Fa and must learn to bear suffering. From then on, I bore every single discomfort from the elimination of my karma without taking medicine. Gradually, my bodily discomforts began to fade away, and when my tooth stopped hurting, I felt a lightness of body that I had never experienced before.

My neighbor was a doctor where I worked. When she saw how much my health improved after I began practicing, she told our colleagues, “See, she practices Falun Gong and her health was restored.” This had a good impact on the people at work in terms of validating the Fa.

Throughout the past 15 years of cultivating Dafa, I always make sure that I do the exercises and study the Fa every day without fail. Over time, my chronic cough, cold intolerance, headaches and insomnia, and other physical discomforts and ailments all disappeared. I started looking younger, and my wrinkles even disappeared. I was always joyful and happy. My neighbors said no one would have noticed my limp unless they looked closely. The miraculous powers of Dafa manifested themselves in my body.

In July 2000, I was illegally arrested in a park. At the police station, I told an officer about the miraculous changes I experienced after practicing Dafa. After listening to me, he said he would make arrangements for me to be released so that I could return to work the next day. He made several trips between the police station and the various authorities to negotiate my release, and with Master’s support and my righteous thoughts, I was released and sent home within 24 hours.

In April 2007, through a tip-off by some bad people, I was arrested and taken to a detention center. The officers on duty that night did not want to accept me when they saw that I had difficulty walking, but the officers from the police station were insistent that I be detained. So I told the officers at the center my experiences in cultivating Falun Gong and also asked Master to support and protect me. I sent righteous thoughts to keep the officers from persecuting me.

During the 15 days I was there, I did the exercises, sent righteous thoughts, and clarified the truth constantly. Subsequently, I heard from my family that the head of the police station was very unsettled after receiving the report about sending me to detention center. He called up my family in the middle of the night to apologize repeatedly and ask for their forgiveness.

In 2009, the truth-clarification material production site that I had been to was damaged by the authorities, and I was implicated. The Domestic Security officers who were investigating me made inquiries at my workplace. They learned that I wasn’t a Party member and was crippled, but they also learned that I was the manager of an important department.

One of the officers asked me incredulously how I had landed such a position. I told him about the miracles that had happened to me and that my Master was protecting me. I said that I hoped he would let me go and not persecute those who are protected by heaven. I also asked Master for support to help me get out and to stop the evil from persecuting me further. In the end, it was this curious officer who decided to let me go the very next day and to have someone take me home.

Steadfast Faith in Master and the Fa

Just 18 months after I began practicing, the CCP began its persecution of Falun Gong. Public practice sites were no longer possible, so I did the exercises and studied the Fa daily at home. When I saw people I knew, I would tell them that Falun Gong was the most effective way to attain the best health and that it taught people to be good. I knew that Dafa is good and Master is the greatest and most compassionate. I would forever remember that Master had saved my life and brought me onto the path toward divinity.

Distributing Truth-Clarification Material

Before going out to do Dafa activities, I recite Master’s Fa, such as “Nothing Kept,” “Benevolent Might,” and so on. If I have fears or hesitation I repeatedly recite the Fa, and then ask Master for reinforcement and protection. I send righteous thoughts until I finish and reach home.

I mostly distribute materials but also deliver them to practitioners. Sometimes, practitioners want a lot of materials, and getting in and out of the car or up and down the stairs isn’t easy for me. But I believe that Master’s Law Body will help me, and so I say silently, "Master, please help your disciple! Thank you, Master!" With that, the load will really feel less heavy, and my step lighter.

In order for more people to learn the truth, I distribute materials on a large scale. I always have some with me whenever I go out and search for opportunities to distribute them. During the first few years of the persecution, I distributed materials at night and have basically covered all the streets and roads in my area. Recently, I started distributing at farmers' markets during the day. In the past two years or so, I have even started going to farmers' markets some distance away to distribute. To ensure that people are more likely to accept what I am handing them, I wrap it in opaque plastic packages. After distributing all my materials, I hang around the market and buy groceries, so that if anyone has dropped a brochure, I pick it up and redistribute it to reduce waste.

Miracles Happen after Falling Down - Twice

On New Year's eve in 2001, I went to a nearby street to distribute materials. This street was paved very carelessly with broken, sharp stones and clay bricks. It was also very poorly lit, and one had to be careful not to trip and fall on the sharp stones. Just after I had pushed the first piece of material under one of the doors, I slipped on a clay brick. I gave a shout of surprise, but when I fell, it felt as if I had landed on a bed of cotton. Slowly and lightly, I ended up sitting on the ground.

I walked over to a well-lit street and had a look at myself, but I didn’t find any injuries, nor did I feel any pain. I used to fall down a lot, but never had I experienced such a beautiful feeling. I knew that benevolent Master had been protecting me.

One night in February 2008, I was leaving to visit a practitioner’s home. While going down the stairs from my apartment, the lights suddenly went out and I slipped. I should have fallen down the stairs and crashed into the opposite wall, which is covered with water and gas pipes. The sharp edges of the pipes could have caused severe injuries. Instead, I made two sharp turns as I fell and crashed into the metal door gate of another apartment. I came to my senses and thought to myself that Master was protecting me and I would be fine. I moved a bit and didn’t feel any pain. I just felt a bit groggy and fatigued. There was no one around, so I got up and slowly walked back to my apartment.

When I woke up the next day, I didn’t find any injuries, swelling, or pain. I said to myself that Master had saved my life again, and I thanked Him.

After doing the exercises in the morning, I stayed at home to rest and study the Fa. My son asked, “You usually go out in the mornings. Why are you at home today?” I told him that I had fallen the night before, and I wanted to rest. He said, “Oh, so it was you who fell. I heard a frightening crash last night, like a large melon hitting a metal gate.” My husband also said, “I didn’t realize that the person who fell was you.” He told me he had been playing mahjong in the apartment opposite to the one I had crashed into, and they were startled by how loud the crash was. I really thank Master for saving my life again!

The following day, I went to the market to buy groceries. I bumped into some neighbors and colleagues along the way, who asked me why I had started going out so soon. They said that I should rest for a few more days at home before going out again. I said that I practiced Falun Gong and was protected by my Master, so I would be fine. This incident was an opportunity for my colleagues and neighbors to witness the extraordinary greatness and fortune of practicing Falun Gong.

A Fire Helps People Understand the Truth

In the latter half of 2001, the CCP stepped up its persecution of Falun Gong, and the persecution became even more severe in our district. Representatives from the residential committee and my employer came to me several times to order me to stop practicing Falun Gong. Each time, I would clarify the truth to them and refuse to sign any declarations against Falun Gong. When they returned, I refused to see them and let me family speak to them instead. I stayed in the house and sent righteous thoughts to clear away the evil elements that were persecuting me. If they refused to leave, I asked Master for help so that they would leave, and they would really leave in a couple minutes.

I continued to distribute materials, study the Fa, and practice the exercises. At the end of the year, the police tried to coerce me into writing a declaration against Falun Gong by cutting the wages and bonuses of my employees. This made many of the employees very resentful toward me.

Just as I was worrying about this, during the Chinese New Year holidays in 2002, I accidentally started a major fire at home. I didn’t know that repairs were being made to some of the gas pipes outside, and when I lit a match to light a fire, the gas meter exploded. Because the gas meter in my home was set to a high output, the fire was too large to put out with water. As the fire grew, we got even more anxious that it would cause a mass explosion.

The road was too narrow for the fire engine to enter our compound to put out the fire. Moreover, the meter switch, which had not been used in some time, was so greasy and slippery that it seemed impossible to switch it off. Now the fire was so large that no one dared to go and try to switch off the meter. Just then, an elderly neighbor shouted at me to go switch off the meter, so without much thought, I climbed onto a high stool and managed to switch the meter off, putting out the fire. Everyone gave a sigh of relief and went back inside.

That afternoon, representatives from the gas company came to inspect the fire aftermath. They were surprised that, despite the explosion and how long the fire had burned, there had not been any mass explosion nor any major loss of property. In this situation, the gas company was required to compensate us, and they offered to pay for me to see a psychologist.

But I thought to myself that this fire wasn't a disaster because Master had been looking after us, and not only was it to protect our lives and property, it was also to let the people witness how Falun Gong practitioners are protected by gods. As a Dafa disciple, I should let go of my attachment to material things and shouldn’t take advantage of the gas company. I declined the gas company’s offer with my thanks.

They also offered to pay my medical expenses, and when I declined, saying that I had not been injured, they were in such disbelief that they kept grabbing my hands to inspect for injuries themselves.

Since the fire, CCP agents no longer come to tell me to stop practicing Falun Gong or to write any declarations. I am immensely grateful to our esteemed and compassionate Master. When Master saw that I was about to be faced by a huge calamity, he benevolently resolved it and turned it into an opportunity for people to witness the power and goodness of Dafa, and ultimately gave me a freer environment to cultivate in.

Opposing the Persecution with Righteous Thoughts

In 2008, I was arrested by the domestic security division and imprisoned in a detention center. Two days before being interrogated, the prisoners told me that there were nine other practitioners there. They had been brought in one after the other, as each newly detained practitioner reported the next one’s name. The person who had reported me was still in the detention center.

I told myself again and again that I couldn’t allow more practitioners to be persecuted and that I must protect my fellow practitioners. This vicious chain was going to end with me.

I spent all my time reciting the Fa that I could remember, doing the exercises, and sending righteous thoughts. I asked Master to strengthen me and eliminate the evil that was persecuting me. At the same time, I looked within to find the attachments that had been exploited by the old forces, and also clarified the truth to the inmates. Every day I said silently to Master: "I am Master’s Dafa disciple and will only walk the path that Master has arranged. I reject any other arrangement, and I forbid the old forces from persecuting me. I am not supposed to be here, and I have not finished my mission in Fa-rectification. I want to leave as quickly as possible to complete my mission."

When they interrogated me, the authorities from the domestic security division said that my case was a major one and the evidence against me was great, and that I could easily be sentenced to several years in jail. They also said that, since I was physically disabled and appeared very kind, they would not coerce me and would allow me to speak my mind. I knew that Master was giving me the courage and wisdom to do what was right. So I calmed my emotions, and, as the interrogators read out several dozen allegations against me, I replied calmly that I was not aware of them. They repeated the allegations several times, but I did not waver in my conviction.

When they saw that I was unshaken, the authorities refused to give up. One day, they brought in the person who had reported me to get him to testify against me and trap me. I saw through their ploy, and before they could get near me I loudly gave the informant a piece of my mind. I said that he had an unkind heart and had reported someone whom he did not know personally. I advised him to turn over a new leaf and didn’t give him a chance to talk back. My righteous stance intimidated the police, and they took the informant away without another word.

Towards the end, the interrogators told me to write a report detailing my terms. I felt that Master was giving me the chance to have the authorities release me, or they would never have asked for my terms.

I wrote that practicing Falun Gong had transformed me from a crippled, physiologically underdeveloped, and sick person into a healthy and good person. I had to continue to practice, and I demanded that the authorities release me. That night, I dreamed that I was walking down a main street decorated with lights and bustling with noise, as though people were celebrating a festival.

On the 14th day the interrogators told me that they had planned to send me home the next day, but there would be some delay as the officers from the police department had just gone on their annual leave. The next day, I heard the sound of magpies singing outside my window, and this continued up to the day I was released. The inmates remarked that someone must be going home, as the magpies had come to bear the good tidings. I thought to myself that they must have come for me, and I thanked Master for His encouragement. I then put a stop to my attachment to being overjoyed and continued to recite the Fa, do the exercises, and send righteous thoughts and clarify the truth.

The very next afternoon after the end of the annual vacation, the authorities sent me home with just a two-year probation. They said that my case was quite unusual. When the police made inquiries at my workplace, my colleagues told the authorities that my family and I were good people and pleaded with the authorities in my favor. The authorities were even more perplexed when they received many phone calls every day asking for my release, such that they couldn’t cope with all the calls. They had never encountered anything like this in the past several years of persecuting Falun Gong. It was as though an invisible force was pressuring them to release me immediately. When I heard this, I knew that this was the work of practitioners who were trying to rescue me.

In 2009, one of the material sites in our district was discovered by the authorities, and I was implicated and arrested again. The domestic security division wanted to detain me, but I recounted to them my miraculous experience from practicing Falun Dafa. This ignited their curiosity and compassion, and after two days they sent me home again. Since then, no police officers have come to harass me.

The experiences of being arrested made me realize that practitioners must constantly remember Master is always by our side and protecting us. We must be steadfast and clear-minded, and not let the evil shake our rock-solid faith in Master and the Fa. When we encounter difficulties, we must first ask Master for protection, and then we should do our best to do things well. Only then can we get through the difficulty quickly and easily.

For the past 15 years of cultivation, although I have experienced many difficult and even dangerous situations, I have never regretted practicing Dafa. I have become more steadfast. From now on, I want to be more diligent in studying the Fa, getting rid of attachments, and saving people to repay Master for His benevolent salvation.

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