(Minghui.org) When a trial was held for practitioners Lu Fengyun, Fei Shuqin, Chen Yan and Jiang Lianying at Yilan County Court on August 21, 2013, court police searched and threatened the practitioners' lawyers in an attempt to stop them from defending the practitioners. As directed by court officials and the district Procuratorate, the court police threatened to hit Mr. Lin Qilei, a lawyer for one of the practitioners. One of the officers said, “We will beat you up after we take off our uniforms.”

Mr. Lin then sued officers Gao Zhenlun and Feng Jianqing for knowingly violating the law and abusing their power. He also requested that they both be fired from their jobs.

Please find below the court brief against the two officers:

Plaintiff: Lin Qilei, lawyer from the Ruikai Law Firm in Beijing Defendants: Gao Zhenlun, male, police officer at Yilan County Court and Feng Jianqing, male, police officer at Yilan County Court

Statement of the case:

The defendants violated the law knowingly and abused their authority. The plaintiff hereby requests that the court find the defendants guilty and dismiss them from the police.

Statement of the facts:

Two lawyers and I went to Yilan County Court to counsel a defendant at 1 p.m. on August 21, 2013. We were stopped at the gate by five police working at the court, including officer Gao Zhenlun and officer Feng Jianqing from the district Procuratorate. They insisted on searching our bags.

Feng pointed at us and said, “You are going to be searched. Leave if you don’t want to be searched.”

Feng challenged us to a fight outside the courthouse. Officer Gao said to the lawyers: “Who knows what you are carrying in your bag? What if it is dynamite? I have seen too many like you. I will beat you up after I take off my uniform.”

Then, deputy director of the court Sun Boqing and presiding judge Zhang Anke appeared. After listening for a while, judge Zhang told the lawyers that they could take out their cell phones, cameras and recording equipment. Then officer Feng interrupted yelling, “You must be searched.”

I said: “Judge Zhang said we need only take out our cell phones, cameras and recording equipment. You don't have the authority to search or remove anything from my bag.”

Gao insisted on searching our bags, and said that he was following internal court rules. We said, “You are violating the law. You keep saying that you are following regulations. Then why don’t you show us your internal regulations.”

Gao was unable to provide any documentation, and became very angry. He yelled at the lawyers and said: “Judge Zhang Anke is not my boss. If I don’t have this uniform on, I would…” He pointed at me and said, “This is the regulation. Go sue me if you want to. Enter or leave.” I responded by saying, “I have the right to be here.”

Gao came at me with his fists, but luckily, someone pulled him back.

The Yilan County Deputy Director Sun Boqing was present and did not step in to prevent his subordinates from violating the law.

The court and Procuratorate should be held responsible for the incident and should apologize to us publicly.

The two defendants violated the law and damaged the image of the court. Officials from the courts and district Procuratorate at all levels have publicly stated that they would discipline their teams if needed.

We ask that the provincial and city courts, as well as the district Procuratorate, initiate an internal investigation of these two people regarding their abuse of authority and violation of existing Chinese law.

Both said that they wanted to take off their uniforms and beat us up. We request that they be fired from their positions.

We would appreciate that you keep us abreast concerning the above and/or any internal investigation into the incident, so that we can determine our future actions.

Plaintiff: Lin Qilei