(Minghui.org) With the height of the tourist season over in Europe, there are less tourists from China around. However, the low season, from November to March, is when high-ranking Chinese officials usually travel to Europe because they can often claim their travel expenses using the budget allotted to them.

A party secretary says, “Please send my regards to your Teacher. I hope that Falun Dafa will spread far and wide.”

When a volunteer from the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) saw two middle-aged Chinese men sitting on a bench, he walked over and started a conversation with them about the Bo Xilai case. The volunteer said, “Today, the decision will be announced on Bo's appeal,” and also mentioned that Bo's real crimes were organ harvesting of living Falun Gong practitioners and a conspiracy to seize power. He then went on to say, “Bo could have been given the death sentence for either of these crimes, but the CCP is too concerned about ruining its own image that it won't expose the real crimes.” The two men nodded in agreement as he spoke. The volunteer then ended the conversation by saying, “You should save yourselves by quitting the Party.” Both men agreed to quit the CCP.

At that time, an elderly man walked out from a gift shop. One of the men said to the volunteer, “That is our Party Secretary.” The volunteer then gave the party secretary a copy of the Epoch Times newspaper. The party secretary told the volunteer that he had seen the newspaper before in Germany, and asked him if he could have the copy of the special issue that he had in his hand. He said to the practitioner: “You may not know many things about the Party, but I do. That is why I have already withdrawn from it.”

When the volunteer asked how he had quit the Party, he replied, “I haven't been paying the Party fees or participated in any Party activities for years.” The volunteer was quick to tell him: “That is not a complete withdrawal because you swore that you would give your entire life to the Party when you joined it. I can use an alias to do the withdrawal for you on the Epoch Times website. This way, when Heaven decides to eliminate the CCP, you will be safe.” The party secretary replied, “OK! Please do that for me.” Then, in a solemn voice, he said: “Please send my regards to your Teacher. I hope that Falun Dafa will spread far and wide.” As the party secretary was leaving, he waved to the volunteer and told him to take good care of himself.

Two Party members withdraw from the CCP

At a gift shop, a man who looked like he was in his 50s was sitting down while a young man, who appeared to be his bodyguard, stood next to him. A volunteer said to the man sitting down, “You look like a high ranking official.” The man seemed very weary and replied, “No, I am not.” The volunteer said, “I have never made a mistake recognizing high ranking officials from China. However, I must have made a mistake this time.” The man laughed, but didn't say anything. The volunteer continued: “150 million people have now withdrawn from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Quite a large number are high ranking officials, including the provincial, city and county party secretaries. You know a lot more about the Party than I do. Heaven knows everything that humans do. Bo Xilai is a good example of what would happen to an evil individual.”

As the man took a copy of the Epoch Times newspaper from the volunteer, the volunteer continued to talk to him: “You are here for only a short time. When you go back home, you want to be safe. Why not let me use an alias for you to withdraw from the CCP?” The man laughed and said, “OK. That is fine with me.”

The volunteer then asked the bodyguard if he had joined the Party. The man replied that he had, so the volunteer said, “How about I use an alias for you to withdraw too?” The bodyguard said, “That is fine with me too.”

Nineteen people quit the CCP within 20 minutes

One time, a volunteer saw a large group of young Asian tourists stepping off a bus, but couldn't tell what country they were from. The volunteer went over to them and asked if they had come from China. When a young man answered, “Yes,” the volunteer asked if he had heard about the “three withdrawals.” Another young man said that he had heard about it, but said that they were not Party members. Someone else replied, “Who wants to join such a Party?” The volunteer said: “You are right. The Chinese communist regime is very bad. How about allowing me to use aliases to help you withdraw from the Youth League and the Young Pioneers?”

No one objected, so the volunteer began choosing aliases for each person and asked them to confirm that this alias was what he or she wanted to use. When it came to choosing a name for a handsome looking young man, the man smiled and said, “The alias you selected happens to be my real name, but you can use it anyway.” The volunteer laughed and said: “Heaven recognizes this wonderful name. Using it to withdraw means your safety is guaranteed.” The young man then thanked the volunteer, while his girlfriend gladly accepted some truth clarification materials.

The bus was getting ready to leave, but some people still hadn't had a chance to withdraw from the Party. The volunteer gave them all truth clarification materials and told them that they could do the withdrawal at the next tourist area. After the bus left, the volunteer looked at his watch and counted 19 people had quit the Party within 20 minutes.

Tourists from Hong Kong: “We support what you do.”

When a tour group came from Hong Kong, one man said to a volunteer, “Falun Dafa is great! We appreciate what you are doing. There are practitioners in Hong Kong as well.” He then looked at the truth clarification flyers and said, “It is not quite the same as the one in Hong Kong. I'd like one.” He then advised other tourists to take one.

The man said to the volunteer, “You know the CCP is putting in a lot of effort to control Hong Kong even more, and not allowing the people there to have their own government as promised. However, people in Hong Kong are not going to keep quiet about this. They don't like Communism at all. We support people from mainland China who want to quit the CCP. We wish the Party would collapse soon.” He then added, “Although we don't need to withdraw from the Party, we support what you do.”