(Minghui.org) In today's China, corruption runs rampant in all walks of life. Many people use their positions at work to pursue financial gains, resulting in corruption across all levels of the society. Relationships between people are based on profit and personal gains, and they compete against each other. Bonds between family and friends have been discarded, and people have become indifferent toward each other. Why is that? The founder of Falun Dafa explains,

“Without beliefs, human beings would have no moral standards; the human mind would not have good thoughts and it would be overcome by wicked thoughts. The moral values of the human society at that time would decline rapidly. Possessed by wicked thoughts, everyone would become enemies of one another and would stop at nothing to satisfy their selfish desires.” (“What is Mi Xin?” from Essentials For Further Advancement)

I work in the financial sector. Before I became a practitioner, I was a selfish person. Money and personal gains were my priority and I didn't think twice about hurting others. In the early 1990s, I was the department head of a banking school and had the authority to approve vacations and grade examinations. I abused my power and suggested students be thankful, do things for me, and give me gifts. I thought I had great abilities. As a teacher, I was not ashamed of what I did and was proud of my ability to rake in profits.

Cultivating in Dafa, Becoming Healthy, and Taking Fame and Profit Lightly

I became a practitioner in 1993 and learned the principles of the universe, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I realized that man was created by gods and that the theory of evolution is bogus. I also learned that goodness is blessed and evil incurs retribution.

I measured myself against the Fa principles. I knew my bad behavior and poor state of mind had brought about many illnesses, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, and gallbladder inflammation. I looked inward and found many attachments, such as the pursuit of fame and profit and jealousy. I assimilated to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, put others before myself, and became selfless. Once my xinxing level was upgraded, I became healthy and felt very light. Master Li said, “...matter and mind are one thing.” ("Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia") This is why Dafa disciples who truly cultivate do not need to take medicine to recover from an illness.

Because I have let go of the attachments to fame and profit, I no longer behave the way I used to. I get along with others at work, and I am fulfilled and happy. At my job at the banking school and later at the bank, I have done things according to the Fa principles. I worked hard and was recognized as an exemplary employee many years in a row. Later I was sent to a forced labor camp by the authorities, and when I returned to work, I continued to do things according to the Fa principles and was commended at work.

My position as a loan officer is a dream job for many in China. Because I have the authority to lend money, I can benefit greatly from this position. I got this job because other loan officers were greedy and were caught.

There was a case of fraud at the bank where I work. A customer bribed the loan officer with gifts and dinners. They came up with a scheme to create fraudulent loans to make a large profit. The bank would stand to lose millions of yuan. The plot fell through and was exposed. The loan officer used his connections to minimize his punishment and received “nominal expulsion for further examination.”

The bank officials also incurred varying degrees of punishments. Since then, they've been very careful in selecting loan officers. Many people tried to please the bank president but were not offered the position. In 2007, there was a surge in housing loans and thus a shortage of loan officers. The bank officials searched among the bank employees and chose me as a loan officer. They commented, “Although he practices Falun Gong, he is an upright and honest person. He is not greedy and likes to help others.”

When I became a loan officer, I did things according to the Fa principles and eliminated my attachments to fame, profit, and emotions. I tried very hard to conduct myself based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I refused to take anything from the customers and didn't accept their dinner invitations. I often encountered customers who wanted me to make exceptions for them. I turned down those who did not qualify. For those who were qualified to obtain loans, they often wanted to treat me to show their gratitude. I would kindly turn down their offers as well.

I didn't complain and served the customers. For example, we are required to accompany borrowers to the real estate department to process mortgage certificates. Most loan officers are condescending and bossy toward the borrowers, but I treat them kindly and engage in warm conversation with them. I walk with them and don't make them pay for the taxi fare to the housing agencies. Because the mortgage application process is complicated and cumbersome, the borrowers are usually very anxious and worried. I treat them as if they are my relatives and guide them during the process, so that they can quickly obtain the loan.

My enthusiasm at work affects the customers in a positive way. They often want to treat me for a meal, but I always kindly refuse their invitation. They cannot understand why, so I explain to them the principles of being a good person as required by Falun Dafa. Once they understand the goodness of Falun Dafa and the facts about the persecution, and the evilness of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), they gladly withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Putting Others Before Myself While Doing Part-time Secretarial Work

Two years ago, I was asked to handle some secretarial work at the bank and often wrote articles containing Party jargon that praised the CCP. I tried very hard to reduce or eliminate words and content related to the regime. One could hardly notice phrases such as “under the leadership of the Party committee” or “under the direction of the head of the CCP” in my articles. My supervisor submitted my articles to the leadership or read them in meetings without making any changes, thus, reducing the chances of my colleagues being poisoned by the Party culture.

Under the guidance of Dafa, I continue to cultivate and be a good person. I've undergone tremendous transformation, from being a selfish person, to gradually becoming a selfless being who puts others first. Since I let go of the pursuit of fame and profit, I have received much praise from my supervisor and colleagues. For example, the company usually buys us dinner when we work overtime. I would choose the cheapest meal, while my colleagues would always opt for extravagant choices and drinks. My supervisor praises me for doing something practitioners consider trivial.

I often extend a helping hand to my colleagues. They come to me whenever they need help because I respond quickly and I don't complain. I also take care of things at the workplace. For example, I would fix the leaks in the restroom or report the situation to my supervisor. I have also designed and improved the restroom facility. My words and actions have influenced my colleagues and validated Dafa disciples' noble conduct.

Being an Upright Dafa Cultivator

Some readers might ask, “Does your employer know that you practice Falun Gong? Are you really cultivating in an upright manner?”

I can tell you that I am an upright Falun Gong practitioner. The reason why I have a stable job is because I have experienced many tribulations.

Ten years ago, I was released from a forced labor camp. Because I was not “transformed” and never gave up the practice, the officials from the local 610 Office and the authorities monitored and attempted to “transform” me when I returned to work. A year later, I was still practicing Falun Gong, so my superiors ordered me to “transform” or I would lose my job.

My supervisor, who appreciated my work ethic and abilities, sympathized with me. He encouraged me to “transform” so that I could keep the job. I was not moved and clarified the truth about Falun Gong to him. I explained why we are being persecuted and told him about the evil things the CCP is doing. After many discussions, he finally understood the facts about Falun Dafa. He prevaricated to the superiors and helped me keep the job.

The supervisor that helped me was later implicated in a financial scandal. For some strange reason, he was not punished and kept his job and salary. The authorities only questioned his accountability. Many colleagues said that he was very lucky. I am the only one that knows why he was so lucky--he helped a Dafa practitioner and was rewarded.

This is my cultivation experience working in the financial sector. Not only have I benefited from cultivating Falun Dafa, but my employer and the rest of the world have, too.

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