Greetings, compassionate and revered Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I became a Dafa practitioner in 2000, at a time when the persecution was running rampant. As such, I was immensely grateful to Master for this precious opportunity to cultivate.

As the environment has become less harsh in recent years, more and more people with predestined relationships with Dafa are entering the door of cultivation. As a veteran practitioner, I have been doing my best to help newcomers grow and mature in this wonderful practice. Below I report to Master what I have done in this regard.

Four Stroke Patients Become Practitioners

The past two years saw four of my neighbors in the village come to me asking to learn Dafa. They were all stroke victims who had survived but were left with various complications.

Practitioner A

Patient A had partial paralysis on one side of her body after her stroke, and she relied on her family to help her get through the day. She really wanted to be able to take care of herself.

About a year ago I introduced her to Dafa and in just a few days she saw big changes. The swelling on her hands subsided, and she was able to move her fingers without any trouble. Not only did she regain her mobility, but she could also help with certain household chores.

Before she knew it, she was completely healthy. To say her recovery was speedy was an understatement. She was in awe of Dafa’s miraculous power and had hope again.

In the past her family had to hire people to work the fields, but now, with her symptom-free, she did all the field work and household chores herself.

After witnessing her transformation, many others on our village became totally convinced of Dafa’s extraordinariness. Having benefited so much, she never shied away from telling people how Dafa cured her.

Across from her house is the village government office and the security guard often peeked through her door to check on her. She just practiced the exercises in her courtyard openly.

Once the guard asked her what she was doing and she shot back, “Don’t you see I am practicing Falun Gong?” The guard was rendered speechless and left without doing anything to her.

Practitioner B

Patient B suffered from diabetes and the stroke left her with constant leg pain. She had trouble falling asleep at night since her legs hurt so badly and she had to use the restroom frequently.

Amazed with the speedy recovery of Practitioner A, she asked me to help her, too.

Since she lived right next door, I went to her home every day to teach her the exercises.

I got frustrated when she couldn’t remember a single movement and was still confused about the order of the exercises even after two weeks of practice. On top of that, she was illiterate and couldn’t read the Dafa books by herself.

But I didn’t give up on her. I read the Dafa books to her and played Master’s audio teachings to her. She managed to memorize two poems from Hong Yin two months into her practice.

A Christian, her daughter wasn’t too happy with me and often said sarcastic things to me. For a period of time I was really annoyed and wondered if I should keep going. Thanks to my family and fellow veteran practitioners, I calmed down and had confidence again.

Little by little B improved. She had relied on her family for everything in the past, and now she was able to take care of herself and help with some household chores. Her diabetes disappeared and she no longer needed insulin injections and didn't have to worry about diet restrictions. The look of pain on her face was gone and she wore a big smile every day.

Her husband was elated that Dafa gave his wife a new life and couldn't believe the government would defame such a wonderful practice. He told his wife to have no fear and to keep practicing.

Practitioner C

A friend of Practitioner B, patient C had trouble moving the right side of his body after his stroke. After seeing B’s improvement, he expressed to me his interest in learning the exercises as well.

He appeared nervous the first time he came to my home. To my surprise, he was moved to tears when my daughter offered him water and fruit. He told us nobody treated him as a normal person after he had the stroke. Because of his slurred speech, even his own family seldom talked to him and he gradually became withdrawn.

However, he felt warmth and welcomed in my home and was really touched.

I came to see that illnesses not only damage one’s physical body but can also torment a person mentally and ruin his confidence. This made me realize that, when we interact with people in poor health, we should pay attention to details and show that we really care for them.

In less than ten days, his speech became completely normal, and he couldn't stop telling people how amazing Dafa was. In the past he had trouble opening his hands, so his fists were always tightly clenched. But now he could move and use his hands whatever way he wanted. He was also overjoyed to be able to walk by himself again.

His family couldn't have been happier and became very supportive of his practice. They were grateful Dafa relieved them of their duty to take care of him every day.

Practitioner D

Patient D became prone to choking after he had a stroke. Whatever he ingested, including water, could make him choke. Once he had to leave a wedding early because he choked after just a few bites of food.

After witnessing his neighbor C’s improvements, he came to me, too. In just a few days his choking symptoms lessened. His family was very happy and reminded him to come to me every day. He soon was able to enjoy food without choking.

My Family and Fellow Veteran Practitioners Are My Strong Support System

After C showed interest in learning the exercises, I set up a small Fa-study and group exercise site at my home. This way it was easier for me to teach all of them together all at once.

With D joining us later on, I had A, B, C, and D come to my home during the day. We practiced the exercises in the morning and studied the Fa in the afternoon.

At night, I welcomed another group of newcomers to my home for exercises and Fa-study. In addition to the four practitioners who had had strokes, five more villagers became practitioners this year. I felt it was my responsibility to give each of them enough time so they could learn the exercises and Fa-principles better.

Helping new practitioners was not always smooth sailing, but thanks to my family and fellow veteran practitioners, I pulled through.

My daughter did all the chores and my husband ran all the errands, so I was able to devote as much time as possible to new practitioners.

Whenever I felt down and ran into xinxing tests, my fellow veteran practitioners came to my rescue. They’d share their thoughts with me and gently point out my deficiencies. Whenever they had time, they also joined me guiding new practitioners. If I had to go out of town, there was at least one veteran practitioner that covered for me during group study with new practitioners.

New Practitioners Spread the Word of Dafa's Power to Their Families and Friends

All four stroke patients became completely illness-free after they began to practice, and their miraculous recoveries attest to Dafa's power.

Having benefited so much, these new practitioners are determined to cultivate Dafa and share their stories with as many people as possible.

Their families are also immensely grateful, and many quit the Party and its affiliated organizations.

When some of them wanted to treat me to lunch as a token of appreciation, I said, “You should thank our master. Master came to save people. You don’t need to thank me. Just practice well and that would be the best way to repay Master.”

As long as we have strong righteous thoughts and a compassionate heart, we will overcome any interference. It is our mission to help Master save sentient beings, and I will work even harder to tell more people about Dafa.

My deepest respect and gratitude to Master!