(Minghui.org) When I got a copy of the 2009 Shen Yun Performing Arts Show DVD a couple of years ago, I couldn’t wait to get home and watch it.

I was totally awestruck by it. The performers looked so elegant and beautiful and the backdrop was so vivid and mesmerizing. I couldn’t really express how I felt, but I just knew everything was out of this world!

The same night I watched the show I had a dream in which tons of filthy things came out of my mouth. There was so much of it that I had to use my hand to pull it out as fast as I could. It was foul-smelling and disgusting.

When I told my mother about my dream the next day, she said it was a good thing since Master purified my body. By the way, I wasn’t even a Falun Gong practitioner yet, but Master was already taking care of me back then. My body felt extremely light and comfortable, and words couldn’t express my gratitude towards Master.

I was puzzled as to why there was so much filthy stuff inside me in the first place. The mystery didn’t get solved until recently when I began to practice Falun Gong myself.

I suddenly recalled what happened when I was a child, and I came to understand that Master had cleared out all the dirty things I ate as a young boy.

I began to develop an eating disorder when I was about six years old and I would often eat non-food items, including mud, charcoal, lead, and rocks.

My mother gave me some pills to treat my symptoms, and I passed a lot of stomach parasites afterwards. However, I still couldn’t stop eating non-food items. Once my grandpa gave me some money for snacks and I immediately bought five boxes of matches. To me, the matches were absolutely delicious.

As a result of my strange addiction, I was very short compared to children my age, but I had a big belly.

I didn’t break the bad habit until my middle-school years.

Looking back, I knew that Master completely cleansed my body back in 2009 when I first watched Shen Yun.

I am determined to cultivate myself well to repay Master’s grace.