(Minghui.org) Hello Master! Hello fellow practitioners!

When I saw that the 10th China Fahui on Minghui.org was requesting articles, I thought about what I should share. At this time, "responsibility" popped into my head. Here I'll use examples of saving lives to discuss my understandings of responsibility.


We didn't have a materials site in my local area. I encouraged other practitioners to set up a site, which they did, and I became the person responsible for distributing the materials to other practitioners.

During the first few years, we focused our attention on Xi'an City. There was only one practitioner who brought along two others to go to the village. She was arrested in 2007. Another practitioner told me that we should carry on the task, but I felt uneasy about this. When I was little, I had some surgeries on my leg. I couldn't walk up or downhill, but I had still accepted this task.

We produced and delivered the materials ourselves. Sometimes we went to the village. Master was always there in my dreams to encourage me. I felt the need to save people, and felt that I must do it quickly.

Coordination and Teamwork

There were many people in the village who needed to hear the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution. There were also countless villages located far away in the mountains which didn't have a practitioner. Whenever I heard that a practitioner was going to a village, I felt like he or she was going on an adventure.

A couple practitioners lived near me, and they always distributed the materials nearby. I felt like everyone already knew the facts, and I didn't want people to waste materials. I really wanted to help the other practitioners solve this problem. Renting a car to go to the villages wouldn't be safe. I thought to myself that if we had a car, things would be different.

One practitioner that I had high hopes for lived an hour away and had a car. I tried to communicate with him. When I met him, he said that we could spread the information via texts or phone calls. I said that I've always done that and that it would be better if we put the information on a CD. Although he agreed, I felt like he only did so to appease me. He passed them out quickly and seem not to really care.

During that time, I felt so sad that I wanted to cry. Saving people requires teamwork, and requires us to be diligent in the activities we do. I once thought that I was useless because I didn't understand technology.

After that incident, I couldn't find him. Half a year later, I found out that he had been arrested. I knew that I was being overly possessive. I didn't forgive other people's hardships, and I approached saving people like a “job.” I wanted the area to have a better coordinator, a coordinator who would get this all together.

I finally decided to go to the villages with another practitioner. If we continued to do this, then this would be enough.

“In reality, the entire world has been divided up with a piece apportioned to each Dafa disciple.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference”)

I looked on the map on that day. The county had countless villages. No matter how good we did, it would be impossible to visit every village!

After a few years, my fellow practitioner was unhappy with me. She said that I was bossy. I didn't want any attachments to appear, so I dropped everything and listened to her. I knew that her words were to help me eliminate my attachment of neglecting other people's suggestions.

I know that Master gave me this divine job was partially for me to help her. Master said,

“You have to get personally involved, cultivate, and go and put things into action. Working hard is part of your cultivation. You need to think of ways to find the people that you are meant to save. All of these are things that Dafa disciples should do. Make efforts to cooperate well together. If you discover that someone hasn’t done something well, or if during your discussion at meetings certain things aren’t handled well or your idea isn’t adopted, yet you feel that it really is how things should be approached, then, if you can manage to quietly see to it that that thing goes well even though your idea wasn’t adopted, that is being a Dafa disciple.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”)

Sudden Danger

Two other practitioners and I once went to a far away place. When we arrived at the third village, a 30-year-old man riding a motorcycle threatened us, saying he would call the police. He was following us. In a state of panic, we ran into a dead end. I forced myself to calm down. I reminded us that Master was right by our side. We put our palms together in heshi asking, “Master, please help us!”

There was suddenly no sound. Yu and I ran out of the alley. But where's Yao? I was worried for her safety. We circled around but we didn't find her.

At this time, I felt like I was a mirror. I could see what my attachments were through the mirror.

We walked for a couple hours around midnight. Finally, under Master's guidance, I found a person that I knew. I called another practitioner and she said, “I've been looking for you. Yao's doing fine. Just wait there, I'll come and get you.”

I sighed and let it go. After encountering numerous problems, I finally realized why looking within is the only way to overcome hardship. Master said,

“For a cultivator, looking within is a magical tool.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference”)

I had a dream that I was walking along a wide road. However, this road suddenly escalated into the sky, and it was nearly a straight incline. I was so scared that I ran towards the top. However at the end, it was too narrow for me to even walk. At that time of despair, I remembered that I had Master! When that thought came into my mind, everything disappeared and I was no longer afraid. When I woke, I was still scared and the tears were still there.

When you're cultivating, the requirements will slowly become complicated as you move up in levels. If your thoughts are not right, then you could fall into the abyss. Practitioners who truly believe in Master can overcome the hardships.

When I was writing this essay, a practitioner said that she had a feeling of “cultivating as if you were just starting.” I was very inspired by that. Master said,

“...cultivating as if you were just starting will surely result in achieving your ultimate rank.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference”)

I must work harder and not let Master down!

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!