Greetings to Master! Greetings to fellow practitioners!

All my four family members are Falun Dafa practitioners. Naturally, our home has become a group experience sharing site as well as a materials production site. Currently, doing the three things well is the most important thing for Dafa practitioners. I would like to share with practitioners how we have clarified the truth about Falun Gong with mobile phones.

My whole family has clarified the truth by phones for four years. We started by sending text messages and making calls. At the beginning of this project, because of a lack of technical knowledge, we immediately removed the mobile phone batteries after texting for fear of being followed. We had to call one phone number at a time. Each call would take seven or eight minutes. Due to weak righteous thoughts and lack of diligent Fa study, very few people listened to us and only seven or eight people at the most could be reached each afternoon.

Using multimedia messages (MMS) is very expensive. One prepaid phone card did not last long and we had to recharge it monthly. It cost us almost one thousand yuan each time we bought a dozen or so MMS prepaid cards. We bought those cards in various cities. Each card was assigned to one number. It was very safe, and I would send text messages to people in one city with a card I purchased in another city. We found that sending MMS messages yielded great results and that each MMS message is one small truth clarification booklet. The content of the MMS messages we send out is very comprehensive and easily acceptable for people.

Along with the Fa-rectification's progress, some practitioners started to use smart phones at the end of last year. Once programmed, the smart phone will dial automatically. Making phone calls became easier and more effective. This approach was much better for us. We thus utilized our smart phones in bringing about even greater success in this truth clarification project.

We not only intensified our use of smart phones but also recommended it to other practitioners around us at the same time. We helped them purchase smart phones and encouraged them to be more active in saving sentient beings. As of today, we have recommended almost one hundred other practitioners to use smart phones and join us in this project.

We repaired and maintained all broken smart phones. We searched and bought suitable phone cards available on the market for our smart phones. We also bought many prepaid cards because we did not want to pay online to avoid being traced. We then compiled a database of phone numbers, after deleting wrong and invalid numbers, onto a memory card in the smart phone. We are always endeavoring to be more responsive to other practitioner's needs and requests.

Our financial situation is quite tight. Most of our funds are used on truth clarification projects. My daughter is good in programming. She installed programs and maintained the phones. My son-in-law is apt with computers. He helped create automated voice messages and provided computer-related technical services. All smart phones were loaded with the relevant programs, voice messages, and phone numbers before they were delivered to other practitioners. Practitioners can easily use the phones to clarify the truth and save sentient beings because the phones will dial automatically once they are turned on.

We also have taught practitioners around us to patiently and effectively use the smart phones. Some learned very fast and some were a bit slower. For the slow learners, we took time and taught them in a safe place outside over and over until they fully learned the process. In doing so, we improved our capacity to endure and did away with our eagerness-to-do-things.

We always brought with us seven or eight smart phones in order to improve our efforts to save people. However well we do at Fa study is how effective our efforts to clarify the truth are. During that period, we practiced the exercises and studied the Fa in the mornings. If we studied the Fa diligently and improved ourselves from the standpoint of the Fa in the morning, our phone calls in the afternoons would bring about positive results.

I did not study the Fa diligently some time ago. My palm bent over when I sent righteous thoughts. My husband often reminded me that I could not eliminate any evil if I fell asleep. I thought that the evil may even be mocking me. When I was anxious about this problem, I read a practitioner's article stating that this situation could be corrected within a day by reciting the Fa rectification phrases word-by-word and sending righteous thoughts every one hour. I tried it and it worked. Actually, my main consciousness perked up after the Fa removed all vicious factors that interfered with me sending forth righteous thoughts.

I learned that there was another practitioner who had the same problem, but overcame it by doing some extra exercises in the afternoons. I was inspired. Now, I get up one hour earlier every day to meditate for one hour before I join my family for the exercises. Basically, we spend every evening producing truth clarification DVDs, posters, and pamphlets. We have persistently sent righteous thoughts at midnight before we go to bed. As a result, I have been able to persist in studying the Fa, and the effectiveness of sending righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth is also good. I send forth righteous thoughts before and during the time when I make phone calls, as well as before leaving home. Not only do we not stop making phone calls, but we also send forth righteous thoughts on a frequent basis.

There are still many people who want to listen to the truth. During calls, we have felt that sentient beings are urgently awaiting salvation.

To save more people, we have kept many smart phones. One smart phone can call more than ten people in one afternoon. With so many smart phones, we can reach 60 to 70 people a day. If people did not quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after they listened to the truth on the phone, we didn't feel that we fulfilled the project for that day. But we still want to provide them an opportunity because they might not know where or how to quit. We would directly call them from one spare smart phone. And we could only do such after we had studied the Fa and ceased being afraid for our personal safety.

Sometimes we would feel slightly uneasy before the call, worrying that we could be monitored and did not know how to effectively talk to people. We thus downloaded pre-recorded voice messages from articles published on the Minghui website. If a person hung up the phone, we would not be afraid to look within ourselves for causes. The people who hung up would normally have still, at a minimum, heard from our call about the staged Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation stunt, the popularity of Falun Dafa all around the world, and about the cliff face in China bearing the characters: “The Chinese Regime Will Perish.” I first asked them if they had heard about quitting the CCP to save one's life Generally, the answer would be no. I then explained to them in further detail. As a result, some people would quit the CCP.

To avoid interference toward our truth clarification, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil and vicious factors from other dimensions before each call. I also sent the message “Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” into the human dimension.

We sometimes clarified the truth inside a moving vehicle because it is safer this way. I assigned a number to each phone and encouraged them (phones) to race each other on the number of people we could save. Each of us took turns to make calls from a spare phone and the rest sent forth righteous thoughts simultaneously. So far, we had as many as 18 people quit the CCP in an afternoon.

We have talked to many people. Some expressed their appreciation. Some cursed and intimidated us. Some blamed us for an increase in their phone bills. On one occasion, my husband called a Public Security policeman. He criticized my husband, saying the CCP was the one that fed him, so he should not oppose it. My husband responded and said that police officers are also people we wish to save. He further explained to the policeman: “The money you have spent was earned yourself. Besides, you have to pay taxes to support those CCP members who do nothing.” My husband then described how evil the CCP is and how severe the persecution has been. This policeman quit the CCP after understanding the truth.

I called to advise one receiver to quit the CCP one time. He ferociously asked me who I was. Knowing that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner, he started to berate me. I said to him: “You are a kind person. You are predestined to receive this phone call. I am not trying to steal your money. My call is to tell you the truth and to save you.” He immediately became very polite. I seized this chance to tell him: “What you have drank, eaten, and breathed in are poisonous. Under the atheist CCP, the society's morality has slid greatly, leading to this polluted living environment. Also, the CCP staged the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident. While the whole world is investigating the crime of live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners, which is being committed by the CCP's high ranking members, the CCP still tries to lie and cover it up.” After explaining these facts, he quit the CCP with an alias.

Master said:

“Let me tell you, every person in the entire world was at one point part of my family (applause), including the worst people, or else they'd have no chance to be a human being during this time.” (Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

Since all sentient beings were members of Master's family at one time, they are our relatives too. I should not be swayed by their attitude and save them regardless of their social status.

Many people truly understood the truth from the phone calls. Some of them had been bitterly tortured by the CCP. Many immediately quit the CCP right over the phone. The people we called included white collar, farmers, and government employees. In terms of those retired CCP cadres, students, monks, and non-CCP members, we told them to remember that “Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” We urged them to sincerely recite those two lucky sentences and they will be protected during disasters.

We have been able to reach out to a broad segment of society through this project. Some predestined sentient beings had been urgently waiting for the truth. They not only quit the CCP but also wanted to learn Dafa. I told them to contact their local Dafa practitioners. If they could not locate one, I told them to sincerely recite “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and Gods will protect them.

Some people said they stopped paying their party membership fee [so they didn't think they had to formally quit]. Some had been sentenced and persecuted. Some were expelled from the CCP. I said to them that, Gods will only recognize your wish to relinquish the CCP if you formally quit the CCP. As a result, so many people have quit the CCP with an alias.

Some time ago, the outside temperature was reportedly near 40 o C (105 o F) and the ground surface temperature almost reached 66 o C for a few days. The hottest hours were in the afternoon. We started to sweat profusely and it felt difficult to breathe. Our legs felt like they were burning the moment we left home. But my husband and I insisted on clarifying the truth to save people every day. We had to walk almost ten miles around the city sometimes.

Once we found a cool place to stop and make calls, however, much interference followed. Interference such as passers-by unintentionally coming to sit beside us, car horns honking, mosquitos biting, and our throat becoming too painful to talk. Under this circumstance, we could not calm down to make phone calls. Since saving sentient beings is the greatest thing, we thus continuously sent righteous thoughts to remove those vicious interfering factors. Simultaneously, we asked help from Master to let predestined people quietly receive our calls at home. We asked Master to help eliminate any hidden evil forces that tried to prevent people from listening to the truth. The situation then slowly changed. The place became quiet and our minds calm. More and more people agreed to quit the CCP. The itch on our mosquito-bitten legs stopped once we finished our phone calls. The swelling then disappeared after a cold shower at home.

Master said that cultivators in the past needed to wander around in human society. We feel that making phone calls outside is similar. We went to various places rain or shine every day to meet different people and we had to deal with all the negative things people said to us. I felt insulted at the beginning when others yelled at me. I was upset to think that I tried to save this person and he did not appreciate it. I was affected by what other people said and argued with them loudly to subdue their voices.

Master said:

“Let’s say you don’t cultivate well, and you get upset when you run into unpleasant things, even to the point of giving up doing Dafa things, and when someone says a few things you don’t like hearing, you think: 'I just won’t save you, then.' (Laughter) But do you realize, it was for the Fa that they all came here, only they have been turned bad—at the hands of the old forces, bad factors, as well as the red dragon which takes the form of the evil CCP in this world, degenerate beings, Satan, and demons—and imbued with things that denigrate mankind’s traditional, true culture, and imbued with the evil culture of atheism that leads people to 'struggle against' fellow man, the earth, and heaven, and which is intentionally damaging China’s traditional culture—something created by the divine.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa in Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference”)

Thinking of what Master said, I looked inwards to find my shortcomings and persistently sent righteous thoughts. Slowly, my mind calmed down and I no longer felt like I wanted to argue.

If my mind was not stable or I happily thought that I saved one more person today, the person on the other end of the line would hang up as this attachment of elation arose. Also, my truth clarification would not be effective if I was bothered with trifles or if I criticized things that I came across outside on the streets. Only when I thought of nothing but clarifying the truth to save people did my thoughts become righteous and my mind aligned with the Fa. The results were then good. I would write down the phone number when someone sent me a harassing message. I would text him with an MMS message next time.

On one occasion, my husband clarified the truth in the heavy rain. The ground had puddles, but my husband was not wet at all. He spent a lot of time on the phone, but the person still didn't want to quit the CCP. My husband's mind became unsteady and suddenly thought about where he could shelter himself from the rain. As this thought arose, the other party hung up and he got wet by the rain. We later realized that our minds should not be affected by anything, especially when clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings.

While making phone calls on the street one afternoon, we saw a passer-by carrying a commercial paper bag with a message “Work hard and climb up earnestly.” We were greatly inspired, thinking that no matter whether we were studying the “Fa” or making phone calls to save sentient beings, we should work hard and diligently. We should do everything as best as we can, just like how Master does with Shen Yun. We should keep up diligent Fa study, maintain strong righteous thoughts and actions, and hold a steady state of mind. We should comprehensively clarify the truth to sentient beings so they may obtain salvation, and try to save even more people.

We now always have more than ten smart phones in our bag when we leave home. My daughter bought a pair of good quality sandals for my husband. The bottom of the sandals were already worn out before the end of summer We also used up a lot of prepaid cards. I always said “thank you” to the phone cards and told them to remember “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” when I tossed them.

Saving sentient beings is our mission and responsibility. We have faced all kinds of xinxing tests in the truth clarification process. Under the protection of merciful Master, we have come along step by step. As the Fa-rectification progress continuously moves forward, we should be more active in saving sentient beings and fulfill our missions. We will do the three things diligently and go home with Master no matter how long this path is!

Please mercifully correct anything inappropriate in my sharing.