(Minghui.org) Greetings, esteemed Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

Master told us at the end of Zhuan Falun,

“I hope that after you go back home you’ll seize the day to really cultivate.”

What truly amounts to cultivating ourselves? My understanding is that we need to study the Fa well, cultivate ourselves well, speak less, have less negative thinking, and do well the things that Dafa disciples are supposed to do.

Below I want to report to Master the steps I've taken to try to reach Master's requirements.

Studying the Fa More, Studying the Fa Well

Master said:

“Pay attention: no matter how busy you are, you cannot neglect Fa-study. This is what fundamentally assures that you move toward Consummation and do Dafa work well.” (“To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

To study the Fa well is the first of the three things Master requires us to do. I always put Fa study first. No matter how busy I am, I always study the Fa often.

When Master's article “What is a Dafa Disciple” was published, I was surprised at the title. I had been cultivating for more than ten years, but still was not clear on what being a Dafa disciple means.

I felt this was a serious problem, so I read this article every day for 27 days. I then began to understand more of the inner meanings of the Fa and my responsibilities as a true Dafa disciple.

After Master's lecture “20th Anniversary Fa Teaching” was published, I read it every day for 24 days. The inner meanings of the Fa were revealed to me, and I gained a new understanding of why Master has repeatedly told us to study the Fa more.

Master said,

“How you try to be diligent, how you regard the Fa, and how you cultivate--including the length and priority of your Fa study--you can't neglect any of these things, and they are actually more important, for this is your path, the path that you are to take.” (“Teaching the Fa in Canada, 2006,” Teaching the Fa at the Conference VII)

I read the Fa with my family every day. Since 2010, we have increased our study time from two to three hours daily.

Only if we study the Fa well can we have righteous thoughts and save sentient beings effectively. We must eliminate fear in order to do all things well, and studying the Fa can help us eliminate fear. When we study the Fa, we can better understand the Fa principles and believe in Master more.

Running the Family Material Production Site

Our family material production site has been running for ten years. We make comprehensive truth-clarifying materials. In addition, I am also responsible for purchasing accessories for the material sites nearby. At my material site, we have a DVD burner, two inkjet printers and two laser printers, plastic packaging machine, cutting machine, knives for paper cutting, and some equipment to produce books. We can produce almost all of the truth-clarifying materials at home.

Since we produce many kinds of materials, we have many raw materials, finished products, half-finished products, as well as trash. Much of the furniture is full of the things needed for material production. Many rooms are full of equipment. Fellow practitioners often tell me to be careful and hide the equipment. I usually agree with them, but it doesn't get hidden because there is no place to hide so much stuff.

I have told my family not to worry. Yes, our home is different from many others. We have all this equipment and materials here, and there is no place to hide them. But those materials are lives, too. They also came for the Fa and are to be used for Dafa. If we try to hide them all the time, it will be too difficult to produce materials to save sentient beings.

We must study the Fa more, send forth righteous thoughts often, and keep our field pure. As long as we walk the righteous path, old forces cannot interfere with us.

We firmly believe in Master and the Fa. Compassionate Master protects us all the time. Master's photo hangs on our wall; it serves to remind us that Master is watching and protecting us always. A large Falun covers our home, and the evil cannot touch us. We are safe.

Our local area resumed group Fa-study in 2003, and a few of the Fa-study groups now meet every night. We have increased the amount of time we study together, and some groups also get together to do the exercises. This has helped us improve rapidly and cooperate well as a whole.

At the end of 2007, we purchased a manual binding machine, recommended by the Minghui website. In spring 2009, we produced 30,000 copies of the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party and distributed them to all of the homes in our area. Later we upgraded to the automatic binding machine and were able to produce more truth-clarifying booklets.

Every time practitioners go out, they take a big bag of truth-clarifying materials with them. When people see us, they often say: "Here comes Falun Gong! What do you bring us?"

Every Chinese New Year, we distribute more materials, including calendars. They are very popular with most people. Sometimes people on the street help us to distribute materials. We've gone to the countryside, various communities, and many buildings and passed out truth-clarifying materials to tens of thousands of families.

Persistently Exposing the Evil

All of Master's lectures during the Fa-rectification period have emphasized the importance of exposing the evil and stopping the persecution. A large portion of Minghui articles are also related to exposing the persecution. Exposing the evil is not just a one-time thing; we must continue to expose the evil in order for it to be eliminated.

In the “Comment on a Student’s Article” published on November 15, 2003, Master made this point very clear. In my understanding, Master's Fa has two meanings. First, when we expose the evil on the Minghui website, we dissolve the evil factors in other dimensions. Second, we also expose the evil personnel and their crimes in the human world to frighten the evil.

Master said:

“The actions they are now adopting in the persecution of Dafa and its students are extremely evil and shameful, and they fear these will be exposed. You must let the world’s people know about their evilness—this is saving people, as well.” (“Rationality,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

The goal of exposing the evil is to stop the persecution and save sentient beings. So we need to continuously expose the evil in our local areas. Following Master's teachings, I wrote an article about the persecution that I had suffered, which was published on the Minghui website. Then I produced truth-clarifying flyers from the article and distributed them in our local area.

I also shared my experience with practitioners and encouraged them to expose the evil, too. I compiled and submitted over 80 percent of articles exposing the persecution in our local area. I also compiled truth-clarifying materials for our area and submitted them to the Minghui website.

I have been compiling local truth-clarifying materials for eight years to constantly expose the evil personnel who've persecuted Dafa practitioners. This has greatly shocked the evil personnel and their families and friends. When police gather together, they say, “Who will be exposed next?”

A few years ago, a very evil policeman was transferred to our area. He had beaten a practitioner to death. Many people knew him, and he kept persecuting practitioners in our area. We compiled this policeman's crimes of torturing practitioners over the years and exposed him on the Minghui website. We also wrote a letter to his family and friends, which greatly frightened the evil.

Many of the local practitioners have published reports about their persecution experiences on Minghui. This continues to shock the police. Our cultivation environment is improving as a result.

With the progress of Fa-rectification, I thought that if we could comprehensively compile the crimes of the 610 Office and Domestic Security Division, especially those who have committed severe crimes against Dafa practitioners, we would expose and frighten the evil even more. This would also help to improve our environment for cultivation and saving sentient beings. This was a more complicated project than any I had taken on in the past.

I had to first expose the crimes of the 610 Office on the Minghui website. Next, I went after the former Communist Party secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, head of the 610 Office, and head of the Domestic Security Division. After the article was published on the Minghui website, we produced truth-clarifying materials based on it, and distributed them throughout our area. This frightened the evil and improved our cultivation environment.

In April of this year, a severe crime happened at a village about 10 kilometers away from the county town center. The village was soon full of police and government officials. It was said that they were trying to prevent the outside media from exposing the crime. A group of practitioners did not know the situation and went to the village's open market to clarify the truth about Dafa, as they had planned.

Plainclothes police called the police station. Three officers then came over and ordered the practitioners to get into their police vehicle. The practitioners were not afraid. They clarified the truth to the officers in the police car. Twenty minutes later, they arrived in the town center. The police commented that it was nearly noon and time for lunch. Then they told practitioners to go home.

This way of exposing the evil immediately caught the attention of many people. Whether it is in the countryside, in city-based communities, or in government offices, the truth-clarifying materials are everywhere. The public talks about the crimes of the police, and the police feel shame after being exposed this way to the public. This has achieved our goals of exposing the evil and clarifying the truth to put an end to the persecution.

For example, over the past few years, the head of the local Domestic Security Division arrested and persecuted nearly 100 practitioners. Just based on incomplete statistics published on the Minghui website, he has extorted hundreds of thousands of yuan from the practitioners and their families, fabricated evidence to send dozens of practitioners to forced labor camps, and caused over ten practitioners to be illegally sentenced to prison.

After we exposed his crimes, his evil actions caused a big stir in the region. The public was able to realize the extent of his greedy, evil and shameless actions. This frightened the evil and resulted in a more relaxed environment for our cultivation.

We are achieving our goal of saving more sentient beings and harmonizing what's needed based on Master's requirements.

Helping Practitioners to Establish a Material Production Site

Master told us,

“The Minghui website's role in clarifying the truth is irreplaceable.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference,” Teaching the Fa at the Conference V)

Since 2005, I've felt compelled to read the Minghui website every day. I feel the articles have good energy and are beneficial to our cultivation. I encourage fellow practitioners to read them as well. Currently, 60 percent of our local practitioners can visit the Minghui website, and 72 percent of them have printers. Many have laser printers as well as inkjet printers.

With the foundation of good equipment, we can produce abundant truth-clarifying materials, in color. We have also provided some of the materials to practitioners in other areas. Every Chinese New Year, we produce many desk calendars and A3 size calendars.

This year, Minghui.org changed the format of the Minghui Weekly. We immediately followed suit and used glossy color paper for the cover. Our weekly truth-clarifying materials reached a new level of quality, saving more sentient beings.

The material sites in the rural mountain areas seemed to develop slower for many reasons. Part of it was due to the financial difficulties of the practitioners in those areas, and some of it was due to xinxing issues. When we became aware that some practitioners in rural areas wanted to see the Minghui website, we helped them achieve that.

We have also, in the last few years, helped practitioners establish some family material production sites. For some, we provided the equipment they needed, and once we taught them how to use it, they were able to produce truth-clarifying materials on their own. Some practitioners just needed to get access to the Minghui website, and then their xinxing quickly improved and other problems could be solved.

There was a practitioner from the mountain area whose financial situation was not good. Other practitioners and I went to see him. We helped him understand that establishing a material production site was Master's expectation for practitioners in China.

He then understood that he needed to be more strict with himself. After his xinxing improved, I purchased a whole set of equipment and sent it to him. After the material site was established, the practitioner cultivated diligently. The Minghui website's energy helped him to improve quickly. This not only solved the issue of truth-clarifying supplies for that area, but also brought good fortune to the practitioner and his family income increased.

Another area deep in the mountain only has a few practitioners. Those practitioners have the responsibility to save sentient beings there. Their financial situations are not bad; however, because of fear they did not establish a material production site.

They were over 50 kilometers away from the county town center. The round trip to the nearest material site was 15 kilometers on a rugged mountain road. These practitioners were older and didn't travel well, and many did not know each other.

A few years earlier, I had contacted them regarding their ability to get truth-clarifying materials from the nearest material site. Because of the challenging road conditions out there, they usually received the Minghui Weekly a week or more late.

I wanted to help them establish a material site. I asked for help from another practitioner, to help me choose a practitioner in that area who was diligent. We talked with her and encouraged her. She improved her understanding of the Fa and decided to establish a material production site. I purchased a set of equipment for her, and another family material site thus blossomed.

From my experience over the last few years, I now know that helping practitioners to establish material production sites has many benefits. The first one is that it allows practitioners to read the Minghui website often and thus improve their xinxing quickly.

Second, it has solved the problem of the local practitioners not being able to read Master's new articles and Minghui Weekly in a timely fashion. Third, it has improved the supply of truth-clarifying materials for the local area, thus allowing practitioners to save more sentient beings.

In addition, practitioners do not have to travel a long way to deliver truth-clarifying materials, thus saving precious time and reducing physical burden. Finally, this meets Master's expectation of establishing truth-clarifying material production sites “like flowers blossoming everywhere” ("Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference").

Studying the Fa well and reading the articles on the Minghui website often provides a quick and steady way to improve ourselves.

Master has told us to study the Fa more, send forth righteous thoughts, and clarify the truth. We must do all of the three things well and balance them without neglect. We should have less negative thinking and just do the things that Dafa practitioners are supposed to do.

Master said:

“Get rid of any attachment you have, and don’t think about anything. Just do everything a Dafa disciple should do, and everything will be covered.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Fa Conference,” Guiding the Voyage)

Master also said:

“What I least like are those who are all talk and no action. Nor do I like those who are cunning. What I like are those who are honest and simple, sincere and down-to-earth.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference”)

Within the limited time available, we must truly cultivate ourselves within the Fa, rectify our every thought, fulfill Master's requirements to walk every step steadily during cultivation, and approach our cultivation with the enthusiasm of just beginning. This way we can follow the steps of Master's Fa-rectification closely, fulfill our prehistoric vows, become true Dafa disciples who allow Master to rest assured, and not have any regret.

Above is just my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

Thank you, esteemed Master! Thank you, Minghui website! Thank you, fellow practitioners!