(Minghui.org) When officials of the Guanghan City Court in Sichuan Province put three Falun Gong practitioners on trial on October 22, 2013, the practitioners turned the courtroom into a place where they clarified the facts about Falun Gong to people. Two practitioners hired two attorneys to defend them. The righteous thoughts and actions of these practitioners along with their defense attorneys inspired the other attorney, who had been appointed by the court to defend the third practitioner. Normally, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) decides before a court trial that their appointed attorneys will simply put on a show.

The above mentioned practitioners are Ms. Yang Hualian, Ms. Liao Xiaolan, and Mr. Huang Dingcheng. They were arrested together in December 2012.

During the trial, the CCP agents were on high alert. The streets outside the court house and the nearby streets were packed with cars, including an ambulance and many government cars, which carried many uniformed and plainclothes policemen.

Every seat in the court room was taken by family members of the practitioners, as well as staff from the Sichuan Political and Legal Committee, 610 Office, police department, Procuratorate, court and hospitals. Some people even stood in the aisles.

The police had tried to stop the two attorneys, who were hired by practitioners, at the security check point. The attorneys warned them that a security check against an attorney was illegal. Later, the two attorneys managed to enter the court.

In the court, the three practitioners maintained their righteous thoughts. Thus they were able to turn the courtroom into a place where they clarified the truth about Falun Gong. Their attorneys also delivered a good defense. Though the Presiding Judge Zeng Lingsheng interrupted their defense several times and even threatened to “terminate their defense,” they still calmly argued from a legal basis that it is not a crime to practice Falun Gong, nor is it a crime to produce and distribute information materials about Falun Gong.

Because of their righteousness, the court-appointed attorney also defended his client favorably.

When Zeng Lingsheng adjourned the trial, practitioner Ms. Yang Hualian went home with her family. The other two practitioners were taken back to the Guanghan Detention Center.

Ms. Yang Hualian was born in July 1953. She had been an engineer at the Guanghan Agricultural Bureau. She has been persecuted by officials of the Guanghan 610 Office, Guanghan Police Department, and Shifang Police Department in Sichuan. She was arrested seven times, put in prison for three years, incarcerated in a forced labor camps and a brainwashing center twice. Police officers ransacked her home several times, and her employer fired her in September 2008.

During her imprisonment, she was tortured with electric batons and beaten with police clubs. Due to being tortured, she had left vertebral compression fractures, severe injuries at her back, high blood pressure, and heart problems. She almost lost her entire vision and was not able to care for herself.

People participated in this persecution:
Guanghan Court:
President Wu Guoxing (吴国兴): +86-838-5224709 (O), +86-13708100121(M)
Presiding Judge Zeng Lingsheng (曾令胜) and Clerk Wang Yu (王宇): +86-838-5223808 (O)
Judge Luo Ling (罗凌)
Juror Tao Jun (陶俊)
Prosecutor Xiao Shichang (肖世昌): +86-838-5229644 (O), +86-18981061504 (M)
Prosecutor Liu Qingwei (刘甠伟)

Please refer to the original Chinese article for additional names and telephone numbers.