(Minghui.org) It is no surprise that criminals do bad things on the sly when their victims least expect them. By contrast, a good government is supposed to ensure justice for the wronged in an open and dignified manner. After all, as the law-making and law-enforcement body, it is justified in prosecuting the wrongdoers.

It's a totally different story in China, however. Instead of protecting the vulnerable, the Chinese Communist Party has victimized the entire nation. In order to achieve its political goals and to quench its insatiable thirst for material gain, the Chinese regime arrests, sentences, confiscates money and belongings, and even commits live organ harvesting from people who have broken no law.

Those in control know all too well that illegally prosecuting its law-abiding citizens is wrong, so they try to do everything in secret.

As a matter of fact, the Party has made a practice of harming its people since it came to power some 60 years ago. The persecution of Falun Gong is simply the epitome of its lawlessness and brutality.

Unable to Defeat Falun Gong Openly, Jiang Zemin Changes to Covert Tactics

When former dictator Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Gong with great fanfare in July 1999, he vowed to destroy the peaceful practice in three months. He went all out to blanket the entire country with state-controlled media to deceive and brainwash the entire country.

However, due to the unwavering efforts of Falun Gong practitioners explaining what the persecution was all about, people began to see through one lie after another fabricated by Jiang and his accomplices.

Unable to defeat Falun Gong, Jiang switched from attacking the practice openly to more covert operations. The media no longer focused on attacking Falun Gong, yet the persecution intensified behind the scenes.

Jiang issued a series of secret orders, including “ruin practitioners' reputations, bankrupt them financially, and destroy them physically,” “count beating deaths as suicides,” and “cremate them without verifying their identities.”

All orders regarding Falun Gong were passed down verbally or sent via encrypted files. Following these orders, local authorities began to secretly persecute practitioners. As time went by, they developed a comprehensive system to monitor, arrest, detain, brainwash, beat, interrogate, sentence, or even kill practitioners who broke no law.

Examples from the Linyi Area of Shandong Province

Below is what happened to several practitioners in the Linyi Area of Shandong Province.

1: Ms. Liu Shufen

Ms. Liu Shufen was from Tangzi Village, Anti Town, Yinan County. She was taken away from home in the early morning of September 16, 2002, by agents from Mengyin County 610 Office, Mengyin County Police Department, Yinan County Police Department, and Yishui County Police Department on orders from the Linyi Area 610 Office.

When Ms. Liu refused to give up her belief in Falun Gong and to supply information on her fellow practitioners, then-deputy-head of Mengyin County 610 Office Lei Yancheng was infuriated and immediately ordered his accomplices to beat her. Police officers Bao Xitong and Tian Liegang used rubber clubs to hit her and caused great injury.

When Ms. Liu went on a hunger strike to protest, she was force-fed more than ten times. When she lost consciousness, those in charge spread rumors that something was wrong with her mentally.

She was operated on and died in surgery. She was only 39.

2: Mr. Cao Guozhen

On October 12, 2007, agents from Junan County 610 Office, Junan County Domestic Security Office, and Zhulu Town Police Station broke into the home of then-35-year-old Cao Guozhen and turned everything upside down. Without a warrant, they confiscated his TV, DVD, satellite, laptop, and truth-clarification materials. They also took away his taxi.

Following orders handed down by the Junan County 610 Office, the local court sentenced Mr. Cao to eight years and sent him to Taian Prison to serve his time.

Mr. Cao's family had no knowledge of any of this. They just knew he had gone missing. Only several months later did they receive a notice from Jinan Prison and find out that he was once again in custody for his belief in Falun Gong.

3: Ms. Qi Chengrong

Ms. Qi Chengrong is from Duozhuang Town, Mengyin County. She was interrogated at the town judicial office on the night of July, 9, 2008. Gong Maoli, Duozhuang Town deputy Party secretary, was in charge and his accomplices included Wang Yanzhong (Development Office Head) and Duan Zhuguo (Forestry Office head).

Gong slapped Ms. Qi in the face. The others then knocked her down and stomped on every part of her body.

One man suggested they strike her buttocks, so another turned off the light and shined a flashlight on her rear end so the others could see where to hit her. They turned the light back on when they were exhausted and wanted to take a break. They shut the light off when they resumed beating her. They stepped on her neck to prevent her from making any noise.

4: Deng Liangcun and Fu Guiying

Deng Liangcun and Fu Guiying are both from the Linyi area. While visiting friends in the Lanshan District on June 6, 2012, they were arrested by agents from Wulipu Police Station. Without charging them, the police kept them in custody. When their families hired lawyers to defend them, Lanshan District Procuratorate and Lanshan District Police Department did their best to prevent the lawyers from seeing their clients.

On October 8, 2012, Lanshan District Court secretly tried the two practitioners, without informing their families or lawyers. They were both handed heavy sentences.

Overview of the Persecution in Linyi Area

During the past 14 years, authorities in the Linyi Area have secretly and illegally sentenced more than 500 practitioners. More than 1,000 have had their homes ransacked, and their confiscated belongings are valued at several million yuan. At least 20 local practitioners died as a result of the persecution.

With the Closing of Labor Camps, Secret Brainwashing and Sentencing Has Become More Prevalent

Though the CCP closed some of its labor camps under mounting pressure from the public, it has never stopped attacking Falun Gong. It is just that it now relies more on secret brainwashing and sentencing of practitioners.

1: Linyi Area, Shandong Province

Linyi Area brainwashing center has been secretly moved to a five-story building inside a courtyard to the north of the Lanshan District Traffic Police Brigade. Window curtains are drawn at all times and nobody can see inside. Several local practitioners are currently being held there.

2: Lanzhou City, Gansu Province

On June 28, 2012, Chen Zhikai and other agents from the Chengguan District Domestic Security Office broke into the home of 40-year-old Ms. Chen Jie and snatched her personal belongings.

Liu Dongyu from the Chengguan District Court managed to prevent Ms. Chen's lawyers from defending her and secretly tried her without her family's knowledge.

3: Renshou County, Sichuan Province

Ten local practitioners were arrested on September 1, 2012, and all of them were sentenced on August 28, 2013, by Renshou County Court without their families' knowledge. Their sentences were: five years each to Chen Xiangren, Liao Xuekang, and Liu Hanci; four years each to Zhang Guofen and Huang Xueying; two and half years to Liu Dan; two years each to Zhang Xiaomin and Liu Shaoming; three years jail with five years suspension to Lü Hongqun; and two years jail with three years suspension to Peng Yueying.

4: Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province

On September 16, 2013, Chaoyang City Party secretary Wang Mingyu ordered his police force to meticulously plan a surprise attack on local Falun Gong practitioners. The key of his directive was to “just do it without saying anything.”

On September 27, Chaoyang City Police chief Li Chao issued a “20-point plan” (document number: [2013]44) that specifically targeted Falun Gong. The city police was given the task to take at least 112 practitioners into custody and charge them either administratively or criminally. Domestic Security Office head Hong Demin was the person in charge of this task.

The Evilness of the CCP Is Second to None

One thing the CCP agents often say when questioned by practitioners' families and lawyers is, “We only care about politics, not law.” This simple sentence says it all about the rogue nature of the Party.

The Chinese regime even condones the killing of practitioners for their organs and the use of their remains to make human specimens.

Ms. Hao Runjuan was one such example. Originally from Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, she lived in the Baiyun District in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, before she died. For her belief in Falun Gong, she was arrested and sent to Baiyun Detention Center in 2000. Her family was asked to identify her body just 22 days later. They couldn't believe what they saw. All her internal organs, all of her skin, and both of her eyes had been removed. Bones and flesh were all that was left. They had to take her two-year-old son in for a blood test to confirm her identity.

According to researchers, tens of thousands of practitioners may have endured ordeals similar to Ms. Hao's. Bloody Harvest, The Killing of Falun Gong for Their Organs and State Organs: Transplant Abuse in China , both books written by human rights lawyers, have detailed investigative reports.

People with a sense of justice are shocked by such total disregard for human life.

I urge everyone to recognize the communist regime for the evil that it is and to sever ties with it.