(Minghui.org) We are Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period. The great improvements in our bodies and minds display Dafa's divine power.

Master said in Zhuan Falun:

“Those practices that cultivate both mind and body make one look very young in appearance, and one looks quite different from one's actual age.” (Lecture Five)

Master's Fa made me understand the goal of being human and the historical mission of being a Dafa disciple during the Fa-rectification period. During this historic period of the cosmos being rectified, we can become Master's disciple, which is an extreme honor. We have a duty and a mission. Master said:

“None of the cultivation forms in the past were the same as that of Dafa; Fa-rectification is an undertaking that the cosmos has never seen before.” (“2012 International Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital”)

I would like to share some of my experiences over the past several years of cultivation.

1. “How Come Every One of You Falun Gong Practitioners Looks Young?”

I am over 60 years old. When I was 30, I thought that if I could live to be 40, that would be fortunate for me; when I reached 40, I thought that if I could survive to 50, I would be lucky. I felt that I was already near the end of my life.

I used to have all kinds of ailments, including rheumatoid arthritis, a herniated lumbar disc, low blood pressure, and several kinds of skin diseases. Normal things seemed impossible for me to do back then. For example, I could not eat cold foods in the summer. If I did not wear two pairs of pants, I would have stomach and joint pain. Due to problems with low blood pressure, I felt dizzy and light headed all day; even the sky looked gloomy to me. When I was at my worst, my husband had to carry me on his back just to go upstairs. One medical expert told me that if I didn't have surgery for the herniated disc, I would be paralyzed in the future.

However, even since I started practicing Falun Dafa, I have become a different person. Without any illness, I felt light and have lots of energy. My daughter said to me, “Mom, you are doing great! You don't even have problems with menopause.” Yes, the symptoms of menopause can be very difficult to address, but with Master's protection, I unknowingly and safely passed through that stage. It may seem trivial, but actually it was a miracle from the perspective of modern medicine.

A few days ago I went to my former workplace to drop off something. I intentionally wore a yellow silk top and white slacks with embroidered flowers. My colleagues who had not seen me for several years were surprised. One said, “How come you have not aged?! You look the same, with dark hair and a straight back. You walk with such a light step. No one could tell that you are in your 60s.”

My former coworkers got into a lively conversation. They said that the other two senior Falun Gong practitioners that work in the same company also look young and that those two practitioners used to be in poor health. A colleague asked, “How do you Falun Gong practitioners look so young?” She used to believe the lies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and once reported a fellow practitioner to the authorities. After another practitioner and I clarified the truth, she quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations – the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers (often referred to as the “three withdrawals”).

Other non-practitioner colleagues had all aged and changed dramatically, so they all admired the Dafa disciples. I gave them Shen Yun DVDs and discs containing software to help them log on to overseas websites. They happily accepted the information and gave many thanks and were in a happy, festive mood. The deputy leader, two officials, and other staff also were happy to accept the materials. They showed me their desire to learn the truth. Unfortunately, I had not brought enough discs, so I left my contact information with some of them and made plans to give them discs later. Before I came back, I asked a fellow practitioner to send forth righteous thoughts with me, and the results were very good.

2. Quickly and Effectively Save More People by Listening to Master's Words

I began to talk to people about Falun Gong and the persecution in 2002. At that time I did not do much and was not very good at it. But in 2007 we set up a Fa-study group, and after that I became more active.

    -A Small Flower Bloomed in My House

I knew nothing about computers. It was my fellow practitioners who taught me how to download, print, and bind materials. I could produce Dafa brochures, weekly magazines, and truth-clarification currency (paper money with Dafa messages stamped on it), thus reducing a fellow practitioner's burden who had supplied a large quantity of our materials. I ran this printing operation in my home and covered the expenses to keep it running. Regardless of the weather, my fellow practitioners and I would go to a dozen nearby villages to distribute these materials.

My printer is smart. Sometimes when it did not work, I sent righteous thoughts and used Minghui articles as references to look within. Each time, the printer problems were successfully resolved. On one occasion, it printed out the materials, but the words were not legible. I searched within and found the reason: I was too eager to finish the task, and although I studied the Fa, I did not study it well. I then sent forth righteous thoughts and communicated with the printer. Soon after, the printer started to work correctly. Over the past few years, I have not needed to take my printer to a shope to have it repaired. Any problems that occurred were resolved by me alone.

    -Using the Wisdom Dafa Granted Me to Save People

In these years while I was clarifying the truth about Dafa, I gradually cast off my fear. I have helped several thousand people withdraw from the CCP and its affiliates. In the beginning I clarified the truth to my relatives, good friends, my neighbors, and the people in my community centers. Now I do not pass up the opportunity to try to save whoever I meet. Each time I need to go out, I bring truth-clarification materials with me. While I am shopping, waiting for a bus, or getting together with my classmates or friends, I help them do the “three withdrawals.” The following are a few such incidents.

    -“Is She Your Grandma?”

Not long ago, a fellow practitioner's father who was also practicing Falun Gong passed out. Although I never knew him, I realized that we were both Dafa disciples and should be the most blessed people in the world. Since Master told us in “Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference:” “The next person's things are your things, ...” I brought quite a few items to go help his family and to take the opportunity to clarify the truth to save people.

When I started back for home, the weather had unexpectedly changed. There was a strong wind and clouds. I quickly got on the bus. Few people were on the bus, and nobody was sitting next to me. I turned around and saw only one little girl sitting in the back. I asked her with concern, “Where are you going?” She answered me in a small voice, “Downtown.” I said, “Are you all alone?” She nodded and said, “Grandma, may I sit next to you?” I said, “Come on.” I clearly realized that this was a little girl with a predestined relationship. I was thinking: "This must be arranged by Master." (I used to have a hard time clarifying the truth to elementary school students. I felt they were too young to understand.) I asked her how old she was. She said she was 12 and was in the fifth grade. She said she should not tell anyone where she was going because there are many bad people. I said, “Why did you tell me?” She said, “You are good.” She seemed to have strong sense of self-protection.

I thought that I should let her come to trust me first in order to save her, so I started to chat with her. She said that both she and her grandma were Buddhists. I encouraged her, “It is good to believe in Buddha. People who have such belief will be protected by higher beings and are able to keep from doing bad things.” She said cautiously, “Grandma, please lower your voice.” It was obvious that she was afraid. I kept chatting with her using simple everyday ideas. She told me that her parents were both middle school teachers. I gave her a CD with software that would allow the users to log on to truth-clarification websites. I told her to give it to her parents and she agreed.

I then told her about the CCP's crimes. She pointed to her heart and said in a low voice, “Grandma, is the CCP good on the surface but rotten inside?” I said, “You are right; you are so smart! The evil CCP cloaked itself and claimed it was 'glorious and correct,' but it did bad deeds on the sly.” Then I helped her to quit the Young Pioneers branch of the CCP. Outside, the rain started to pour down. She said she needed to buy an umbrella while changing buses, or she would get wet. We were not yet at my destination, but since she did not know where to go, I got off the bus early to accompany her to buy an umbrella. It was really pouring down. We shared my umbrella. She held my arm as we walked through the water. I told her that the “Tiananmen self-immolation” was completely staged and she should tell her parents about that. She whispered, “Grandma, do not let others hear about it.” I said, “Good people can hear it, but not bad ones.” She said, “Right.”

We went upstairs to a shop. I told the salesperson, “I met this girl on the bus. She does not have enough money to buy an umbrella. Can you charge her less today?” The salesperson knew me and said, “She can pay five yuan less because I know you. I wouldn't do it for anyone else.” She saw that the girl kept calling me Grandma. She could not believe that I had only just met her in the bus. She asked the girl twice, “Isn't she your real grandma? Is she?” The girl said, “No, she is not my real grandma.” She left, holding the new umbrella. I looked back at her and felt happy for her. She was saved, including the enormous cosmos behind her. Although I walked the additional stop in the rain, I felt it was worth it.

    -I Handled an Incident Properly

In the spring of 2012 while riding a bus, I spoke with the other passengers about the Wang Lijun incident. (Wang was a high-ranking official with ties to the CCP's crimes of forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. He sought asylum in the U.S. Embassy). One young lady said she'd heard about it, but the others did not know anything about it. I told them that the authorities withheld the information from the public. I told them about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and about the CCP's crimes. People who agreed with me were also involved in the conversation.

Then two women in their 50s got on the bus. They heard a few words and said very loudly, “You are a Falun Gong practitioner! You have a lot of guts to promote your things on the bus.” I said, “Falun Gong is very good. It is the CCP that is fooling people and not letting people know the truth.” One of the women said, “The CCP gave you your wages; why are you against it?” I said, “Now everyone knows who feeds who. The workers work, the peasants farm, and even the person who roasts sweet potatoes for sale has to do the work. What does the CCP do? Nothing.”

The other passengers in the bus got very quiet. The woman said, “How dare you? I may call 110 [the emergency dispatch number in China] to have you arrested.” I was very calm and said peacefully but loudly, “Look at this bus, with so many people, but none of them opposes my opinion. They all agree with me inside.” Everyone on the bus could hear me. The woman said nothing more.

I was approaching my destination. Behind me was a security guard. I told the two women, “Next time I will talk more with you; I believe that sooner or later you will come to know the truth. Now I realize that I've already missed two stops.” I got off the bus and met a man in his 60s. He looked poor. I said, “How come people are so confused, believing that the CCP gives them their salary.” Then I started to chat with him. I gave him a truth-clarification pamphlet. He was pleased to accept it. He said that he had practiced Falun Gong once. I encouraged him to return to his path of cultivation. He was very appreciative for the information.

Now, whenever I go out, I send forth one thought: “Master, please arrange for those with a predestined relationship to be saved and help resolve all the evil beings and elements that prevent the sentient beings from being saved. Because what we do is the most righteous thing in heaven and earth, only the evil fears us.” I had no fear and felt calm each time, and therefore I did quite well. But in the beginning it was not like that. It was a process of improving and raising my xinxing based on the Fa.

One day my daughter asked me, “Mom, do you feel lonely?” I said, “No, not at all. I have no time to feel that way.” Although I was alone every day, I was busy practicing the exercises in the morning, studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and producing truth-clarification materials. I was so busy that sometimes I even had no time to eat. Whenever fellow practitioners need my help, I will be there as soon as possible. I try my very best to help them.

3. Cultivating Myself Is the Basis for Saving Others

I have now cultivated for over 10 years, but it wasn't until the past two years that I started to really learn how to cultivate myself though constantly studying the Fa. Before, I used to see others' faults when I encountered conflicts, because I was affected by ordinary people's shortcomings and by the evil Party culture. But now I can always treat myself as a real practitioner by using righteous thoughts. If conflicts occasionally arise between me and my fellow practitioners, I now look within. This process used to take quite a long time, but now I quickly check within instantly. If any attachments are found, I disintegrate them without delay.

Not long ago, fellow practitioners focused on producing Shen Yun DVDs. They had to make several hundred copies at a time. Sometimes I saw that they were very busy, so I volunteered to take on the duty of printing the DVD covers. After printing them out, I had to trim the paper edges. Due to the large quantity of paper, I had a hard time cutting them with a big knife. However, I thought that if a young man could do it, then I could, too. Each time, I had to use all my strength to cut them.

One time, everybody was working together. A male fellow practitioner said more than once that I had cut the covers too big. I reacted mentally. I noticed that if other young practitioners did the covers, nobody criticized them, but when I did it, they criticized me. I pointed to a young fellow practitioner and said, “You are a man, but you're not trimming them. How can you let a lady do this task?” I almost mentioned that they had let an old lady do the work.

Suddenly I realized that this was not right, that my attachment was aroused. This is cultivation. Master only saw my mind instead of how I did it. Weren't these my attachments of competitiveness and jealousy? I continued trimming the edges and thought of Master's poem “Success at Consummation:”

“Fame, gain, emotion—cultivate each away,
And ascend to the Firmament at Consummation,
See the human world with eyes of compassion,
Then are you freed from the spell of delusion.”
(Hong Yin)

Gradually I calmed down. Then, it was as if nothing had come between us, and we finished making the materials.