(Minghui.org) I am an elderly lady living in a remote village. My parents passed away when I was three years old, and I was adopted. My adopted mother was not a kind woman. I began working on a farm at the tender age of ten. My adopted mother often cursed me and hit me when she was unhappy with anything I did. I was often sad, and the days were long.

My adopted mother arranged for me to marry a poor man when I was just 16 years old. I had no say over my life, so I had to marry him. He was lazy and did not want to work. He often beat me, which caused me to pass out twice. One day he even cut me with a knife. I tried to stop him, but the knife hit me in the arm and left a huge wound.

My in-laws were not happy with me either and often complained. When I felt I could not take it any longer, I took my six-month-old son to my aunt's home to live. She told me I should not leave my home like that. She went on to say that the only person who could save us all was Mr. Li. I had no choice but to return home. It has been 33 years since she said this. I didn't know the true meaning of what she was trying to tell me.

Back home I was beaten and cursed at often. I was beaten with brooms until the broom handles broke. I could not understand why my life was so bitter. My parents died when I was still a baby, I was not loved as a child, and then once married, my husband and his parents abused me. I tried to commit suicide several times, but my attempts failed. I wanted to hang myself but the rope I tried to use was broken. I looked for pesticide in the house to drink, but could not find any. I even tried to get run over, but others stopped me. It seemed that God was protecting me somehow.

I was introduced to Falun Dafa in 1998. When I saw Master's photo in the book Zhuan Falun for the first time, I immediately felt close to Master, as if he were already familiar to me. My eyes filled with tears, and I felt for the first time in my life that I was loved. My heart became full of happiness and warmth.

In the evening I watched a video of Master's Fa lectures. When Master said he would plant a Falun in each practitioner, one by one, I felt the Falun spinning in my belly. I was excited, and when I came home, I told my husband. He didn't believe me and thought that I was speaking nonsense. But he knew I wouldn't lie to him and was an honest person. He later came to me and said that he also felt a spinning in his abdomen. I said that perhaps Master had planted a Falun in his body as well. I encouraged him to study Falun Dafa with me, and he agreed.

I went to the practice site to study the Fa and practice the exercises every day. In July 1999 the Jiang regime started the persecution of Falun Gong on an unprecedented scale. The media was mobilized to slander Falun Gong, and told lies to poison the people. People were terrified. The whole country was in a mess, from the provincial level down to the village level. Dafa practitioners were persecuted everywhere. Most of the practitioners in my village stopped practicing. But I encouraged myself to keep practicing because the practice was so good.

I was reading Hong Yin one day at the end of 2000 when I read the poem “Tempering One's Heart and Will.” I realized that I should go to Beijing to seek justice for Master. The authorities had attacked Master, who was saving us. I am Master's disciple, and have benefited from Falun Gong. I should stop the evil from slandering Master. So I decided to go to Beijing. That night I had a dream. I saw a big, shiny Fa boat coming down from Heaven. I knew Master was encouraging me. The next day I went to Beijing, by myself, with a “Falun Dafa Is Good” banner in my pocket.

Obtain the Fa, Study the Fa, and Believe in the Fa

I was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor after I returned from Beijing. After I was released and came home, there was no practice site or Fa study group. I couldn't find any practitioners to study or share with. My husband was illiterate and I was nearly so, but I still worked at studying the Fa every day. I wrote down characters on my palms and went out to ask others what they meant. Master often gave me hints while I was studying the Fa. I remembered the Fa and put it into practice. The following are some examples of how I eliminated sickness karma with righteous thoughts.

One day I came down with a headache. I then sent forth righteous thoughts immediately. I thought of Master's Fa.

“Let us talk about the most common illnesses. Somewhere in the body one may have a tumor, infection, osteophytosis, etc. It is because in another dimension there lies a being in that place. That being is in a very deep dimension.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

I held my palm erect to eliminate the being in the deep dimension. I saw a flat, rounded being with black hair fly out of my belly. My head became extremely clear after I finished sending forth righteous thoughts.

One day I didn't maintain my xinxing and got angry with my husband. I felt a pain in my chest. The pain became worse every day. One day, I suddenly remembered that the Buddha Fa is omnipotent and Master can give us supernormal powers. Master's Fa came into my mind,

“Suppose that someone has a heart disease. When this hand moves toward the heart to grab that being, the hand in another dimension moves inside the body, and it will be caught instantly. As your outside hand grabs it, both hands close in and will grab it.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

So I grabbed twice against my chest and threw it away. Instantly I no longer felt any pain in my chest.

I would like to remind practitioners that when we feel pain or unwell in any part of our bodies, we should not regard it as illness. Master said that cultivators don't have illness. When you come across it, you should clear it out using the divine powers Master has given us, and with righteous thoughts.

Master Has the Final Say”

Before the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the police came and arrested me while I was working on the farm. They first pretended to be friendly. They patted my shoulder and said, “Lady, don't practice Falun Gong anymore. If you will just tell us that you will no longer practice, we will leave you alone.” I said, “I will continue practicing. Falun Gong is so wonderful. I am all the more determined to continue practicing.” They were no longer friendly, and said angrily, “Old lady, you are so stubborn. You have been in the labor camp and you still won't stop practicing.” They tried to force me to put my fingerprint on their report, but I refused, and clenched my hands tightly.

They took me to the county police department and put me in the detention center. Many practitioners were held there. On the twelfth day, I said to Master in my heart, “Master, I can stay here for 15 days at most. Please help me.” As long as we have the thought, Master will surely help us.

On the fifteenth day, the guard outside called my name and released me. As I walked to the gate, I heard someone inside the cell mention my name on the phone and said I wasn't allowed to leave. I murmured, "You don't have the final say. Our Master has the final say. I believe in Master." The guard near me asked, "What was that old lady murmuring?" A tall guard rushed into the room and said loudly, “Release her, let her go.” So, with Master's help, I walked out of the detention center.

Saving Sentient Beings Whatever the Weather

I was the only practitioner in my village who continued practicing Falun Gong. My name was recorded at the police department, so they monitored me. Police cars followed me and tried to stop me from going to Beijing. The bus station in the capital city in my province set up strict checks of its passengers. But they failed to stop me from going to Beijing. Threats, harassment, monitoring, and following could not stop me from saving sentient beings. I know that we have the Fa and Master helping us. Dafa disciples can do anything.

One winter day I remembered a remote village. The sentient beings there were waiting to be saved. Another practitioner and I left to visit this village at 3:00 a.m. on bicycles, with flyers and CDs.

When we reached one intersection, I didn't know which way we should go. The other practitioner wanted me to wait there, while she went to take a look down the road. I said to her, “No need. We can ask Master.” I stood on the intersection and asked Master to point the way for us. After a while one road became brighter. I said to the other practitioner, “I know. We should go this way.” We were just about to leave when we heard someone shouting in the nearby mountain. The other practitioner was frightened. So I recited Master's poem.

Benevolent Might

Dafa is what you carry everywhere,
Zhen Shan Ren, rooted in the mind;
A great Arhat walks the earth,
Gods and demons fear with awe.
(Hong Yin)

I recited the poem three times and the shouting stopped. We continued forward and passed a field of tombstones. There was a light shining from each tomb. I recited Master's poem twice and the lights disappeared. Everything returned to normal.

When we were closer to the village, we found it was on the top of a mountain. The mountain road was slippery from snow. We pushed our bicycles to the top of the mountain with much difficulty and arrived at the village.

Dogs were barking, so we sent forth righteous thoughts, and the barking stopped. While sending forth righteous thoughts, we delivered our materials to every household. When it was time to return home, dawn had not yet arrived, and a cab passed us. The person in the cab shouted to us, “Are you human beings or ghosts?” I shouted back, “We are gods.” My voice echoed in the open air, “....gods! gods!...”

About a week later a 17-year-old girl came to my home to have her shoes repaired (my husband is a shoe repairman), and I asked her where she lived. She told me, and it was the same village we had recently visited. I asked her if she saw any of the materials we left. She had, and also mentioned the CDs. She said that the Tiananmen self-immolation incident was staged. So we hadn't gone there in vain. Sentient beings there had been saved.

My husband and I went out to hang up long banners one night in 2002. We used wire and poles to hang the banners, and asked Master to strengthen us so we could complete our task. The banners went up bit by bit until the pole could no longer reach, but then continued going up by themselves. In this way we put up over 40 banners. Some of the banners were still up there in March the next year. I know that Master had strengthened us and Master did this for us.

When the Nine Commentaries was published, I started to distribute it door to door. One day it was raining hard and I stayed home studying the Fa. But all I could think of was, "Save people." I left home with a pen and a small notepad. There was no one in the street. So my plan was to visit each household. I went to the neighbor first. He claimed I must have something important to tell him, to come out in the rain. I told him I indeed had something to tell him. I told him I had come to save him. I said, “'Disasters of every sort could strike any time' (“Why Do Disasters Abound?” from Hong Yin III). Please don't believe the TV propaganda. The Tiananmen Self-immolation was staged.” They asked some questions and then I explained the importance of quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They said, “Oh, that's why. Dafa is to save us. Our whole family will withdraw from the CCP.”

When I came home that night, I counted the names on my list: 57 had people quit the CCP. I thought to myself that I had persuaded many people to quit the CCP. Master's voice came into my mind: “The number is far far less than the number on your vow.” I then felt sorry. How could I be content? The next day I went out again, and most of the people in my village withdrew from the CCP.

I also clarified the truth to people I met in the street. One day I came across a man in his forties just outside my house. I waved to him and asked if he was a member of the CCP. He asked me instead, “What is your belief?” I replied, “Falun Gong.” He said, “How dare you still mention Falun Gong. Many in my village were arrested.” I said, “Monkey King was put under Wuxing Mountain for 500 years. Do you know who he was after he came out?” He seemed to understand, so he quit the CCP. As long as we thoroughly clarify the truth, sentient beings will be saved. We need to study the Fa more, and the Fa will give us wisdom.

One day when I went out, a mini truck with 12 people in it passed me. One thought came to my mind, “They are sentient beings of my paradise. I have to save them." So I got on the truck and said, “All of you, please withdraw from the CCP so that you will be safe.” They asked, “What is 'make three withdrawals and become safe?'” So I clarified the truth to them. I then asked their names. They all withdrew from the CCP using their real names. I got off the truck at my stop. One of them pointed to me and said, “This elderly lady is a divine being!”