Solemn Declaration

I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began the persecution on July 20, 1999, my work unit forced me several times to write a guarantee statement against my conscience. All employees of the company were assembled and I was forced to read out the statement in front of everybody. I was detained by my work unit for seven days in 2001 and again forced to write a guarantee statement.

In 2002, a higher authority led those who had enlightened along evil paths to my work unit. They talked to practitioners one by one. When they talked to me, I honestly expressed my point of view on the self-immolation hoax on Tiananmen Square (which the CCP had staged to defame Falun Dafa). I told them that I still practiced Falun Dafa. As a result, the authority intended to take me to a forced labor camp. A Party commissioner later told me to say something bad about Master, or he would send me to a forced labor camp. Due to the pressure and my fear, I again compromised with them against my conscience. I felt deeply regretful for what I had done.

I solemnly declare that everything I have written, said and done that didn't conform to Dafa is hereby null and void. I will cherish the opportunity given by Master to correct my errors, study the Fa and do the three things well, and fully deny everything arranged by the old forces. I will walk well the last leg of cultivation and go home with Master.

Wang Jinping, September 16, 2013


Solemn Declaration

I went to Tiananmen Square, displayed a banner, and yelled out: “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” As a result, I was illegally arrested by police, who tortured and interrogated me. I was sentenced to two years of forced labor on January 15, 2001. Later I was sent to a forced labor camp.

I became very weak in the forced labor camp due to the torture. Hence, guards applied for a medical parole for me. When I was released, officials gave me a note that listed three requirements: 1. No more appeals; 2. Do not practice Falun Dafa outdoors; 3. Do not distribute materials pertaining to Falun Dafa. They asked me to sign it, and I did as they requested.

Under such high pressure, I wrote the three statements and the guarantee statement to renounce my faith. I let Master and Dafa down. I've now resumed practicing Dafa, but I have left a bad mark on my cultivation path.

I solemnly declare that everything I have said and done that didn't conform to Dafa is hereby null and void. I will make up for the losses that I have caused to Dafa and keep on cultivating in Dafa to the end. I believe in Dafa and support Falun Dafa. I will do the three things well as Master requires.

Li Jinxiu, October 14, 2013