(Minghui.org) When I was able to break through the Internet firewall, I learned that Dafa practitioner Li Yuejin had been tortured to death by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This upset me for a long time, and I then decided to practice Falun Dafa and become a true Fa-rectification-period Dafa practitioner. I want to tell the entire world “Falun Dafa is good!”

My First Encounter with Falun Gong

I remember several years ago, before the persecution began, on weekends one could see groups of people quietly meditating and doing the exercises in front of Xingzuo Mall, Hualian Mall, Gucheng Park, Diaosu Park, subway entrances, and Yongle subdivision in the Shijingshan District.

The soothing music attracted numerous passersby. Their banner announced that it was a Falun Dafa volunteer teaching site. Many people began cultivation that way, and more and more joined.

A man in a blue raincoat always hung up the banner, adjusted the music, and answered questions. We later learned that he was Li Yuejin, one of the volunteer instructors at the Shijingshan Falun Dafa exercise site.

Good People Are Persecuted

Beginning in 1999, Dafa practitioners were severely persecuted. They were sent to labor camps and prisons, their homes were raided, their phones were tapped, and they were followed and arrested. Neighbors always talked about these things when they gathered--they knew that the CCP was persecuting Falun Dafa.

A friend of mine that I grew up with worked in a police station and watched practitioners being held there. He told me, “The police all dress in plainclothes when they are out now; they are no different than bandits. They do not go out to arrest true criminals, since that is risky. Instead, they abuse Falun Dafa practitioners, because they are good people. They follow and ambush them at night. Isn't that shameful?”

Later, I learned that Li Yuejin was arrested and tortured in prison until he was in critical condition. When he was released, he wrote a letter to try to persuade the chief of the police department to be kind and signed it with his real name. He was arrested again.

My friend told me about another event that really let me see the evil nature of the CCP and the severity of the persecution. During the 2000 New Year holiday, Shan Zhiying, a lady in her 70s, together with her husband, a retired engineer, went to Tiananmen Square to validate that Falun Dafa is good. They were arrested. Police officer Liu Wensong slapped the lady and kicked and beat her husband. Officer Liu was upset because they delayed his holiday and affected his bonus. After he had brutally abused this elderly couple, he was promoted to be the director of the Shijingshan District Police Department subdivision.

The police arrested this elderly couple and abused them. I cannot image what Li Yuejin went through during this time. The CCP tries to lie about the persecution. Is it afraid that its evil deeds will be exposed? What hasn't the CCP done? Wang Lijun even admitted that he and Bo Xilai harvested organs from practitioners and sold them for profit, which shocked the entire world.

Learning More about Falun Gong, I Start to Practice

My friend told the arrested practitioners he was watching, “If you have Falun Gong informational materials on you, give it to me. I will keep it for you. If they find it, you will be in more trouble.”

Initially, they refused to give him anything, because they were afraid that he would destroy them and receive retribution. My friend said, “I will read it all. I know you care for my well-being. I swear that I will not destroy them.” They agreed to give him the materials that told how Falun Dafa has spread all over the world, about its miraculous healing effects, and how to be a kind person and search within.

We cherished this informational material and saved it.

It was quite miraculous. As soon as I decided to cultivate, my bad habits disappeared. I was nauseated as soon as I saw alcohol or cigarettes. I stopped drinking and gambling.

I will study the Fa more and rectify myself in the Fa.