(Minghui.org) One night last May, Liu Chongsheng (alias) in Yunnan Province suddenly experienced excruciating lower back pain. The next day he went back to his hometown in Hunan Province. With assistance from his wife and son, he went to the Li County People's Hospital and was diagnosed with uremia. He had hypertension (200/100 mmHg), swollen and dysfunctional kidneys, and difficulty with urination. He was told he needed dialysis.

Liu couldn't afford dialysis. His wife was a Falun Gong practitioner, and because of the persecution of Falun Gong in China, they were in financial trouble. Both of them worked odd jobs just to get by, and they had no savings. Liu's wife was in the doctor's office considering what could be done, when Liu struggled to get out of his bed and walked into the doctor's office trembling. He told his wife, “Let's go home, you can teach me how to practice Falun Gong.” The doctor and nurse told his wife, “He's dead if he doesn't get treatment. You must think it through.” Liu pulled out the needle in his arm and was determined to leave, “Let's go. I put my life in Mr. Li Hongzhi's hands.”

After they got home, Liu's wife played Mr. Li's lecture in Guangzhou for him. He fell asleep while listening. The next day his wife taught him the exercises. The first day, he had to lean against the bed. The next day he could stand on his own, and the third day, his torso stopped hurting and he was able to eat normally. By the tenth day, he could urinate normally.

In less than a month, his weight went from 158 lbs. to 198 lbs. Every evening he took a walk in the park next to his home. His friends and relatives who saw him were surprised and asked him which doctor performed such a miracle. Liu said to them, “Mr. Li Hongzhi cured my illness. Falun Gong is truly miraculous, I am convinced."

From then on, he talked about his experience with Falun Dafa to everyone he met. He helped his wife distribute Falun Dafa fliers. He told people how wonderful and magnificent the teaching was.

A month passed, and he went back to the hospital for an examination. Liu's blood pressure was 140/80 mmHg and his kidneys were normal. The doctor and nurse were in disbelief. They couldn't believe that uremia could be cured without treatment and said, “Falun Dafa is really amazing!”