(Minghui.org) Rain or shine, Xiziwan, a popular seaside destination, is always packed with tourists. Where people have to wait to get up the stairs is especially crowded.

As they wait, some read the truth-clarification boards practitioners have set up, while others just wait. Teacher brings the sentient beings to us, and we as practitioners all feel the urgency to save people. As long as we treat ourselves as practitioners and have the wish to save people in our hearts, we will run into people who have predestined relationships with us.

Teacher said:

“I have told you before that today’s Chinese people were once the Kings of the many ethnicities known to history, the Kings of each era; they are Kings of higher planes in the cosmos who have come down to earth, who’ve reincarnated in China. Their salvation will result in the salvation of the countless sentient beings behind them whom they represent.” ("20th Anniversary Fa Teaching")

The Importance of Fa Study

Fa study is our priority. We seize the time to study more Fa every day, put our hearts into Fa study, measure every thought against the requirements of the Fa, and use the Fa to rectify ourselves. That way we can maintain a compassionate and peaceful mindset and a righteous field so as to save more sentient beings.

I feel that when it comes to clarifying the facts face to face and helping people withdraw from the Party, whether one can do it depends on one's mindset, use of words, method, even the pseudonym one gives to the other person as well as one's cultivation state.

Opportunities to Chat with Tourists

When it was hot and older adults were tired, we got chairs, put them under the shade of a tree, and let them sit down to rest. That way we could chat with them about the weather and where they were from.

It is a precious opportunity for these people to come to Taiwan and learn the truth, to realize why Chinese officials and many others, including famous people, have decided to quit the Party.

We talked about how corrupt Chinese officials have become and how they have suppressed democracy, people's beliefs, etc., then mentioned the famous characters "Death to the CCP" carved naturally into a rock and that heaven will no doubt eliminate the CCP. We said that a person could ensure his or her safety by quitting the CCP. Most of them agreed with everything we practitioners told them, and they wanted to quit the Party and all its affiliated organizations. If they were not sure, we were kind and wished them a good trip. We reminded them as they left, “Falun Dafa is wonderful!” Because sentient beings all came for the Fa.

When a practitioner saw a young man looking intently at the truth-clarification boards, he started a conversation with him. He told him about how, when he was a child, he became a member of the Party, but now the CCP officials have become so corrupt, life is difficult of ordinary people, and the cost of living is at an all time high. The young man said, “Now Chinese people really hate the CCP. What they dislike the most are the CCP officials--they are disgusting. Nobody agrees with them.” When he was asked to withdraw his membership from the Young Pioneers, he immediately replied, "Yes!" One more life made the right choice.

So that anyone passing by could hear us we said, “Falun Dafa is wonderful! Don't miss this opportunity as you pass by--the truth is right in front of you. Realize the importance of learning the truth. My fellow Chinese, you can't imagine how important that is. For more than a decade, Bo Xilai has been doing terrible things. Recently it was reported on an overseas website that 'Jiang ordered organs to be harvested from living practitioners.' This is the worst evil imaginable and has never happened on this earth before. Never has a government harvested organs from its citizens. The CCP will receive retribution for committing such evil deeds. Heaven will eliminate this evil Party, and you'll be impacted. Do you understand that? To be safe safe, you need to follow the will of heaven and quit the Party, Youth League, and Young Pioneers.”

Some people from the mainland walked up to us and asked questions, some stayed to chat or take photographs as they listened to the truth. We would help them with the “three-withdrawals." One time a female tourist asked us for help taking a photo. A practitioner took this opportunity to clarify the facts to her. She was wearing purple clothes, so the practitioner who helped her quit the Young Pioneers gave her the pseudonym "Zi Yu," which means "Purple Jade."

There was a man sitting in the shade of a large tree. I walked up to him and said, “My hometown is right across from here, Anxi City in Fujian Province.” He spoke kindly to me and agreed that we were both Chinese. He pointed to the truth-clarification board and said, "These are not allowed in China.” I said, “You are so fortunate to have run into practitioners clarifying the facts to you. You know that Falun Gong is not allowed to be practiced in China, but why has it spread to more than 100 countries around the world? No matter what race, anyone can practice Falun Gong. In India, Falun Gong is taught in more than 80 schools in physical education class. You need to know that the CCP has committed so many sins. Practitioners' organs have been harvested when they were still alive and their organs sold for profit. Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun have committed the worst crimes in history.” This man kept nodding in agreement, so I helped him quit the Youth League with the pseudonym "Guo Xiang." I also reminded him, “If you recite 'Falun Dafa is wonderful,' when the calamity comes, you will be protected by gods.”

Two young girls were looking at the boards attentively, so a practitioner helped one of them quit the CCP. After walking away, the other girl turned and looked at the boards again. The practitioner rushed over to her and said, “I can tell you are a kind person, I would like to help you quit the Party. I could use the name 'Yumei.'" she quickly agreed. It was just as Teacher said in "To the European Fa Conference in Stockholm:"

“Since ancient times the beings in all realms have waited in anticipation.”

Another time, when I was holding the banner about the rock formation with the characters "Death to the CCP" carved in it, I clarified the facts to six women. They said that they were all CCP members. After they heard the facts, they laughed and said, “How can this be possible?” I said to the woman who laughed the loudest, “Can I use the name 'Xiuyan' to help you quit?” She looked surprised, then one of the other women explained, “Her name is Xiuyan.” Another woman said, “Falun Gong is truly something special!”

Sometimes I would pay attention to body language, such as, were they looking at the boards and smiling; did they linger a little longer, taking another look; would they say thank you after I greeted them and chatted. These are the people who have a predestined relationship with us. When we ask them, they usually agree to quit the Party. Practitioners always look for a way to join conversations, for opportunities to clarify the facts and help people withdraw from the Party.

One lady came over to ask how to get to the Taoyuan Airport from Kaohsiung City on a bus and how much it cost. She was asking for her elderly mother who wanted to go to the airport by herself. Seeing an opportunity, I said to her, “For you to have come to Taiwan was not easy. You know the Party is very corrupt and has killed over 80 million of its own people. Heaven will eliminate it. I will help you quit the Party. How about we use the pseudonym 'Cai Xia?'” She agreed and told me that she was a Party member.

In the crowd, one lady exclaimed in a loud voice from a distance, “Falun Dafa is wonderful!” A man followed along. I asked the man if he had quit the Party and he said that he had and had also encouraged many other people that he knew to quit.

One time I was helping a young person quit the Party. He said, “I'm a Young Pioneer.” Following him up the stairs, I saw someone standing there with a smile on his face. When I was about to give the young person a pseudonym, he had already made up a name for himself, which was, “Heavenly being.” The other person wanted to quit the Party as well. He gave himself the name, “Ocean.” When I asked this person whether or he was a Party member, he replied, "Of course!"

One tour guide commented on how we had come out on such a rainy day. He said that he asked his clients to take our materials and look at the boards and to quit the Party. This tour guide truly understands the truth.

Some tour guides intentionally ask their passengers to gather in front of the boards, and then linger there long enough for them to learn the truth. Another tour guide obtained a DVD about “June 4th” from us and played it to all the tourists on the bus. Some tour guides got truth-clarification pens from us to help us spread the truth. As soon as he walked upstairs, one tour guide began to say that he wanted to quit the Party and asked if we had any slips. When the tourists saw him quitting the Party, they quickly took a few slips, too.

I have also run into practitioners from the mainland. They said to us that the cultivation environment is rather relaxed overseas, and that we've been working so hard and to please save more people, that we need to save more people to keep up with the Fa-rectification process.

Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference:"

“Even when in your daily life you pass by people so quickly that you don't have a chance to talk to them, you should still leave them with your compassion and kindness. Don't lose those who should be saved, especially those with predestined connections.”

In the end, I hope practitioners will treasure the predestined relationships among one another, which are hard to come by; work with each other well; improve in the Fa as one body; and fulfill our sacred vow that we made to help Teacher to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings.