(Minghui.org) Ms. Ma Dongmei, who lives in Malanzi in the Shahekou District, Dalian City, went out grocery shopping on the morning of August 31, 2013. Her 78-year-old mother was at home alone. Four plainclothes officers broke into Ms. Ma's home after 11:00 a.m. They claimed that they were from the local police station, but they did not show any identification. When Ms. Ma got home she realized that something had gone wrong while she was away.

The plainclothes officers attempted to take Ms. Ma's mother away. They told her that they wanted to confirm something with her, and that it would not take long. Ms. Ma's mother saw that they were lying and refused to go with them.

Later, the officers ransacked the place and confiscated two laptop computers, two printers, a DVD writer, a paper cutter, three MP5 players, three MP3 players, a Walkman, a hard drive, a set of Falun Gong books, and 5,000 yuan in cash.

The officers took Ms. Ma away, telling her that she would be back in two days.

Ms. Ma's family went to the local police station. The station police told the family that they had not sent any officers to Ms. Ma's home that day, and that they didn't have any officers by that name or description.

Ms. Ma's family received a detention notice from the Xigang Police Department on September 4, 2013. Ms. Ma is being detained as a criminal and charged with “disrupting the social order.” She is being held in the Yaojia Detention Center.

Ms. Ma's brother passed away recently and Ms. Ma's arrest is a big blow to her mother.