(Minghui,org) Ms. Li Qun, a Falun Gong practitioner from Nanjing City, was sent to a forced labor camp for a year and six-month term that was extended for another six months. She was threatened by the 610 Office and pressured to work for them as a spy. After she exposed the persecution she suffered, she was on their wanted list and had to leave home and go into hiding for three years. She was arrested again in early July 2013 in Nanjing City and is detained at the Nanjing Detention Center.

Ms. Li, over 40, became an instructor in the Nanjing Military Telecommunication and Engineering Institution after getting her Master's Degree there. After she started to practice Falun Gong in 1996, she enjoyed good health and was full of energy.

Ms. Li's parents are retired university professors. At the age of nearly 80, they should be able to enjoy their retired life. However, they are very worried about their daughter and they live in fear.

Persecution Through Brainwashing

Since the Communist regime started to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, Ms. Li has been arrested several times. She was under house arrest and was sent to a mental hospital, subjected to forced labor, and then sent to a brainwashing center.

Ms. Li wrote an open letter on the campus website and told the truth about Falun Gong. She was criticized in a circulated notice by the military and was immediately under house arrest. She was detained in a guest house and was under investigation.

A so-called “education group” was formed in the institution to brainwash her. Her daily progress was directly reported to the higher authorities of the institution and the PLA General Political Department. Ms. Li wrote more than ten articles about Falun Gong. They thought that she was too stubborn and had a mental problem. The psychologists were asked to evaluate her, and they confirmed that she had no mental issues, and they praised her as having outstanding talents. Failing to “educate” her after spending much effort and money, the authorities decided to discharge her from the party and the military.

Persecuted in a Mental Hospital

Ms. Li's own husband, who had been under a lot of pressure and was head of Ms. Li's department, was forced to send her to a mental hospital at the end of March 2000. On the way to the hospital, Ms. Li had been resisting, and she vomited and almost collapsed. She refused to eat and drink in the hospital, and she was force-fed which caused her mouth to bleed.

On the second day that Ms. Li was in the mental hospital, the principal forced her husband to take on the process to decommission her. He had to go to the local police station to register her. The local police told him that he needed to get their permission if he was going to take his wife out of the mental hospital.

Ms. Li was forced to take different medicines in large doses at the Nanjing Mental Hospital, and she had a strong reaction to the medicine. She had to keep walking during the day and her legs kept shaking at night when she slept. She gained weight from it, and her brain became numb and slow. If she did not take the medicine she was unable to sleep.

After Ms. Li came out of the hospital, she started to study the Fa and practice the exercises again, and she gradually recovered. One evening the police from the Ruijinlu Police Station came to inquire about whether she still practiced Falun Gong, and she answered yes. They tried to take her away and she called out loudly, “Falun Dafa is good! Stop arresting people!” Her calling was heard far away in the residential compound. The police quickly dragged her from the building and took her to the police station.

Ms. Li was arrested again in Hangzhou City on February 25, 2001 by police from Nanjing City and was detained in the Nanjing Detention Center. She was handcuffed behind her back so tightly that the cuff cut into her thumbs. Her right thumb lost feeling for several months. She was later handcuffed and put in a heavy shackle that was also connected to her handcuffs, which made her unable to straighten her body. When the shackle was finally removed, she fell forward to the ground and was unable to walk.

Ms. Li was sent to the Judoing Women's Forced Labor Camp in Jiangsu Province on May 18, 2001. Because she refused to write a so-called “guarantee statement,” she was berated and forced to stand straight the entire night and forced to squat for long hours. She was taken to a room and beaten by the guards and several inmates. She felt dizzy and had headaches because the inmates often made noises at night to interfere with her sleep.

Indecent Treatment by Chinese Regime Officials

Tang Guofang, head of the Provincial Bureau of Forced Labor, often texted Ms. Li with shameless and sexual pornographic words at the beginning of 2003.

Bai Zhenghui from the municipal 610 Office invited Ms. Li to lunch. However, it was set up and she was raped at noon on April 14, 2004.

Kuang Yuqing from the Baixia District Police Department called Ms. Li on April 22, 2004, a week after she was raped. He tried to use the incident to blackmail her into being their spy. She refused.

Ms. Li had a hard time finding a job. Kuang Yuqing helped her find a job without being asked in August 2004. Huang Yaling, deputy of the Nanjing Police Department later said to her, “You see we care for you and helped you to find a job. You should show your gratitude and help us.”

Ms. Li was not afraid under their threats and again refused to be a spy.

Rescued from a Desperate Situation

Ms. Li suffered from the mental torment , and was unable to sleep well in 2007. She became weak and unable to work. The reality that Falun Gong has kept her healthy mentally and physically woke her up. She realized the Chinese communist regime's agencies are the ones harming people. Ms. Li resumed her practice of Falun Gong.

Under Pressure

After the Chinese New Year of 2009, officer Xiao Ningjian from the Nanjing Police Department and Ding Cuiying from Baixia District came to her home. Xiao Ningjian rejected their attempts to coerce her into becoming a spy. After Ms. Li listed the facts, they became very angry.

Her husband was threatened by the authorities of the Nanjing Military Telecommunication and Engineering Institution after they learned Ms. Li started to practice Falun Gong again. They requested that her husband force her to quit practicing, or to make her leave home. They gave her husband one day to respond. After he refused, they pressured her husband to divorce her, which he also refused. They finally pressured her husband to leave the military.

Arrested Again

Ms. Li was arrested again at the gate of the residential compound on August 11, 2009, and was sent to a brainwashing center. Her husband was on a business trip at the time. The police searched her home and also the home of her parents.

She held a hunger strike to protest in the brainwashing center, and had tried to escape but failed.

Those involved in the persecution:

Nanjin City Brainwashing Center: +86-25-83137888, +86-25-83131202 Zhou Yadong (周亚东), deputy head of the municipal 610 Office: +86-13591843028, +86-25-83638413 Bai Zhenghui (柏正辉), section head of the 610 Office: +86-15950503300, +86-25-83638274 Xiao Ningjian (肖宁健), head of the Nanjing City Domestic Security Division: +86-13951647329 Tang Guofang (唐国防), head of the education department of the Provincial Bureau of Forced Labor: +86-13951963377, +86-13813910507, +86-25-83719121 (Home) Huang Jinsong (黄劲松), head of the Baixia District 610 Office: +86-25-84556612, +86-25-84556613 For more contact information, please refer to the original Chinese article.