(Minghui.org) During mid-August, I was studying the Fa at another practitioner’s home. After reading one lecture, I wanted to share my thoughts with her because she had suffered leg pain for more than a year.

However, she became upset soon after I started talking and said: "Don’t impose your own notions on me. Everyone’s path is different, and each of us has a unique experience. You can’t force your notions on me."

I was shocked that she reacted so strongly. My heart wasn’t moved, but I no longer wanted to talk and went home.

Negating the Old Forces' Arrangements

At home, I felt uneasy about how she had treated me. I thought: “Did she know that I was doing her a favor? I will no longer be interested in helping her. She was so angry when she talked to me. I will no longer go to her home to study the Fa.”

It was time to send forth righteous thoughts. I sat on the bed with legs double-crossed. However, my mind was not clean and calm. I kept thinking about this practitioner and how I just didn’t want to return to her home.

Suddenly, one word came to mind: separation. I instantly realized: "No, I can’t do this. This is what the old forces want. They want to separate us and to sabotage our environment for Fa study. In addition, group study is what Teacher wants us to have. I can’t let the old forces take advantage of our loophole. I must send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it."

Teacher’s words came to mind:

"Whatever you experience during your cultivation—whether good or bad—is good, for it comes about only because you are cultivating." ("To the Chicago Fa Conference")

Whatever happened between me and her is an indication that I have attachments to eliminate. No matter what happens, we need to first look inward to see what we did wrong or where we didn't conform to the Fa.

Teacher said:

“As a cultivator
One always looks for one’s own faults
’Tis the Way to get rid of attachments most effectively
There’s no way to skip ordeals, big or small
[During a conflict, if you can remember:]
“He’s right,
And I’m wrong,”
What’s to dispute?”

(“Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong” in Hong Yin III)


Discovering Attachments

I was shocked after I looked inward. Don’t I have the attachment of fighting? Because I was not compassionate, I always criticized her when I talked to her. In addition, I still had attachment of lust, desire and showing off. I often measured others with the yardstick of the Fa and rarely examined myself.

With such strong human notions and attachments, how could other practitioners accept what I said?

Since I found these attachments, I needed to eliminate all of them immediately. When I truly realized this, my body instantly felt light, as if a thick layer of substance had fallen away.

I was humbled because the other practitioner had done well in so many aspects. For example, she studied the Fa and practiced the exercises diligently. She was active in clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa to save sentient beings, and she also helped other practitioners to find a group study site.

Despite that she suffered from leg pain, she still did the three things well.

I wanted to tell her: “Thank you, my fellow practitioner. Thank you for providing us the environment for Fa study. We must cherish and maintain it well.”

The next time I went to her home for Fa study, she was calm and kind as if nothing had happened.

It is truly wonderful to look within. It is the method that Teacher has given us. Thank you, Teacher, for Your compassion and arranging this opportunity for me to improve.

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