(Minghui.org) Recently I had a fellow practitioner visit me at home. As she was leaving, she asked, “Do they know you practice Falun Gong at work?” I knew her real reason for asking was that she wondered why I haven't been persecuted. All the other practitioners in our area have been persecuted, even my own parents. This question has bewildered me for awhile. I thought, “Isn't it a good sign that I haven't been persecuted? Why should I be persecuted?”

Three years ago, I was the only practitioner in our region who had never been persecuted. The pressure from practitioners, however, made me quite confused and even a little depressed. I didn't feel that they were suspicious of me, but I wondered if they were thinking that I didn't cultivate particularly well. I know I am not an eloquent speaker, and my appearance isn't that of someone who is well-educated. But why, then, am I able to turn peril into safety when faced with the evil 610 Office, police, and spies?

Practitioners were puzzled, especially when I told them what happened during the World Expo. During a meeting, my manager told me, “My boss told me that some employees distributed Falun Gong pamphlets at work during the expo, but I don't think that the employees in our company would do that.” In fact, this was just a manifestation of a sentient being who had chosen a bright future for himself after learning the truth. But practitioners' attitudes have long baffled me. I started to have doubts about myself, because they couldn't just accept the fact that I have not been persecuted. They could not see that this was a good thing.

More recently, I have often been plagued by practitioners' question, “Why haven't you been persecuted by the evil?” When I studied the "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference," Master said:

“The attitude each cultivator has toward others is a reflection of his own cultivation.”

I felt that I had come to some understandings of my current situation. When I kept on reading, Master said,

“Of course, things are always easier said than done, and once I got involved the very nature of it changed. You all know that Dafa disciples are to validate the Fa, so then what is Master doing? Master came to do Fa-rectification.”

After coming across the word “Master” two times, I couldn't help but repeat it quietly to myself, “Master, Master!” I felt I was one of Master's molecules! Immediately afterward, I suddenly felt a surge of energy spread from my feet all the way to my head. I realized that, since I began my cultivation in Falun Dafa 17 years ago, I have been connected only to Master. Since the day I started the practice, I have almost forgotten everything about the “ordinary way of the world.” The only thought I have in my mind is trying to strive diligently in my cultivation and quickly return to Master's paradise.

I think this is why I have walked steadily on the path of my cultivation. I have no distracting thoughts, only Master and Dafa. Since I obtained the Fa, everything in this human world was for me to practice cultivation. After the Fa-rectification began, all I wanted was to do the three things well. I crave nothing in this world. Dafa has given me the wisdom to see things clearly and let go of my worldly attachments. Through Fa study, I have no gaps that the evil old forces can interfere with. I just listen to Master and try my best to save all beings.

As I am writing this sharing, my eyes fill with tears. I have come to a new understanding of what the word “Master” means. Have faith in Master, cultivate steadfastly, and do the three things well. Everything is in these three things. Thank you, Master, for your compassionate salvation!