My Husband Became a Fan of NTDTV

We installed a satellite dish in my home last spring. Before it was installed, I told my husband that New Tang Dynasty television (NTDTV) has lots of good programs and provides factual news reports. After it was installed, when he found that, unlike CCTV which has 90 channels, there was only NTDTV on the satellite dish, he was angry and would not watch it.

A year passed. This year after I watched Shen Yun, I switched the channel back to NTDTV. I thought I'd watch first, then invite my husband to watch it as well.

I had not watched television since I started cultivation. But this time I watched for a long time. As I watched, my husband also came in and watched and said the programs were good. He was especially interested in the series of programs about the Wang Lijun incident. He soon got up early every morning to watch the news, as if he were following a soap opera. At the beginning he also watched the coverage about this on CCTV, but he soon realized that CCTV only told lies and stopped watching it.

Because my husband had been a soldier in Beijing, he knows a lot about the government and was attracted to the informative programs on NTDTV. When he went to his hometown to help his brother build a house, he shared what he had learned from NTDTV with the builders.

Through watching NTDTV, he thoroughly understood the facts about the communist party (CCP)'s corruption and the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, and he knows about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. He now hopes that the CCP will be disintegrated as soon as possible so that Chinese people can live peaceful lives.

Previously whenever I clarified the facts and persuaded others to renounce their memberships to the Party, he would quarrel with me, and say I was involved in politics and I would eventually infuriate him. Now he knows that the corrupt CCP officials hide huge amounts of money abroad, while many Chinese people work very hard and barely get by.

I'm glad he knows the truth. If conditions permit, I suggest fellow practitioners install an NTDTV satellite dish so that your family members will awaken from the CCP's lies.

NTDTV Changes a Stubborn Person By a practitioner in mainland China

There's a college student in my village who absorbed a lot of CCP culture. He was eloquent, carefully chose his words and did not act recklessly. Everyday people think he's a remarkable person who is wise, erudite and articulate.

Falun Gong practitioners in the village tried to clarify the facts to him but he did not listen, nor did he agree to withdraw his membership the Communist Party organizations. He used the phrases and terminology he learned from CCP culture to refute everything they said and did not believe the facts practitioners told him. Although he knows that the CCP is greedy, corrupt and no better than gangsters, he was always resistant to quitting the Party.

This year my family hired him as a driver. At my home, NTDTV was broadcast continuously every day. At the beginning after he came back from his work he did not watch, but the TV was always on and the contents went into his brain even without him watching. Gradually he began to watch a little. As he watched more and more, the real news and true stories continuously got into his mind. I also sent forth righteous thoughts to clear any evil, dark minions and rotten demons in other dimensions that interfered with him knowing the truth. Eventually he accepted the facts and began to have positive thoughts about Dafa. He told me that some of what NTDTV said was same as his history textbook, some was totally different. He thinks what's said on NTDTV is really the truth and he accepted it.

I told him the facts of Falun Gong, why practitioners urge others to renounce the Party, why the CCP persecutes us and why Master spreads the Fa in today's world. He finally understood everything and withdrew his membership to the Party.

I'm so glad he is saved and I sincerely thank Master! Since my family installed the NTDTV satellite dish, we have kept it on every day and whoever visits us watches it and says it's good. NTDTV truly plays a powerful role in saving people.