(Minghui.org) Tiefeng District Procuratorate in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province, will prosecute two sisters who are Falun Gong practitioners from Qiqihar, Ms. Xie Li and Ms. Xie Wei. The two will be tried in Tiefeng.

The sisters' homes were raided by officers from Xingongdi Police Station on March 28. They were arrested and detained in the Qiqihar Detention Center.

In seeking justice for her daughters over the past four months, their mother frequently visited the local police station, procuratorate, and court. These agencies made concerted efforts to deceive the elderly woman.

Their mother went to Xingongdi Police Station to try to retrieve her daughters. Officers Sun Guojun and Li Aimin threatened her, saying, "If you weren't old, we would put you in the detention center, too." They took her bag, rummaged through her stuff, and then drove her out of the police station.

Officers Liu Yang, Xu Mingqi, and Zhang Guohe used intimidation, coercion, and inducement to fabricate “evidence" against the two women. They took the sisters into a room and interrogated them. When Ms. Xie Wei was interrogated, an older officer got right up in her face and grinned maliciously. They pressured the sisters to get them to do what they wanted them to do. After that, they moved them into another room where there were cameras and told the sisters to sign documents under the surveillance cameras. Such “evidence" was manufactured.

The sisters have been arrested and kept away from their home, and their three young children are desolate.

Contact Information

Xingongdi Police Station: +86-452-221-1943 Tian Chunli (田春立), police chief: +86-13604527977 Liu Yang (刘洋), deputy chief: +86-13945209699 Sun Guojun (孙国军): +86-13836298080 Li Aimin (李爱民): +86-13945225551 Tiefeng District Court: +86-452-221-6814, +86-452-891-9053 Yang Xingyi (杨兴义), court head: +86-452-891-9001 Qu Aike (曲爱克), deputy head: +86-452-289-19002, +86-452-891-9008 Wang Yuxia (王玉霞), presiding judge: +86-452-891-9075