(Minghui.org) Several days ago, practitioner A handed me her experience sharing article, and asked if I would check it over before submitting it to the 10 th China Fahui on the Minghui website. I worked on the paper immediately and returned it to her overnight. But I did not hear from her again. Three days later, practitioner B told me to send forth righteous thoughts for practitioner A as she was in critical condition.

I was shocked. How could this happen? She seemed fine three days ago. When I asked where she was, practitioner B said, “She is in intensive care at the hospital and no one is allowed to visit. All we can do is to individually send forth righteous thoughts and hope for the best.” The next day, I was told that practitioner A had been sent home with no hope to live, and that the family was preparing for her funeral. As soon as we got word, all of us practitioners gathered at her home. While practitioner A lay there unconscious, we gathered round her bed and started to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the old force elements that were persecuting her physical body. We took turns to send forth righteous thoughts and continued 24 hours a day.

The situation was indeed very serious. Practitioner A had an oxygen tube inserted into her, her eyes were closed and her throat was filled with phlegm. Her son and daughter-in-law returned home from out of town. Her relatives and friends also came to say goodbye to her before she passed away. People started crying. It was at this point that her youngest son, who is also a practitioner, urged practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts for her.

Even while practitioner A was near death, one practitioner called out her name loudly and said, “Please send righteous thoughts!” Tenaciously, practitioner A's right hand slowly stood erect in the righteous thoughts position and stayed like that for a long time. I was so very moved witnessing this. What a great practitioner she was.

I returned home in the early hours and went back to practitioner A's house at 7 p.m. the next day, to continue the relay of sending forth righteous thoughts. I was speechless when I opened the door and saw practitioner A sitting up cross-legged on the bed doing the fifth exercise along with other practitioners. This was the first time in my life that I have witnessed Dafa's supernormal ability! Practitioners worked as one body battling the old forces for two days and nights, finally retrieving practitioner A from the clutches of the old forces.

In 1997, practitioner A was diagnosed with leukemia. After spending lots of money looking for various treatments, she could not find a cure and her health was deteriorating. She only survived after a practitioner from out of town introduced her to Falun Gong. At that time, she swore to cultivate Dafa. She studied the Fa and practiced the exercises every day. Her illness disappeared within 3 months.

Practitioner A accumulated a lot of debt as a result of her medical treatment, and she has to raise three children. To make a living and pay off the debt, she owned a small booth in the city selling tobacco products, mineral water and kids toys. She got up very early in the morning to open for business and did not close until midnight. She had no time to do the three things that Master asks us to do, and eventually allowed herself to be taken advantage of by the old forces.

Master told us in “Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference”, “Cultivate with the heart you once had, and consummation is certain.”

We should closely follow the progress of Fa-rectification and dedicate ourselves to do the three things well and not let Master down.