(Minghui.org) “Practicing Falun Dafa today is an opportunity you may not encounter in a thousand years! It involves a lot of issues: complex arrangements by gods, meeting a predestined person, finding the book Zhuan Falun, and understanding the Fa,” said Mr. Zeng Guilin, 51, when he summarized his cultivation so far.

The Book That Changed His Life

In 2006, Mr. Zeng, a taxi driver, met four special female customers in Taipei. He was deeply impressed by their open and frank dispositions. As he drove them to their destination, they told Mr. Zeng about Falun Gong and recommended that he read the book Zhuan Falun.

Mr. Zeng went to the bookstore and bought the book that day. He found it quite easy to understand, and he found some topics to be quite interesting. Using his spare time as he waited for customers or traffic signals, he finished reading the book in about a month. Unexpectedly, he experienced great changes.

Quitting Smoking and Drinking

Mr. Zeng could finish a bottle (0.6 Liter) of sorghum wine in three hours. Before he married, he said to his wife-to-be, “I can quit anything except alcohol.” However, after he read Lecture Seven in Zhuan Falun where Master recommends that practitioners quit smoking and drinking, Mr. Zeng hit upon an idea: “Since Master says that it is not good to smoke or drink, I will stop drinking and smoking from now on!” However, that is easier said than done for a long-time tobacco and alcohol abuser.

Nevertheless, Mr. Zeng did quit with the power he gained from the book. He totally quit smoking and drinking from the moment he made that decision. Now he even chooses not to take a customer who is smoking because he is not comfortable with that strong smell anymore. Before, he enjoyed taking customers who smoked so he could smoke, too. As Master said,

“If you want to quit, it is guaranteed that you can do it. When you smoke a cigarette again, it will not taste right. If you read this lecture in the book, it will also have this effect.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

Mr. Zeng exclaimed, “What Master said in the book is real!”

In addition, he used to drink from noon to 8 a.m. three days a week. He loved the smell of alcohol. After he finished reading Zhuan Falun, however, this drastically changed. Once a passenger next to him on the bus who was carrying a bottle of alcohol accidentally spilled a few drops. Mr Zeng almost threw up when he smelled it.

Mr. Zeng is not the only one to have had such experiences. Many practitioners have reported similar things. Mr. Zeng heard about a practitioner in his 70s who shared a similar experience in a Fa study he attended. That practitioner had smoked for more than 60 years. He started smoking when he was 5 or 6 years old. He had even tried opium. As he got older, he started to cough a lot and the doctor told him to quit. He had tried to stop smoking by attending a seminar for a long time, but it didn't work. He finally quit successfully after he started practicing Falun Dafa.

Old Health Issues Improve

Besides quitting smoking and drinking, Mr. Zeng benefited in other ways from practicing Falun Dafa. For example, he suffered for over 10 years from a runny nose, even in the heat of summer. And it did not improve even after two surgeries. It was very annoying to have to clean his nose every 10 minutes.

When he first began to practice in the park with other practitioners, he felt sorry that he had to blow and wipe his nose during the exercises. Then, in a dream he had, some spider-like things crawled out of his nose. After that his nose ran less and less, and then it improved a lot after two karma-eliminating experiences.

His knees were also bad. Many years ago, he stumbled over a rock when he was carrying his over-60-pound child in his arms. He landed on both knees when he fell. Two years after that, his knees started to hurt, and he couldn’t squat anymore. When he first saw that the fifth exercise required sitting in the full lotus position, he thought he would never be able to do it.

After six-years of effort, he can now sit in the lotus position. He has practiced a lot despite the pain in his knees. One day, he dreamed that a large centipede crawled out of his knees, and after that the pain got weaker and weaker. According to his understanding, the centipede and spiders were living souls in another dimension, asking for payment for debts he owed them. Without Master's protection, he could do nothing about it.

Treasure This Golden Opportunity

Listening to Dafa music, like “Pu Du” and “Ji Shi,” brings tears to his eyes. He deeply believes that he has a predestined relationship with Dafa. He said, “Master always gives me, a person full of karma, chances to cultivate.” He said that with Master and the Fa, he should have confidence in himself to walk his cultivation path well.