Practitioners Expose the Lies

One night in December 2004, Chinese state-run media CCTV claimed that Falun Gong practitioners were lying when they said they were beaten black and blue. A forced labor camp representative asked some of the inmates to discuss the claim.

Practitioners simply described their own experiences, which quickly revealed the truth. One practitioner said, “I was beaten with an electric baton, hung on the wall, and locked up in a tiny room. I nearly died.” Another said, “I was forced to sit on the concrete floor in the winter cold and my stomach hurt all the time. Police kicked the lower part of my body.”

I also stood up and testified, “I was force-fed salty water and other filthy things. They shocked the left side of my face with an electric baton and a big blister formed.” Before I could finish, a guard stopped me: “Why is she still talking? Get out of here, everyone!” They abruptly ended the discussion.

That afternoon, an officer was going to read articles that defamed Dafa to us. Just as she was about to begin, I wrote two sentences on a piece of paper and put it on her desk. It said, “Falun Dafa is wonderful. Those who defame Dafa will be punished.” She looked at it, picked it up, and went back to her office. Looking at her, I could not hold back my tears. She never did read to us.

Two days later, two leaders called me to their office and said, “We did not say anything or punish you after reading your note, yet you have been crying for two days. Stop it!” I said, “I am crying for you. You just graduated from college and are very young. It's tragic that you are deceived by Chinese Communist Party and assist it to do such awful things. I'm very worried about your future.” They listened to me very carefully.

In the next two days, they took turns talking to practitioners. When other practitioners told them about how they were persecuted, they nodded and wept.

Consciences Restored

In the beginning of 2005, practitioners detained together, which made it convenient for us to validate the Fa.

Prior to Easter Day, we contacted practitioners held in other teams and decided to work together to validate the Fa after breakfast. A practitioner whispered, “One, Two, Go!” Then we shouted together, “Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is wonderful!Restore Master's reputation!” Our voices came from both the first and second floors.

This really upset the supervisors, who asked 10 people to take charge of it. We were interrogated one by one.

Two men in their 40s talked to me. It was probably because I was much older than they that they told me to sit on a chair. They asked me why I had shouted “Falun Dafa is good.” I replied, “Today is Easter Day. It is the day when Jesus rose from the dead. He is a great God. However, the ruler of the Roman Empire did not believe in God. Many of Jesus' disciples were tortured to death. Jesus suffered on the cross. It is because the Romans committed such an evil deed that, in the end, the Roman Empire collapsed.

"Now the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is like the Roman Empire--it does not believe in gods, either. Neither does it believe that 'good will be rewarded and evil will be punished.' It persecutes people that believe in gods. The CCP's future will be worse than the Roman Empire's. Falun Dafa is the Buddha Fa. We spoke out to express our appreciation to our Master and to reaffirm that we will to cultivate in the Buddha Fa. We were also trying to appeal your conscience so that you can be saved.”

Just then an officer came in. When he saw that I was clarifying the truth he slapped my face. Then he left angrily. The two men looked at each other and said, “Now we understand. You can leave now.”

We Are Not Criminals

In all kinds of place of detention, guards often forced practitioners to sit on tiny, hard chairs for a long time, which made their bones hurt and their skin break open.

I told the other practitioners, “They torture us by making us sit on this kind of chair.” I threw it aside and sat on a mat. An officer saw it and started to kick me. He took me to his office and tied my hands to the heating pipes. He shouted, “Who told you to do that? What if everyone does it?” I said, “I will not sit on that chair. No one could bear it. You are committing a crime by persecuting Dafa practitioners. You will be held responsible. I hope you understand and stop doing this.”

She didn't know what to do and sent me back to the room. When I returned, all the practitioners threw their chairs aside and were sitting on the floor. Two officers pretended that they did not see anything. They had their heads down and did not say a word.

In fact, while the officer was talking to me, other practitioners agreed that they would all throw their chairs aside. Those in charge are powerless if we don't cooperate with them.

A guard said, “The criminals are scared to death when we confront them even though they fight outside. Falun Gong practitioners refuse to obey us. They are not scared at all.”

I think they must have understood after a while that Falun Dafa practitioners have a great Master and they are cultivating themselves according to the Buddha Fa. By working together to deny the persecution, wicked people are overwhelmed. Some guards said, “We could not bear to beat you anymore.” Some of them started to be concerned about practitioners and some protected practitioners secretly. They always smiled at us.