(Minghui.org) The 11 th District of Shandong Provincial Prison is an evil den that persecutes Falun Gong practitioners. However, it is a paradise for economic criminals and convicted corrupt officials. These prisoners have networks and bribe the guards with money.

The criminal prisoners are not required to do labor. Instead, they are recruited to “transform” Falun Gong practitioners and force them to give up their belief. The “transformation” process is done through violence and high mental pressure.

Every Falun Gong practitioner in District No. 11 is forced to write the so-called “five statements” to renounce their belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, the guiding principles of Falun Gong.

Before practitioners are released from jail, they also have to write a speech slandering Falun Gong and read it out loud at a general meeting. All of these speeches are recorded on video. The majority of practitioners are determined not to cooperate.

Those who could not endure the pressure and physical abuse and wrote the “five statements” did not do so from their heart. Many of them later wrote solemn declarations to nullify these statements and confirm their faith in Falun Gong.

Being afraid that what they do to persecute Falun Gong practitioners might be exposed, the guards of District No. 11 carry out the persecution in a specific room. They instigate five to six prisoners to stay with and “transform” the practitioners.

These criminals do not allow practitioners to eat or sleep. They curse and physically abuse them. If they succeed in “transforming” the practitioners, they are rewarded with reduced sentences.

The majority of practitioners incarcerated in the Shandong Provincial Prison have been given sentences of over 3 years. The longest sentence is 20 years.

The persecution is carried out day after day, year after year.

Those practitioners who refuse to renounce their faith are not allowed to step outside all year round; they never see the sunlight.

Some practitioners have had to be hospitalized as the result of the torture and mistreatment in the prison. The prison authorities have used this opportunity to defame Falun Gong, spreading false rumors that practitioners had refused to take medication.

Cases of Persecution

A practitioner with surname Lu from Mengyin was tortured to death by several criminal prisoners. The guards of District No. 11 claimed that he had committed suicide.

Practitioner Wang Liang, from Zibo, was jailed in an iron cage. During summer, he was exposed to extreme heat for several consecutive days, with no water to drink.

A sketch of an 'iron cage'

Shao Chengluo from Qingdao was tortured and confined to bed for several years. As a result, he was not able to walk.

Zhang Fengxue from Changle, Weifang, was beaten by 610 Office agents, who broke three of his ribs and then put him in jail. A guard forced him to “thank the government for saving him.”

Liu Ruping from Jinan went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The guards force-fed him every day.

Chen Youtian from Zibo was tortured until he was emaciated and near death.

District No. 11 of the Shandong Provincial Prison also forces practitioners to do slave labor. Currently, they are forced to process milk packaging for a company in Baiyunhu, Zhang Qiu.

Prison Creates Documents on How to Persecute Practitioners

Head of the prison Qi Xiaoguang, education section chief Zhang Leiguang and District No. 11 director Li Wei are listed as authors of the prison guide on how to “transform” practitioners. The actual author was a prisoner named Han Xiaolei.

Han once told a practitioner: “It will be OK if we beat you to death.”

District No. 11 is currently updating its guidelines on how to target Falun Gong practitioners. Those in charge of writing this material include a criminal named Han Hua, a thief named Han Tao (from Shandong University), and an official named Wang Jiufu, who was the head of a school and has been convicted of corruption.