(Minghui.org) I would like to write here about a few cases that I witnessed of practitioners who were attached to sentimentality and the lessons learned about improper contact between men and women.

Practitioner A, who is not married, volunteers at a large truth-clarification material site. He started doing Dafa work, such as getting online, giving technical support and making truth-clarifying materials, before 2002. He looks inward and cultivates well in other areas as well. But later this practitioner became careless and started chatting with an unmarried female practitioner online. He even had intimate conversations with an unmarried female practitioner, whom he had seen only a few times and with whom he had spoken only a few words. This gave the impression of impropriety with sentimentality. A short time later, he was illegally sentenced and suffered very serious persecution. The lesson was painful.

Practitioner B, also unmarried, was one of the earlier practitioners to step out to validate the Fa. He actively participated in appealing in Beijing and clarifying the truth. Once, he asked an unmarried female practitioner to come to his home. When she did not go, he said: “I knew you would not come.” His words revealed unnecessary sentimentality. Soon after, he was arrested and sent to a labor camp. After he came out of the labor camp, unable to contact other practitioners, he went to an unmarried female practitioner's home to pick up Master's new articles. He immediately fell in love with her. Practitioner B also admitted that he was attached to lust. But he could not let go of the desire to date that female practitioner. As a result, he was arrested again and sent to a labor camp. This lesson was also very obvious.

Practitioner C, who is unmarried, was also one of the earlier practitioners to step out to validate the Fa. He actively participated in contacting fellow practitioners, appealed in Beijing and clarified the truth. He has done especially well in clarifying the truth face-to-face. Since he's at the age of starting a family, elderly practitioners wanted to find him a wife. They found someone who was also one of the earlier practitioners to step out to validate the Fa. But he said he was not interested in getting married and did not accept their suggestion. Actually he did not like her. He wanted to find someone who was more beautiful. Though he said that he was not interested in getting married and was not attached to it, he started dating another unmarried female practitioner who had not stepped out to validate the Fa. Later, both of them were persecuted. Normally, people would get married if they were attracted to each other, or they would break up if they were not. But after they dated for a long time, there was no news of either marriage or breakup. It's fine to take time to get to know each other and then decide whether to get married or not. But keeping a long-term relationship and not getting married is not the traditional way for a righteous person. Practitioner C dated for so long without getting married, and as a result, he was also arrested and sent to labor camps many times.

Practitioner D, who is also unmarried, went to Beijing to appeal in 2000 and was able to access the Minghui website in 2000. He also had some improper contact with unmarried female practitioners, such as patting them on the shoulder, embracing, or holding hands. Though he was not detained, he went in another direction and gave up cultivation. It is a great pity.

The above are a few lessons. Although these practitioners did not make actual mistakes of inappropriate sexual contact, they made some improper contact, and as a result, they either suffered severe persecution or left the Fa. Although patting on the shoulder, holding hands, and dating for a long time without getting married may not be a big deal in the current, ordinary society, which is in moral decline, persecution is relentless and the consequences are serious. So I'm writing about this so we can all learn a lesson.