(Minghui.org) The Minghui website published an editorial with Master's commentary recently. Our local practitioners printed the article with Master's comment and handed it out to Fa study groups and individual practitioners. Some of the study groups only read the article together once and had a very brief discussion. Some coordinators thought it was enough just to let fellow practitioners know about it. I have a different view on this issue.

This mindset is related to the effectiveness of our daily Fa study. Some practitioners only focus on “how many lectures” they study every day, instead of trying to understand the inner meanings of the Fa and improving themselves based on the Fa. When they then meet tribulations, they don't have the Fa in their mind and don't know how to look within or how to cultivate themselves, so they become very passive. When a new article by Master is published, if practitioners can study it with their hearts and assimilate themselves into the Fa, it will help them to measure themselves against the Fa when conflicts arise again and change the passive situation where they do “not know how to cultivate.” In addition to studying the Fa more effectively, coordinators also play an important role.

We have all studied Master's lecture “Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website’s Founding,” as well as, “on important matters, practitioners must pay attention to the attitude of Minghui Net.” (Minghui Editorial “Notice: A Second Authentic New Article of Master Li Since July 22, 1999 Will Be Published in a Few Days”) So when some article or statement that attacks Minghui comes out, why do some practitioners easily believe it and follow it? Doesn't this expose their shortcomings in Fa study and personal cultivation?

Currently, among the practitioners in mainland China, some just study the Fa and are not willing to get involved in doing things to save people, and there are also other practitioners who just do things but don't make an effort to improve their xinxing from the Fa's perspective. Generally speaking, they have paid less attention to improving their xinxing and cultivating themselves.

Now Master has taught us again:

“Cultivation is about removing human thoughts, and it serves to weed out those who are firmly entrenched in their human thinking and who disrupt things. Whenever something crooked comes about to interfere with practitioners, in each instance it is meant to be a test to remove human thoughts and differentiate between those who can and those who can’t meet the standard. These things will take on all kinds of appearances, and are able to, if you look at them from the surface, mislead those who have omissions or attachments driven by human thinking. I want to make something clear: It is not only the evil that is attacking Minghui with various means--when practitioners don't remove their human thoughts, they, too, play that damaging role. As for whether you can make it in cultivation or not, as long as the period for cultivation is ongoing there are opportunities for you to make it, but on the other hand, unknowns abound as well. ” (Master's Commentary on “Editorial: Are You a Cultivator?”)

Master's comment emphasized removing our human thoughts. For those who've disrupted things, who were misled, and who have played a damaging role, it is all because of their human thoughts and attachments. And for those who were weeded out, it's also because they were holding onto their human thinking. As a result, we need to remove our human thoughts in order to save sentient beings, and that is walking on the divine path and repaying Master's grace. “Just knowing it,” without cultivating inward or removing our human thoughts, is giving up the cultivation opportunities given to us by Master. We really need to remove our human thoughts.