(Minghui.org) I sincerely thank Master and Dafa for giving me a new life, a healthy body and a happy family. I have benefited both physically and mentally and I wish to share with everyone the beauty of Dafa.

Dafa has significantly changed me

I am a veteran practitioner who obtained the Fa in March 1997. Prior to cultivation, my health was very poor. I suffered from arthritis, anemia, headaches, bronchitis and other diseases. Because of my poor health, I had a very bad temper as well. I weighed only 80 pounds and my face was very yellow. After I married, my bad temper did not improve. My husband had no sympathy for me but instead beat and cursed me. I was so miserable that I tried to commit suicide by hanging myself several times but never succeeded. Moreover, I had to take care of my baby daughter, so I could not eat regularly and I developed more diseases. My husband did not like me and seldom talked to me. During the day I lay alone in bed feeling very sad because my young daughter was going to lose her mom. I felt that I was about to die and my family would be broken apart.

One day, after coming back from work, my husband excitedly asked me to go learn a practice at an exercise site. I didn't even answer him since I knew that I was going to die and nothing could save me. My husband knew what I was thinking and tried very hard to persuade me to go. Without any hope or expectations, I went to the exercise site and they were listening to Master's lectures. The coordinator was shocked when he saw my yellow face and black lips. I looked like I had a very serious illness. After I told the coordinator why I had come there, he welcomed me and found a seat for me. As soon as I sat down, I felt that I was in a divine place. Master's words entered every cell of my body and I had never heard any sound that was so wonderful! I felt that it was from some remote and beautiful place. There were no words to describe my feelings. My body had never been that comfortable.

Six months after I began practicing Falun Gong, all my diseases had disappeared and my body had experienced significant changes. My weight increased to 103 pounds and I could eat more food than ever before. My face looked rosy and I felt very refreshed. I no longer had to take any medicine. From that point on, I made good use of my time to study the Fa and do the exercises. I tried to be a good person, conduct myself according to Master's teachings and be considerate of others. At home, I did more housework and took better care of my husband. I took care of my parents-in-law and I also took good care of my daughter. When my husband lost his temper, I seldom argued with him. Sometimes, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law would scold me. I never fought back and just let it go with a smile. My family said that I had changed and my neighbors also told me that I was like a different person. Now I am close to fifty but I look like I am in my thirties. One day, a relative came to visit my mother-in-law. She had not come to visit for twenty years. She was very surprised when she saw me, “How is it that you look younger and younger? You look more youthful than you did when you just got married.”

One person practices and the whole family benefits

Many miraculous things happened to me and my family after I began practicing Dafa and I would like to share two of them. In 2001, my daughter was in fourth grade and she had just learned how to ride a bike. One day at noon, right after lunch, my neighbor's child rushed over and told me that my daughter had been hit by a motorcycle. My husband and I went and saw my daughter standing on the sidewalk looking around. When she saw us, she pointed to the bike. The front wheel was bent, which indicated how hard the motorcycle had hit her. My husband was relieved when he saw that our daughter was all right. Without waiting for me to ask, my daughter told us a drunken man driving a motorcycle at a very high speed hit her at the corner. She said that, at the moment of impact, she felt as if she flew over the handlebars and gently landed on the ground. When the man realized he had hit someone, he quickly ran away. After the accident, my daughter was afraid that she would block traffic, so she moved the bike to the side of the road. Later, we took the bike to a repair shop. The repairman was very surprised, “How miraculous! Your bike was so badly damaged but you are fine. Your ancestors must have accumulated virtue and God is protecting you.”

Another amazing thing happened. We have a very big family and I have a lot of siblings. After the wicked Party spread a lot of slander to defame Dafa, my relatives stopped supporting my practice of Dafa, especially my fifth brother. He often laughed at me, cursed me and said bad things about Dafa. No matter how I clarified the truth to him and exposed the CCP's crimes, he refused to listen. One day, after lunch, he rode a bike to take his child and my daughter to school. His daughter sat on the back of the bike and my daughter sat in the front. Shortly after they left, his daughter came back crying. Her arms and hands were bleeding and she shouted, “Please help my father! He is lying there and not moving!” I hurried there and met my daughter on the way. She was so frightened that her face was white. However, she was fine. I thought that my brother should be all right as well, but when I got there, I was shocked. My brother was lying on the sidewalk with blood all over his face and his head was tilted. He was unconscious. The front window of the car was broken into pieces. Since my daughter sat directly in front of the window she should have been badly injured, but she was totally fine. His daughter sat in the back and should have been all right, but in fact it was just the opposite. After this incident my brother seldom said anything bad about Dafa.

People admire Dafa practitioners since they are honest, kind and selfless

Our workplace hired a young, female teacher who was very charming and capable, and she was soon promoted. However, several employees were very jealous of her and started to defame her behind her back. They deliberately made trouble for her and few fellow employees would talk to her. As a result she felt very lonely and it was very hard for her to continue working there. One day, during our lunch break, I came to her classroom. She saw me but did not welcome me. I began to sincerely talk to her and chatted with her about our everyday life and work experiences. After we spoke and exchanged experiences several times, she treated me as her good friend. One day in the evening after school, she came to my classroom and told me all her grievances, crying. She was like a child who had been away from her parents for a long time. We talked with each other for a long time and I told her the facts about Dafa and helped her quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. I told her that I hoped she would follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. She agreed by repeatedly nodding her head. She told me that she would never forget me and I was the most admirable person in her heart. After a while, she left that school and started to run a dance academy.

I hope that every person will come to know the truth about the persecution of Dafa and remember that Dafa is good. Please compassionately point out anything inappropriate.