Name: Cao Yang (曹阳)
Gender: Male
Age: 36 (Born in 1977)
Address: Xinmin City, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province
Occupation: Teacher
Date of Most Recent Arrest: August 28, 2012
Most Recent Place of Detention: Xinmin City Detention Center (新民市看守所 )
City: Xinmin
Province: Liaoning
Persecution Suffered: Electric shock, sleep deprivation, forced labor, brainwashing, illegal sentencing, beatings, hung up, imprisonment, solitary confinement, torture, home ransacked, detention, denial of restroom use

( Mr. Cao Yang, a teacher at the Xiongshi Fine Arts School in Shenyang City, was illegally tried on January 9, 2013 at the Xinmin Court after having been detained for more than four months. His lawyer entered a not-guilty plea for him, and questioned the so-called charges against Mr. Cao. Mr. Cao also defended himself in court. The judge hastily adjourned the trial. It has been learned that the court intends to hold a second trial on January 22.

Public prosecutor Ji Xingzhong and Judge Wang Meng listed 29 items that Xinmin City police had confiscated from Mr. Cao's home, including CDs, Minghui Weekly, a laminator and other personal belongings. The prosecutor also used Mr. Cao's signature as so-called “evidence” in an attempt to sentence him.

Mr. Cao's lawyer from Beijing questioned the evidence provided in court. He pointed out that the Xinmin police ransacked Mr. Cao's home and confiscated the items before arresting him, and this act itself is questionable. Moreover, it seems very odd that within 15 minutes, 29 items were taken and the police were able to count the number of the confiscated items, including 300 CDs, 150 brochures and other items. The lawyer pointed out that this was humanly impossible. The prosecutor and judge could not offer any reasonable explanation regarding the lawyer's objections.

Mr. Cao explained that he signed the papers because the police deceived him. They claimed that as long as he did as they asked, they would release him as soon as possible. Moreover, there were not that many CDs in his home, only a few dozen, and among them were some for his daughter's education. There were also some copies of Minghui Weekly, but the number that the police claimed was not correct.

Mr. Cao Yang and His Family Persecuted Many Times for Remaining Steadfast in Their Belief

Mr. Cao was born in 1977 and lives in Xinmin City, Liaoning Province, with his wife, Ms. Hui Liqi, and their newborn daughter. His parents, Mr. Cao Guangfu and Ms. Zhao Min, work at a hospital. The whole family practices Falun Gong, and they conduct themselves according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and lead a harmonious life.

Mr. Cao and his parents were arrested by officers from the Tiexi District Police Station in Shenyang on May 2, 2001. The officers ransacked their house and looted their computer, printer and other personal belongings. Mr. Cao's mother, Ms. Zhao, was held at the Shenyang Detention Center for two months and then sent to the Longshan Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang for two years. He was held at the Tiexi District Detention Center for more than a year. He was then sentenced to seven years of imprisonment in July 2002 and sent to the Dengtahuazi Prison in Liaoyang City. He was forced to perform slave labor for up to twelve hours daily.

After it was discovered that Mr. Cao brought Falun Gong teachings into the prison, he was locked up in solitary confinement for six months in a one-square-meter cell. He was also handcuffed and shackled for more than three months. Afterward, two more years were added to his prison term and he was transferred to Nanguanling Prison in Dalian City. He was released on January 7, 2010.

In October 2010, not long after being released from prison, Mr. Cao married Ms. Hui Liqi. In November 2011, the couple welcomed daughter Tian Xin. When Mr. Cao was busy working with students on August 28, 2012, he was arrested by officers from the Shenyang City Domestic Security Division, and detained at the Xinmin City Detention Center.

For more details about the persecution of Mr. Cao Yang and his family, please read:
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Parties involved in the persecution of Mr. Cao Yang:
Shenyang City 610 Office: +86-24-23106009
Su Jianping, Xinmin City Domestic Security Division head: +86-13889186666|
Wang Bingyuan, deputy head (major responsible person): +86-13504977263
Ji Xingzhong, Xinmin City Prosecutor: +86-24-27600283, +86-13842051112