Name: Han Xu (韓旭)
: male
: N/A
: N/A
Occupation: Translator at Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
Date of Most Recent Arrest: May 2002
Most Recent Place of Detention: Weinan Prison of Shanxi Province (陝西省渭南監獄)
Detention City: Weinan
Detention Province: Shanxi
Persecution Suffered:
Electric shocks, sleep deprivation, illegal sentencing, beatings, imprisonment, solitary confinement, torture, force-feedings, extortion, fired from workplace, physical restraint, interrogation, detention

( Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Han Xu worked at the Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation as a translator. He is proficient in four languages. He worked in Germany for a long time after he received his Master's degree from Shandong University. After the persecution of Falun Dafa started, he was persecuted many times and sentenced to ten years in prison. He has been locked up in Weinan Prison in Shanxi Province for the past ten years because he refused to give up his practice of Falun Dafa. He was supposed to have been released recently. We ask people with a sense of justice to pay attention to his case.

Mr. Han was unlawfully arrested by officials from the Lanzhou Public Security Bureau in May 2002. He should have been released in May 2012. However, staff at the Hu County Procuratorate and Court erased his term of detention in Lanzhou and the Rehabilitation Center in Hu County. They wanted to cover up the fact that Mr. Han was tortured during interrogation by agents from the Lanzhou Domestic Security Division. As a result, the date of release on his verdict was changed to December 20, 2012.

1. Arrested and Tortured

Mr. Han went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa in 2000 and as a result was detained for 15 days. In 2001, he was incarcerated and tortured in a forced labor camp for nearly ten months. He was fired from work and forced to leave home to avoid further persecution.

On May 2, 2002, policemen from the Lanzhou Public Security Bureau accosted Mr. Han when he was on his way home and covered his head with a black bag. They arrested him without identifying themselves or giving any reason. They took 7000 yuan (US$ 1100) from him and incarcerated him in the Xiguoyuan Detention Center without informing his family of his arrest.

On July 25, 2002, due to lack of evidence, the Lanzhou Procuratorate issued a release form for Mr. Han. Police officers from the Lanzhou Public Security Bureau concealed the release form and took him to room 518 in the Jinquan Hotel in Lanzhou, where they continued to torture him. The police assigned six people, one of them Zhang Chengfu, to take turns beating and shocking him with electric batons, while he was wearing handcuffs and shackles. They forced Mr. Han to sit on the ground for a prolonged period of time in a fixed position and deprived him of sleep. Mr. Han was given only a little bit of water during that time. As a result of this torture, the skin and flesh on Mr. Han's wrists came off, the flesh on his buttocks festered, he had severe hallucinations and fell unconscious.

On October 4, 2002, police officers at the Hu County's Public Security Bureau claimed that Mr. Han was the fugitive named Cao, for whom they had been searching. Without any evidence, Lu (first name unknown) from the First Division transferred Mr. Han to the Political Security Section. The next day, Mr. Han was taken to the Lajiatan Rehabilitation Center in Hu County. Liu Zhijin, director of this Public Security Bureau, and ten other policemen tortured Mr. Han. They put him on a Tiger Bench, where they wrapped his arms tightly onto the back of a chair and pulled the shackles on his ankles up so that his body was suspended in the air. This caused extreme strain and pain to his shoulders. Those who tortured him were Fan Hede, Xu Tao, Zhou Dangpu, Deng Yuanli, Yan Jilong, Yan Diou, and Yang Minliang.

2. Ten Years of Wrongful Imprisonment

In April 2003, the Hu County Procuratorate in Xian City prosecuted ten Falun Dafa practitioners in the Hu County Court. Officials from the Hu County Court and Shanxi Province Intermediate Court did not provide any evidence that Mr. Han was the fugitive named Cao. Mr. Han defended his innocence and exposed the fact that he was tortured during interrogation. During the trial, Mr. Han's microphone was taken away from him, and he was eventually led out of the court. He did not have the opportunity to defend himself and was sentenced to ten years in Weinan Prison. Mr. Han appealed many times, but his appeals were denied.

Weinan Prison is notorious for its brutality against Falun Dafa practitioners. The Shanxi Province 610 Office and the Shanxi Prison Bureau gathered all practitioners from every prison in Shanxi Province and took them to Weinan Prison in November 2005. From May 2006, officials at Weidon Prison adopted all kinds of brutal torture methods from other prisons and forced labor camps and began their savage treatment of practitioners. Mr. Han went on a hunger strike many times in order to protest this illegal persecution and maltreatment. Therefore, he was force-fed many times through a tube into his stomach, deprived of sleep, and denied any visits. He was locked into solitary confinement many times.

Mr. Han was locked into the strict management area and not allowed to leave for years. In the strict management area, Mr. Han went on a hunger strike three times. He was beaten, force fed through a tube, and mentally abused. In 2009, he wrote down how he was tortured in the prison and mailed it to his sister in Lanzhou. His sister mailed the letter to the Prison Administrative Bureau in Shanxi Province. Officials from the Bureau criticized officials from Weinan Prison. As a result, Deputy warden Hao Feng took revenge and put Mr. Han in solitary confinement for two months.

One day in 2006, Mr. Han shouted at a meeting full of Falun Dafa practitioners, “We should not be afraid. Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa!” Guard Yan Feng instigated several prisoners to assault Mr. Han and drag him to the prison cell. They wrapped an iron chain around his mouth and back of his head, tied his hands and legs, and beat him until he lost consciousness. After that the guard tried to force him to apologize and renounce Falun Dafa. He refused, and as a result he was viciously beaten again during the next few days.

In the past ten years, Mr. Han suffered from unimaginable torture and persecution. Mr. Han's father, in his 80's, and his married sister both live in Baiyin City, Gansu Province.

Personnel involved in this persecution and maltreatment:

Zhang Zhaoyun, Chief of the 610 Office in Xian City

Liu Ping, Chief of the Public Security Bureau in Xian City

Zhang Jingmin, Chief of the Hu County's 610 Office (Captain of the Domestic Security Brigade of Hu County's Public Security Bureau)

Liu Zhijin, Chief of the Public Security Bureau in Hu County

Fan Hede, officer at the Criminal Police Brigade, Hu County's Public Security Bureau (head of the interrogation section)

Yang Minliang, officer at the Public Security Bureau (member of special tasks)

Zhou Dangpu, officer of the Hu County's Public Security Bureau (member of special tasks)

Officers of the Public Security Bureau in Hu County, who participated in maltreating Falun Dafa practitioners: Deng Yuanli, Yan Diou, Xu Tao, Shen Senlin, Yan Jilong, Yan Changyi, Chen Linjiang, Wang Yong'an, Zhang Tao, Sun Feng, Liu Min, Huang Kai, Du Zhao, Liu Yi.

Wang Zhixiong, warden at the Weinan Prison: (+86-913), 2065383

Dong Jianmin, Chief of the 610 Office of the Xian City Commission

Public Security Bureau in Lanzhou City:

Huang Dagong, Deputy Secretary: 8718007, 13399316001

Li Wuping, Deputy Director: 8718005, 13399316001

Wang Yudi, Deputy Director: 8718009, 13399310205

Zhou Hong, Deputy Director: 8718008, 13399311777

Chen Zhikai, Captain of the Domestic Security Brigade in Lanzhou City: 13399317327

Zhang Jiangwu, Director of the Chengguan Division, Lanzhou City's Public Security Bureau: 8716203, 13399313906

Chengguan District, Lanzhou City:

Su Yong, Secretary of the District's Political and Legal Affairs Commission

Gao Lina, Deputy Secretary of the District's Political and Legal Affairs Commission and Chief of the District's 610 Office: 13919366270

Ya Wei, Deputy Secretary of the District's Political and Legal Affairs Commission and Chief of the District's Stabilization Office.

Gongjiawan Brainwash Center:

Telephone: 0931-2868792

Staff : Yun Yucheng, Yan Yongsheng, Qi Ruijun, Yang Dongcheng, Mou Xiangyang, Wen Jing, Du Mei, Xu Zhihong.