Greetings esteemed Master!

Greetings fellow practitioners!

In the past, I always considered myself a novice when it came to anything related to technology. My knowledge of computers was no more than typing. I thought that computers required extended technical abilities that were beyond me. But now I have overcome the fear in my mind and I can now install single or dual-processor systems, and I am also familiar with the software needed at a material production site. Having mastered this computer technology, I have found it very easy to learn how to use cell phones to clarify the facts to people.

It’s not that I am smart, but it’s Master who gives me wisdom. I have strong righteous thoughts because of my belief in Master and the Fa that I can overcome any obstacle.

Eliminating the blockage in my mind to learn computer technology

Some time ago, practitioner A, who lived in a different area, visited another practitioner so that he could help him install a computer system. I was there too. Practitioner A said to me, “You should learn how to install the computer system.” This made my heart beat faster, because I couldn't imagine learning such a difficult technology.

I later realized that it’s not the issue of whether it is difficult or not, it’s an issue of my cultivation state. The Fa-rectification is moving towards its conclusion and Master is helping practitioners to overcome any attachments they might have. How can we keep up with the process of Fa rectification if we don’t raise our cultivation level and use our abilities? If I can't overcome the difficulty, how can I face Master?

There wasn't any practitioner who was a whiz in computer technology in our area. Therefore, we had to contact practitioners from other areas to help us. In my understanding, asking for help is not only a reflection of a person's selfishness, but also an issue of not being willing to cultivate diligently.

I then decided to learn computer technology, cooperate with local practitioners and be more effective in saving sentient beings. I spoke with practitioner A, who then taught me the rudiments of how to install a single-processor system and how to use computer software.

Looking inward opens one's wisdom

When I started to learn how to install a computer system, there were a number of unexpected issues that I encountered. At first, I did not look inward and did not use the Fa as the basis for overcoming my problems, but instead used ordinary people's techniques to solve things. My attachments, such as wanting to do things, completing tasks and being impatient came to the forefront. My problems were not solved and everything became more difficult. Slowly, I learned from my mistakes and realized that I had to look within. Looking inward helped me to improve my attitude, my mind became peaceful and clear, and my wisdom opened up.

One time, I helped a practitioner to install a computer system. But several weeks later, she told me that she couldn't connect to the Internet and asked for my help. I went to her home, but was also unable to connect to the Internet. I took her computer to my house and connected immediately to the Internet. I called her and asked her to collect her computer. She agreed to come.

It took her quite a while before she arrived at my home, and she looked unhappy when she arrived. I could sense resentment in her attitude. I explained that she had to check her broadband router and showed her how to update the anti-virus software. But she was not listening to me, and kept complaining about her computer. I kept calm and didn't argue with her. After she left, I felt uneasy and asked myself, “If I can understand her frustration, then why do I feel uneasy?” I looked within and found the attachment of seeking praise. I wanted her to be grateful for what I had done for her.

I learned how to install dual operating systems on the same computer, and I was filled with happiness when everything went well. When I installed this set-up for another practitioner, I did not use the guide and simply clicked on the “install” button. A message then appeared, asking if I wanted to copy the data before formatting. I had no idea and just clicked “No.” I then lost all of the data, and the computer wouldn't start.

I was filled with regret and fear. This was an expensive computer and I didn't have the money to get it repaired. What should I do? First, I thought to conceal my mistake. But, a practitioner shouldn't do such a thing. So I told the practitioner what had happened. The practitioner remained calm and didn't blame me. We then got hold of another practitioner who fixed the computer and the problem was resolved.

Teaching computer literacy

After reading an article on the Minghui website asking for practitioners to set up more truth clarification production sites, an elderly and illiterate practitioner wanted to set one up, so she could reduce the burden of other practitioners. She borrowed a monitor from her son and bought a computer, but couldn't afford a printer. So she helped practitioners download Falun Dafa materials onto an MP3, until she had saved up enough money to buy one. Once she got a printer, she downloaded and printed truth clarification materials, burned CDs, used her cell phone to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa, and was a great help to practitioners in our area to get truth clarification materials. While teaching this practitioner how to use the computer, I was able to let go of many attachments, such as impatience.

I then could finally let go of the attachment to having a smooth life and avoiding troubles. When an elderly practitioner wanted to use a particular type of phone to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa, I thought that it was more difficult to use than other phones, and believed that it would take much more of my time and energy to teach them how to use it. I felt that it was a burden. However, the practitioner was not frightened by the difficulties she faced. I overcame my reluctance to help her after looking inward. I then found that she learned more quickly than I had anticipated.

Being responsible for computer maintenance

Once I was adept in using the computer and dealing with any problems that may arise, I took on the role of computer maintenance for the local material production sites. I cooperated well with all of the practitioners in our area, even though I often had to help practitioners with their problems late into the night. My husband was annoyed and berated me at first, but once I let go of my attachment to emotion and being overly concerned for my family, he was very supportive of me.

When I had to go to a materials production site in the countryside one time, I got lost and arrived at the practitioner’s home late. I did not complain, and felt surrounded by a power of mercy and compassion. It's just as Teacher said:

“If you have fear, they will grab you
Once your thought is righteous, evil will collapse
People practicing cultivation, filled with Fa
Sending righteous thoughts, exploding rotten ghosts
Gods are in the world, validating Fa”

(“What’s There to Fear” in Hong Yin Volume II)

Keeping Dafa in mind, nobody can hurt me.

Please kindly point out any shortcomings.

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!