(Minghui.org) On January 6, 2013, practitioners Ms. Jiang Shuying, Ms. Lin Guoling, Ms. Feng Cuirong, and Ms. Sun Qianjing were taken to the Jinan City Women's Prison. At the beginning of December 2012, practitioners Mr. Lin Guojun and Mr. Feng Yunxue from Qixia City were taken to prisons in Yantai City and Jinan City. Because both of them had high blood pressure and poor health, the prison authorities refused to accept them. Officers from the Qixia City Police Department and 610 Office instead took them to the Qixia City Detention Center, where they are currently held.

Officers from the Qixia City 610 Office, the Domestic Security Division, the Criminal Police Division, and several other police stations arrested practitioners Mr. Lin Guojun and his wife Ms. Li Ximin, Mr. Feng Yunxue and his wife Ms. Liu Guifeng, Mr. Yi Xueming and his wife Ms. Feng Cuirong, Mr. Chen Peijing and his wife Ms. Lin Guoling, Mr. Sun Yong'an and his wife Ms. Cheng Xiaoyan, as well as Mr. Liu Lebing, Mr. Lin Fushou, Ms. Yang Cuiying, Ms. Jiang Shuying, Mr. Mao Yingde, Ms. Sun Qianjing, and Ms. Li Yuling. In total, over twenty people including family members were detained. The arrested practitioners were interrogated and tortured. Their houses were ransacked and property was confiscated, including Falun Gong books, truth-clarification materials, cell phones, computers, printers, cars, bank deposits, and cash nearing 100,000 yuan.

Many practitioners were persecuted in Qixia in October 2011. Mr. Liu Lebing and Ms. Li Yuling were sentenced to forced labor. Ms. Jiang Shuying, Ms. Lin Guoling, Ms. Feng Cuirong, and Ms. Sun Qianjing were held at the Yantai City Detention Center located in Fushan District, Yantai City. Mr. Lin Guojun and Ms. Feng Yunxue were held at the Qixia City Detention Center.

Officers from the Qixia City Police Department continuously trumped up charges. Three times they charged Mr. Lin Guojun and Mr. Feng Yunxue. During this period, their families hired four attorneys from Beijing to defend them. In June 2012, judge Lin Baohua from the Qixia City Court threatened Mr. Lin and Mr. Feng in many unsuccessful attempts at coercing them to fire their attorneys. He then also threatened and attempted to cheat those families, but his attempts also failed.

On July 3, 2012, six practitioners, Mr. Lin Guojun, Mr. Feng Yunxue, Ms. Feng Cuirong, Ms. Jiang Shuying, Ms. Lin Guoling, and Ms. Sun Qianjing, were secretly and illegally tried at the Qixia City Court, and they were each sentenced to between five-and-a-half and ten years in prison.

While they were being tried, Ms. Jiang asked judge Lin Guobao, “Why didn't my attorney show up?” The judge lied, “We notified him over the phone yesterday, but he cannot make it today.” After the trial, when the court authorities were questioned by the attorneys from Beijing over the phone, agents from the Qixia City Court again lied, claiming, “[The practitioners] fired you.”

When the families figured out what had happened, they became very upset. They went to the court to question them. Mr. Feng Yunxue's family found Lin Baohua and explained: “We are the family of Mr. Feng Yunxue. He has been held for almost a year, and we have not met with him once. It is so hard for us to wait for the trial to start. Why not let us know how he is doing? We do not know anything about his current well-being.” Lin replied, “He is fine.”

A family member said, “How could he be fine? Our in-laws are in their 80s. They are both bed-ridden. Our elder brother and second brother have both passed away, and Mr. Feng is the only son alive – yet he is still being held. I shoulder all the responsibilities at home. The elderly need care, and I am busy all the time. When they need to be at the hospital to receive treatment, I have to go back and forth to get money. Put yourselves in my shoes. What would you do? Doing good things will be rewarded. Do good things.” Lin replied, “There is too much evidence. Two to three thousand amulets.”

The family asked, “What evidence is there? He previously drank alcohol. After practicing Falun Gong, he stopped, became a good person and wanted more people to be good. What crime has he committed? Even if someone killed somebody else or set a fire, that person would still be tried publicly. Why don't you dare to try Falun Gong practitioners publicly?” Lin replied, “I don't have the final say. The order is from high-ranking officials.”

Many Falun Gong practitioners went to appeal after this. Many attorneys from Beijing also tried to help them. However, the Yantai City Intermediate Court maintained their verdict in November 2012 without a second trial.

Parties involved in the persecution:
Tan Wei, former secretary of the Yantai Political and Legislative Affairs Committee (PLAC): +86-13505355899 (Cell), +86-535-6789199 (Office)
Mou Zhonghua, former chief of the Qixia City 610 Office: +86-13705355110, +86-535-5218020 (Office), +86-535-5212948 (Office)
Meng Xiangjun, director of the Qixia City Detention Center: +86-13589893999 (Cell), +86-18660075289 (Cell)
Yan Qingli, president of the Qixia City Courts: +86-13805350766 (Cell), +86-535-5266567 (Office)
Zhou Yukun, director of the Qixia City Procuratorate: +86-13791268758 (Cell), +86-55-3011801 (Office)