Name: Zheng Guiyou (郑贵友)
Gender: Female
Age: 48
Address: Huidong County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Death: Around December 30, 2012
Date of Most Recent Arrest: September 22, 2007
Most Recent Place of Detention: Guangdong Province Women's Prison (广东省女子监狱) City: Huizhou
Province: Guangdong
Persecution Suffered: Illegal sentencing, imprisonment, detention

( Ms. Zheng Guiyou was incarcerated in the Guangdong Province Women's Prison for over five years. She was tortured to death around December 30, 2012 at the age of only 48. Another practitioner, Ms. Wu Zhujun, who was arrested at the same time, suffered a mental collapse due to the torture.

Ms. Zheng was sent home by the prison authorities on December 23, 2012. She was administered oxygen and an intravenous drip on her way home and sent directly to the Huidong People's Hospital after arriving there. She passed away a week later. The Huidong County 610 Office threatened her family not to publicize the case or appeal to higher authorities. In the meantime, they asked the family to pay 60,000 yuan in hospital expenses.

Ms. Zheng, Ms. Wu Zhujun, and Ms. Xie Peizeng were arrested around midnight on September 22, 2007, by officers from the Huidong County 610 Office and the Domestic Security Division. They were sentenced to prison in 2008. Ms. Wu was sentenced to four years in prison and incarcerated in the Baiyun District Women's Prison in Guangzhou City. She was injected with toxins, lost her ability to eat and speak, and suffered a mental collapse. She returned home on December 1, 2012. She is still in a daze and unable to recall her experience in prison. Ms. Xie was sentenced to eight years in prison and is incarcerated at Meizhou Prison.

Parties involved in the persecution:
Huang Tengyong, personnel of the Huidong County 610 Office: +86-13902657283 (Cell)
Liu Guosheng, personnel of the Huidong County 610 Office: +86-13829966777 (Cell)