(Minghui.org) On December 6, 2012, the Jinchuan District Court ignored the law and even the facts of the case to follow orders from the Jinchang 610 Office and illegally sentence four Falun Gong practitioners. It is known that Mr. Chen Xuzhong was sentenced to four years in prison; Ms. Liu Zhiping, three years; Mr. Lu Jun, five years; and Ms. Yu Chenghong, four years. All of them are appealing.

On November 23, 2012, the Jinchuan District Court heard the charges against the practitioners. A Beijing attorney skillfully defended Mr. Chen Xuzhong's innocence. Even those at the hearing said Mr. Chen would soon be released with a “not guilty” verdict, and his family came to pick him up.

Mr. Lu Jun and Ms. Yu Chenghong are married. Their 14-year-old daughter was left at home on her own. Mr. Lu's father passed away in April 2012 due the stress of constant fear. Their daughter now lives with her grandmother, who is in poor health. Mr. Lu was deceived by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and cooperated with CCP personnel. They purposely allowed him to provide a “guarantee pending trial” for more than a year, which created a false perception that Mr. Lu would not be sentenced. On the morning of December 6, 2012, when he went to the Jinchang Detention Center to deliver some things to his wife, he was arrested and detained.

Mr. Chen Xuzhong, 41, worked in the Jinchang Power Supply Bureau. After he started to cultivate Falun Dafa, he benefited in both mind and body. He followed the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Since the CCP launched the persecution of Falun Gong 13 years ago, Mr. Chen has been repeatedly arrested. He was sent to forced labor camps twice for a total of five years. In the camps, he was forced to do hard labor and tortured. He was deprived of sleep for four to five days many times. He had to do hard labor during the day and was not allowed to sleep at night. Collaborators would wake him up as soon as he closed his eyes.

On the afternoon of November 13, 2012, Ms. Yu Chenghong and Ms. Li Yinghua were reported to the Binhelu Police Station for speaking to people about Falun Gong at Jinge Market, Jinchang. The police took them away and ransacked their homes. Ms. Yu's husband, Lu Jun, was also implicated and sent to a brainwashing session held by the Third Refining Factory of Jinchuan Group Corporation.

On November 15, 2011, at about 6 p.m., Li Xinhua, Li Xuhe, Jia Delan, Cai Jianjun, and Hu Dongpeng from the Jinchang Domestic Security Division and the Binhelu Police Station went to the on-duty office of Jinchang Power Supply Bureau and arrested Mr. Chen Xuzhong. Afterwards, they ransacked his home.

The Jinchuan Police Department issued “Arrest Approvals” on December 14, 2011, and fabricated case documents. The cases were returned to the Jinchuan Police Department several times because of insufficient evidence. But Duan Fuming and Li Xuhe continued to fabricate new evidence. Under orders from the Jinchuan Political and Legal Affairs Committee and the 610 Office, the Procuratorate had to submit the case to the Jinchuan District Court.

Initially, the Jinchuan District Court planned to try Mr. Chen Xuzhong, Ms. Yu Chenghong, and Ms. Liu Zhiping on the afternoon of June 13, 2012. However, the proceedings were suddenly canceled. The court did not give any reason except to state: “Higher authorities ordered us to cancel the trial.” On November 23, 2012, the prosecutor said, “Someone reported that Mr. Chen Xuzhong purchased DVDs and a cell phone from Lanzhou City, Gansu Province.”

The attorney countered, “It is not against the law to purchase DVDs and cell phones. The prosecutor said, “Someone reported that Chen Xuzhong called him at a certain time and on a certain day.”

Mr. Chen responded, “I did a day shift that day. You can go to my employer and check.”

The prosecutor kept accusing Mr. Chen without any evidence. The attorney and Mr. Chen denied every charge. The attorney explained that Mr. Chen did not violate any state laws, that cultivating Falun Gong is completely legal in China. He added that Mr. Chen had been detained for several months, which was against the law. The attorney asked the court to release Mr Chen Xuzhong with a “not guilty” verdict.