(Minghui.org) Officers from the criminal department in Jilin Province and the Nong'an Police Bureau have arrested more than 20 Falun Gong practitioners since the evening of November 2, 2012. Moreover, they ransacked practitioners' homes and confiscated their cash and personal belongings.

It has been confirmed that the following practitioners were arrested: Mr. Liu Wei; Ms. Ji Shengli; Ms. Wu Si, Ms. Zhang Shuli and Ms. Zhang Guozhen, both employed at the Nong'an County Oil Refinery; Ms. Leng Xiaoli (Mr. Liu Wei's wife), a teacher at the Nong'an County Experimental High School; Mr. Chang, a doctor at the Nong'an County Hospital; Mr. Yang Hongbiao, a doctor at the local Health Center; Ms. Guo, 79 from the south street in Nong'an County; and Mr. Liu Ankun, an officer from the Gucheng Police Station.

They are still being detained in the Wugongli Detention Center in Nong'an County. The police do not allow the families of these practitioners to visit them. Some practitioners were brutally tortured. Some had cold water poured over them from head to toe. Ms. Liu Wei was beaten the most seriously.

Informants said that the police had followed them for three months. Finally, they waited outside of the homes of the practitioners. They didn't knock at their doors, but rushed in whenever a person opened the door. Several policemen forcefully pushed Falun Gong practitioners to the ground, while other policemen ransacked their homes, confiscated Dafa books and grabbed valuable property. They stole Ms. Guo's pension, Mr. Liu Wei's stamp collection books, valued at about 300,000 yuan, as well as many computers and printers. Every home of these arrested practitioners was ransacked. The police confiscated cash and personal property, worth a total of about 800,000 yuan.

The police interrogated Mr. Liu Wei's daughter, Liu Yang, who is studying in Changchun City. They also took Li Mingyang (who was taken care of by Mr. Liu Wei) and the child of a Falun Gong practitioner (who was sentenced to a prison term) out of school and brought them to the police bureau to interrogate them. Currently, both Liu Yang and Li Mingyang do not dare to go to school. One practitioner was not at home when the police ransacked his home. The police took his child with them and confiscated his computer.