(Minghui.org) Greetings Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!

The China Fahui has been held 8 times, but until now, I had not participated. Upon receiving notification of the 9th Fahui, I realized that contributing articles was a way of showing gratitude to Master. Not only could it help elevate our levels, but these articles are also a way of showing sentient beings the goodness of Dafa.

I was an introvert since I was young, and I was also a weak and sickly child. After I married, my health became worse and I had frequent headaches, cervical bone hyperplasia, arthritis and bronchitis. By the time I was 30 years old, I was unable to work or perform household chores.

Obtaining and believing in the Fa

In 1998, my colleague introduced me to Dafa. After a month of practicing, my illnesses miraculously vanished, and I became cheerful. I was astounded by the power of Dafa.

The evil perpetrators carried out the persecution of Falun Dafa most rampantly in 2001. During that time, I joined fellow practitioners in making banners and engraving seals at my home, in hopes of spreading the truth. One night, I joined 3 other practitioners in hanging banners at an overpass. Street lights illuminated the overpass clearly, and cars endlessly sped by. My fellow practitioners were somewhat frightened, but I thought, “What we are doing is most righteous and good; moreover Master is constantly beside us, what is there to fear?” I hung up the first banner, and my fellow practitioner followed suit, and we safely made it back home under Master’s protection. During that time I discovered, after going through an apparently difficult situation, my faith in Master and the Fa would increase. Unconsciously the strong righteous thought: “believe in Master and the Fa” was constantly in my mind.

Master gave me a score of “100”

One day in October 2001, I was arrested by the evildoing police and imprisoned in a detention center. During my time there, the guards instigated a group of prisoners to force-feed me, and I was tortured to the point where my mouth and nose were bleeding. My weight dropped drastically from 55 kg to 35 kg but I remained energetic, which puzzled the guards and the detainees. I knew that this miracle came from my steadfast belief in Master and Dafa.

I was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment, and I was sent to the provincial women’s prison in August 2002. Once there, I was led before a ruthless division head who questioned why I did not recite the “reporting words”. I replied, “I am not a convict.” She immediately ordered me to squat. I refused and she, along with some detainees and a couple of evildoing guards forced me to the floor and I sat down. Dissatisfied with what she saw, the division head cuffed me to the door knob, forcing me to stand. As my mind started to calm down, the evil also retreated; and the evildoing guards left to have their lunch and did not return. I was finally escorted back to the assigned team at 10 p.m. When I arrived there, the prisoners gathered around me and asked if I had been allowed to eat. I said no, and they proceeded to look around for food. One gave me a stick of sausage and 2 eggs. Looking at the food I thought, “Doesn’t this look like a 100?!” I knew merciful Master was encouraging me and that He was by my side.

During my three years of imprisonment, I led fellow practitioners to resist the persecution. Because I refused to follow the guard’s orders, I was beaten up while hung onto the doorframe. But no matter what persecution I was subjected to, I held onto my firm belief in Dafa and Master which allowed me to survive through that dark and painful period.

Tested during the process of setting up the materials site

In the area I was staying in after my release from prison, the practitioner manning the truth clarification materials site was frequently harassed and threatened by the police officers. Her husband was not a practitioner. Worried for his wife’s safety, he made her stop producing materials. As a result, we found it difficult to obtain Master’s lectures and truth clarification materials.

Our coordinator approached me, asking if I could establish a materials site at my home. I was interested but concerned that my husband would object. Master asked us to clarify the truth and save sentient beings, and establishing a materials site was essential to this. I would set up a materials site at my home! This determined thought became firm in my mind, and my husband had no objections to my proposal.

My initial efforts at producing materials did not go smoothly, and I experienced a period of conflict with my family members. This made me understand more clearly from the perspective of the Fa, that I should do things according to Master’s requirements. Nobody should interfere as I assist Master in validating the Fa! With this thought firmly in mind, the interference disappeared. Moreover my husband would frequently lend a hand at making materials and would help distribute CDs.

At that time I used a laser printer, though I had no experience or skills in handling the machine. It broke down once, and I had to seek the help of another practitioner who disassembled the machine in order to replace a critical component. Yet when it was time to reassemble the parts, it was time for this practitioner to go to work. I told him to go, and I tried to assemble the parts myself.

Looking at the various parts scattered around, I held one thought in mind, “I need to repair this quickly. If I have questions, Master will tell me what to do.” I picked up the parts and by trial and error fitted them into the machine. Within a short while, the printer was repaired, and started functioning normally when I connected the power. I was amazed! To think that a person with no knowledge of printers could accomplish so much! I was truly moved and at that point realized practitioners in Master’s care are so fortunate!

We discovered that materials with color printing were more readily accepted by people; so I obtained a color printer. Initially I did not know how to use or maintain the machine, which led to clogged ink nozzles and strangely colored materials being produced as a result. I would then have to clean the nozzle and due to my lack of skill, the ink would spill everywhere.

These difficulties did not stop me, as I believe Dafa is omnipotent and Master protects all true practitioners. Therefore despite facing these difficult technological problems, I still had faith that the best solution would present itself and all issues would be resolved.

Once a fellow practitioner bought back a color printer, and needed to draw out the machine’s waste ink tubing. She sought my help but I was just as clueless as she. However I had faith that Master would help us, as we were fulfilling our duty. We found the instruction manual, and followed the instructions step by step, opening the printer and locating the waste ink tubing. Despite having no prior training or experience in dismantling color printers, my steadfast faith in Dafa and Master allowed me to solve the problem and witness a miracle.

Later, other practitioners started buying their own color printers, coming to me for help when they encountered technical difficulties. When I shared with them my understanding on overcoming technical difficulties, they were moved by my belief in Master and the Fa.

There was a period of time when the practitioner originally in charge of our local materials site wanted to produce materials again. She bought a color printer, but the machine frequently broke down and I had to visit her home often for repairs. This practitioner’s husband was an everyday person and as he knew she was frequently harassed by the police, he was against his wife producing materials. I frequently went over to provide technological support, and her husband did not welcome me. Though on the surface I made an effort to be friendly with him, inside I was full of grievances. Afterwards I searched within myself and found my attachments to showing off and resentment, and I did my best to eliminate them all.

Steadfast Faith in Master and Fa Averts Any Danger

Sometime later, this practitioner was arrested. Fellow practitioners were not keen on mounting a rescue attempt however as they believed she had brought this on herself by not cultivating well. But I felt that the persecution of a fellow practitioner was something all practitioners in the area should be concerned with. Master does not acknowledge this persecution, and we as Dafa practitioners should also reject it. I believed that rescuing this practitioner was the right thing to do.

This was easier said than done, and the situation displayed the extent of our belief in Master and the Fa. From this I understood that if we could wholeheartedly believe in Master and the Fa without reservation, there would be no danger at all. Hence I and another practitioner went to the detention center to seek the release of our fellow practitioner. Even though we were unsuccessful in our first attempt, at least we were able to obtain updates on how she was faring inside the detention center.

I felt it was best to coordinate with this imprisoned practitioner’s family members in order to achieve better results. However my fellow practitioner said that this practitioner’s husband had gone missing. He had been very despondent and felt there was little hope of rescuing his wife. I told my fellow practitioner, “If we believe in Master and the Fa, and do things righteously, Master will help us.” My fellow practitioner also changed her mind and understood that everything would be handled by Master. As a result, while we were walking out of the detention center’s main door, we received a call from the husband of the imprisoned practitioner.

We discussed and coordinated with the husband, before heading to the evil nest to demand her release. With everybody’s help and hard work, we finally managed to secure the practitioner's release. Her husband was very touched and from that point onwards completely changed his attitude towards Dafa and Dafa practitioners, to the point that every time we mounted a rescue attempt, he would be the first to step up. I was also very encouraged by our success, and came to deeply understand that if one has faith in Master, many seemingly impossible things would become possible. This is the power of Dafa.

For a period of time, I and a few other fellow practitioners would frequently go to a nearby supermarket to clarify the truth. Some would clarify the truth to people, while others would send forth righteous thoughts. One day, we went to the supermarket again and just as we split up preparing to clarify the truth, I turned my head and saw a group of people rushing over. One of them turned to stare at me and I recognized him as a police officer. It was only then that I realized this was a group of plainclothes officers. The group hastily approached my unsuspecting fellow practitioners standing at the other side. I wanted to warn them but it was already too late, so I turned and headed down the stairs, feeling someone following close behind. Through my peripheral vision, I recognized him as a plainclothes officer from the group, and only managed to lose him at the supermarket cashier counter. While walking down the stairs, the officer who recognized me kept staring at me, and I felt momentarily uneasy. But my righteous thoughts containing my faith in Master and the Fa were strong, and I went down the stairs without incident.

I located a practitioner from another area, who had set up her stall at the entrance of the supermarket. I asked her to warn my fellow practitioners who were still upstairs of the plainclothes policemen. None of the officers would recognize her as she was not from this area. This practitioner agreed and after advising me to leave quickly, hurried off. I went home and spent half an hour sending forth righteous thoughts, before returning to the supermarket to find out how fellow practitioners were faring. At the supermarket entrance, the practitioner I had sent to warn the others told me the officers had corralled a few practitioners within, and had yet to leave. She asked me to inform other practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts. After I passed on the message, some practitioners suggested I should stay instead of going out. We spent some time analyzing the situation, before concluding that this group of plainclothes officers had planned the raid beforehand. One practitioner was arrested just as he had reached the top of the second floor stairs. From this, we knew that the supermarket had been under constant surveillance and the officers had just been waiting for us to come. Those practitioners who frequently went to clarify the truth would been under surveillance, and I knew then it was not safe for me to return. But how could I hide when other practitioners had been arrested? Hence I tried to trace the whereabouts of these practitioners while joining others in sending forth righteous thoughts. Later I found out that four practitioners had been arrested and their homes ransacked. With the help of fellow practitioners and the family of those detained, one was released on the same day. The other three were taken to the provincial labor camp the next day, and one of them was released due to his righteous thoughts. Another one of them was also able to escape from the labor camp with help from his family.

Looking back over my 14 years of cultivation, though my mind and body have suffered from the persecution, I have never yielded to the evil and my faith in Dafa has never been shaken. I fully and unequivocally believe in Master. From the first day I obtained the Fa, no matter how much suffering I had to endure, I never had a moment of doubt. I continue to practice the exercises in the morning, no matter how tired or bad I feel, without slacking off. Dafa is my entire life, hence believing in Master and the Fa is only natural. I truly believe, only those practitioners who believe in Master and the Fa, without reservation, are the most fortunate in the entire universe.

Thank you great Master for your boundless compassion and painstaking efforts to save us! Let me also express my greatest respect and gratitude to Master! Heshi!