(Minghui.org) One evening during the winter of 2006, five female practitioners includying myself were backpacking through the Qinling Mountains. We carried truth clarification materials with us and were headed to the nearby villages to hand them out.

The villages were scattered across the mountains, and we didn't have a convenient means of transportation between them. The only way to get from village to village was through rugged mountain trails that were covered with snow and quite slippery. The walk between villages was also quite long. Although we had done this kind of thing in the past, we still managed to lose our footing quite a few times as we navigated the dangerous trails.

There was a very thick layer of snow on top of one of the mountains we had to pass. One side of the trail quickly dropped off to a steep cliff. One of the other practitioners slipped, and with 10 kilograms in her pack she struggled to regain her footing, but was able to hold onto a small tree and pull herself back up. She said to us, “I wasn't afraid because I felt a force pulling me back up.” One of us said, “Teacher must be protecting you.” Another said, “You really scared us. You should thank Teacher.” We continued moving forward while talking.

It was 1 a.m. by the time we were finished delivering the flyers. We started our way home. We were sweating half way home, even though it was winter and our packs were light. We reached an area that was somewhat sheltered from the wind, and I suggested that we get some rest. We all sat down under a tree.

My younger friend said, “I am a little hungry and thirsty. It would be so nice to have an apple.” I started to say, “What a nice dream...” but before I finished my sentence, I saw something drop in front of me onto the grass. I picked it up and to my surprise it was an apple! All of them came over to see what I was holding and I said, “There can be no doubt about it. This is an apple. Let our little sister take the first bite. Then we can take turns.” None of us asked where the apple came from.

It didn't take long for us to finish the apple. One of us said, “It's so sweet. I once had my own apple tree, and this one is so much sweeter.” “It would be nice to have another one.” My younger friend said, “How can this be possible? Who would have left an apple here?”

Suddenly, another apple dropped right in front of us. My young friend picked it up and said happily, “Another apple!” We were all completely shocked. One of us said, “Teacher must have given it to us!” All of us said, “Yes, Teacher wanted to encourage us and gave us a gift.” We were overtaken by emotion and we thanked Teacher as tears ran down our faces.

After passing the apple among us for everyone to look at, no one wanted to eat it. We wanted to bring it back and let others know that it was given to us by Teacher.

When I got home, I put the apple before Teacher's portrait. I am lucky to be a disciple. We are truly fortunate to receive so much from Teacher.